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  1. Pk system is unique and always have been . They should reward somehow for pking somebody though . Or make pvp areas like swamp of screams etc . All high xp / adena lvl areas should be pvp zones with extra rewards to attract high gear and lvl players . As it is now The only reason to pk somebody is over spot or personal reasons . Removing or giving penalty upon pk game just loosing the little pvp left . @Juji pvp on servers is dying . For it not to disappear you need to implement new system and force players to pvp Or soon will be literally no point playing the game . Killing monsters can b
  2. You must very cleaver Now tell me how you kill feoh like pepinio who need 10 mill dmg to die?
  3. A friend started 2 years ago He was like i want to make dagger . Im like dont make melee class Coz server is so bad nobody can actually even play melee class due to lag ! 2 years passes problem remain the same So @Juji Whats up with the melee lag problems when we will be able to play the rest of the classes game offers without lag?
  4. Exactly this . Thank you all for letting players exploit the game and make trillions including lagging servers . Thank you juji .
  5. Hello community I just want to tell you to stop complain about this and that . And start make post about the positive things in game . So today I start a new beginning. I thank you @juji for all .
  6. Bot is even bigger problem . 2 many ppl use bot and gm do as nobody is using it .:) just bring truth out now I’m ready for my post to get delete .
  7. Why gms test server and find no issues ? -well when the gm logs in during maintenance he test the server when the population is 1-3 ppl so he gets no lags . This is why they will never fix the problem because they test the server as if there are 3 players online instead of 3000+-
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFZJuILnzXo
  9. A few more pushes and they would take Aden
  10. + including armor r110 and dragon weapons exchange .
  11. What about the option to change dragon weapons and armors from light heavy robe . If they add limited they should also add all the above .
  12. Only survivors very funny . No 1) You have big idea about your self no 2) you play since beta and you are a 0 wile the rest you mentioned dudot and ozzu are well skilled and geared without spending money . Well about draecke he never pvp even back then when there was pvp he was hiding . Best thing draeke did was to leave nova . now many nova follow draeke and detagging . even pope understood his place and left nova . I think soon nova clan will pass hands to amx cp .
  13. So all started after the treason nova did to losbanditos and now losbanditos destroy nOva . Gj banditos you won nova and what divekio sayed he will destroy nova and pope was laughing now came true . Pope who is laughing now ? Nova have shown there real phases again. By inviting amx cp and a week later there clan is destroyed . All detagged stoped coming for siege even . Show the video at were rumors say banditos eliminates nova at syrax and kill fafurion .
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