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  1. Why pk kama so bad

    Classic player of l2 who got more gear $€£¥ than his opponent but missing the balls to pvp . Money can’t buy skills after all
  2. WTB Fallen Angel's Ring +10

    I made one so topic can close .
  3. Looting rights

    Same problem on Live since cant even remember . GL .Ppl have posted hundreds of threats about it and guess what . 0 answer 0 solutions . W8 until they put dragons as instance with 0 pvp . WE PLAYERS of live welcome all new players to the world of PVE 2 .
  4. WTB Fallen Angel's Ring +10
  5. Fafurion update NC Japan

    solution aim to join big clan and play support class . join all activities your cp and clan can make . And most important must know your class very well and you can be welcome to join any cp or clan in this game .
  6. Raid BOSS solution

    Game is how it is and it was like that . If you cant compete go play another easier game . I still bereave that raids and dragons should pvp zones ! BB and go farm some balor (this boss is for you ) And leave to big boys the big raids . Still only solution !
  7. Raid BOSS solution

    cancel = most op skill in game . and you have no gear to kill raids . use more l2 store if you want to compete with those who support this game
  8. Raid BOSS solution

    Make dragons , high lvl hunting zones and rbs pvp zone and the problem is solved .
  9. Raid BOSS solution

    MAKE RB’s and DRAGONS pvp zone and let them cry .
  10. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    WARNING Big boys event is here WARNING. WARNING. WARNING Big boys event is here. @mixa not for you mayby for @fooz is he is a big good boy
  11. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    In the end of the day MS wins
  12. Truffle vs llllll - 1vs1

  13. 1st Stage 3 Weapon

    They sold it for a slice of bread and now it is worth a bread factory .
  14. Truffle vs llllll - 1vs1

    I don’t understand why truffle is answering to this jelies . To those who post in here arguing . If you were good players we would know you but we don’t . So you are not that good and to start with it would be wise to read the description of all skills . Truffle is the only evicerator in lineage 2 who’s is playing pvp .And community would like to see zureil playing evic with another stage 2 Anth fighter .
  15. You literally ganked a 7vs7 together with ihera full skills against ms and nova still lost the pvp . Next time nova have to bring at lest 7 more to compete .14 nova vs 7 ms.