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  1. Yull guide from nova

  2. Nova almost took Aden

    A few more pushes and they would take Aden
  3. Main - Dual exchange service

  4. + including armor r110 and dragon weapons exchange .
  5. What about the option to change dragon weapons and armors from light heavy robe . If they add limited they should also add all the above .
  6. No more New Items Please

    Only survivors very funny . No 1) You have big idea about your self no 2) you play since beta and you are a 0 wile the rest you mentioned dudot and ozzu are well skilled and geared without spending money . Well about draecke he never pvp even back then when there was pvp he was hiding . Best thing draeke did was to leave nova . now many nova follow draeke and detagging . even pope understood his place and left nova . I think soon nova clan will pass hands to amx cp .
  7. So all started after the treason nova did to losbanditos and now losbanditos destroy nOva . Gj banditos you won nova and what divekio sayed he will destroy nova and pope was laughing now came true . Pope who is laughing now ? Nova have shown there real phases again. By inviting amx cp and a week later there clan is destroyed . All detagged stoped coming for siege even . Show the video at were rumors say banditos eliminates nova at syrax and kill fafurion .
  8. Need some HELP/IDEAS

    You made it to 107 and you can’t kills mobs for the sp needed above 103 skills ? Just lol . 1) Did you learn only the skills needed ? 2) did you make sure to be caped on sp before you made the change ? 3) are you a part of any clan cp ? 4) do you have even 1 friend in game to ask help from ? I can ask you more questions but you got the point .
  9. Server Transfer

    it’s very good as it is now . Now you remembered to transfer ? You had your time , it was open for months .
  10. Naia's Heroes, July 2019

    What you do during dim siege time ?
  11. Pk chars teleport....

    Yes this is the main reason mixa got kicked out of live server naia . They would pk him for fun . Anybody who wanted to have some fun would pk mixa . Excuses from mixa inc wear ballistic helmets .
  12. you seem to care more than anybody . why would you quote on such a post . Anyway keep the good job reading all posts and answering to all the questions and 1 day maybe you will get that 1 nc coin , Or maybe NOT ? hahahahahahah
  13. Promoting online griefing?

    Omg man .
  14. Will this scrolls get delete we must know . @Juji