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MS vs Chronos Server Siege

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KKKm    23

I don’t talk trash . I say how things are Or give my personal opinion about matters . Those who doesn’t like hearing the truth mostly quote on my topics without implying facts . 

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Surgical    5
10 hours ago, AiZeN said:

Nova says Truffle is the leader of MS now you're telling me I'm the leader and a brain dead and a very annoying one though last time I check Zureil is still the leader of MS and that's not gonna change anytime soon I'm just a foot soldier nothing more nothing less and there's like a tons of better players than me in MS like degus,amx,lio,xspawn and I could write a ton more why would anyone think that I'm a leader is beyond me  :P About talking shit in forums what I do is none of your business you don't see me telling you what to do with your time :D 

you really are brain dead, you know you're the one who leads during siege and gives out commands. No point wasting time on idiots like you.

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