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  1. What 100%

    wait until you see what they introduce next, and next, and next, and next also without earth pendant you won't be able to compete in olympiad, anyone knows that.
  2. 61+ players

    Is half the playerbase quitting a known issue yet? Looking for an official reply!
  3. Nice Server population ya got

    Talking Island lost ~1000 players yesterday. Normally Wednesday is the highest level activity of the week, on par with Saturday.
  4. @Juji I think we deserve a reply. Even if we don't like it. You've obviously upset a large chunk of your playerbase, and if you want any hope of recovering them it requires communication.
  5. The OP outlined roughly the strategy I followed on retail. I was lucky enough to have enough wealth (adena) saved up from before free to play such that I was able to remain relevant for a year or two after GOD came out without any large nccoin purchases. I always have looked back at that period and said I wish I quit on day 1. So I have learned from my own mistakes and I am leaving. I absolutely cherished the server launch, but this pay to win path (that was a broken promise @Juji - who I actually don't blame, I think it was above him) is unsustainable. If you try to sustain in the short to medium term without purchasing items you are going to just make your game experience unpleasant and over time you won't be able to keep up, no matter how much income in game you can make to then purchase event items (even indirectly). It's an impossible lift. This server has no future beyond the medium-term, and I was interested in playing for a long time. So, I won't, I'm sad to say. I hope those of you who stay will not regret it, but have no doubt about what you are getting yourself into.
  6. NC did what six servers could never do, kill Nova off
  7. Whats even better is you could get a 10 9 8 7 and they would probably have different cooldowns ;-)
  8. Hate to say it, because it pains me so, but I don't think I will continue. Mind versus Heart, Mind has to win.
  9. The only way to get companies to do anything now is via social media, because it embarasses them within their own peer group. Post your pleas here, and don't sound like clowns. https://www.facebook.com/lineage2/

    I'll translate. Think long-term, not short-term income. You damn well know long-term this will hurt you. Reconsider.
  11. You have no Guts to Quit

    I think this server's population is radically different both in mentality and demographic than L2 Live servers. I never believed people would quit in large numbers (together) from Live, and they did not. I think it will happen here.
  12. Illegal L2 servers are a good way to get your pc infested, and plus they can randomly be shut down at any given moment. I'll never touch one I don't think. Other games just lack what L2 has and, well simply put are not L2. I don't think I'll ever play another MMORPG. I always said L2 would be my last, classic slipped in on a technicality in that clause. Feels bad man.
  13. So, I slept on it, While I am back and forth on a lot of emotions... admittedly trying to justify "it" and you all know what I mean. I keep saying to myself: maybe they will space the events out six months+ apart, maybe it will be tolerable, maybe this will be the worst it will ever get. But then I follow incentives and I know where it is going. I don't think I've ever been truly more disappointed than now in a gaming company, aside from when Free to Play came out on retail. What's the common denominator? Pay to win. I wanted to play classic more than any other game I've heard of since the launch of L2 retail. I was never so excited; I tracked down 50+ people I use to play with via facebook, whatsapp, linkedin, anything I could to try to recreate my own classic experience! GOD pushed me out with its terrible content and more importantly P2Win, and now they will do the same here. It's truly heartbreaking for those of us who loved to live this game for the better part of our adult lives. I met my wife ten years ago through this game and I have been willing to hang on more than others out of nostalgia, but I am having difficulty justifying it. If someone like me is on the brink of leaving, imagine other people not so mentally tied to the game? The one thing I keep sticking on is that I simply feel cheated. I feel like a kid who was given their favorite toy then had it stolen by a bully, then getting the talk from their dad about how life isn't fair. It wasn't supposed to be this way. /sadpost
  14. Thanks for don't listen us.

    I think more top tier players will quit than you think.
  15. I could make a wall of post, but I will save the time. @Juji @Hime please remove the pay to win Dragon Pendent from our L2store. We recognize that the server needs sustainable revenue, please bring back subscriptions, or if you are unable to do that, make VIP status more attractive with larger drop/adena rate bonuses such that enough players will purchase NCCoins (And spend them on more innocuous items, like tp scrolls, shots, cosmetics). Classic was not what we really wanted, but it's closer than anything else. Please, anything but pay to win. You will kill the game that we all love so much, so much faster than is necessary. That's all I have to say about it, but I'm sure I echo the community, I can say for sure I echo my party and my clan.