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  1. 111.3 million Eagles pulled off a stunning win over the Patriots, 41-33, for their first championship in history. The Nielsen company says viewership was down from last year's audience of 111.3 million. The all-time record for Super Bowl viewing was 114.4 million for the Seattle-New England game in 2015.7 days ago How many people watched the Super Bowl in 2018? - CBS News https://www.cbsnews.com/news/super-bowl-lii-tv-ratings/ So, I'd say it was fairly foolish to put the first siege on SuperBowl Sunday. Enjoy it with over half the population sitting it out.
  2. Hindemith (KMA)

    Prelude: Bartz Lodine orc raider C3+: Hindemith/Phoenix -> Sayha for 3 months, Chronos + Naia later at same time as Chronos FatHips, MikueTouss Made @Nya transfer after I got noble p.s. love the pic, looks like C3
  3. add subscription fees high enough combined with enough enforcement and it becomes non-economical to bot also make lower level drops proportionate to level, or rather make higher level drops proportionate it's very simple math and an incredibly simple problem to solve
  4. Drops in Timak Outpost

    the irony here is that's one of the better zones for the level range
  5. Trade cancel hack scam

    That isn't a hack or a cheat, but it's good to let people know to be aware and guard themselves. If a bot is assisting it, honestly it doesn't matter much, because you could do the same thing manually just as well The bot is the part against the rules, not how it's being used.
  6. Most of those players intentionally picked dead servers to have an easier gameplay, i hope they leave you there personally.
  7. 76 nuker in Supremecy now. If this was true L2, it would require Goddard NPC's to do third class change and this would not be an issue, but they gave us some watered down carebear version so third class change may be available.
  8. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    So, because NC decided (unwisely) to get into the business of selling EXP items ...instead of a subscription model.... any decision that affects EXP unequally to their playerbase outside of normal game mechanics is unjust and their playerbase has legitimate concerns to complain.
  9. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

  10. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    This is worse than not touching it, because it affected different players unequally. You'd be better off to reverse the "fix" so everyone is equal.
  11. Almost 100 days since launch..

    six months was their standard release schedule in the original game, seems reasonable to me.
  12. Can you not write in orange against a beige background?
  13. Trade cancel hack scam

    Sucks, and very understandable to make the mistake. Also, the player did not break any rules, a scumbag for sure, but not a ruler breaker by any means imo. I rarely trade gear anymore, mails are much more secure since you can pull the recipient from your friends list. Take it as a tough lesson. Now I do have the habit of accidentally mailing COD things without the COD part....
  14. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    I mean honestly, this affects everyone equally, I don't think it even matters whether or not they adjust it. Be thankful you caught up in some SP at 55.
  15. I remember when I was an unemployed student, too. Them days was hard, got to make money to eat man. I can't hate on those guys for blasting through levels and content, playing 18 hours a day to eat. You do what you got to do. Life is tough sometimes.