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Adena and efficiency calculator


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Day to day i work as an Estimator for huge company - decided to apply estimation excel skills on L2. 



1. Fill out Data, mainly i made it for myself as archer, but you should be able to make it work any class

2. Efficent, do not touch it, unless you really understand what it is, I've included an efficent factor, which means how effectivly you think you are farming, right now 0.8 out of 1,  which is 80% - 20% is chasing and running after monsters.

After you are done, enter to NPC name and enjoy

PS: As i said, I created this sheet for  myself and updating data when i get available time.




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Included average amount of monster user farms, Level cap for lowest monsters - Im off for tonight, will continue with populating the tables tomorrow :)

Please let me know your comments, how accurate or helpful this info is.

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17 minutes ago, Pachu said:

Is this a good predictor of number attacks?
I do not see the Points of defence of NPCs, in game there are NPCs with strong P.def.

Anyway well done, good work

as mentioned before i created this purely for my archer character, i've farmed bit over 20kk based on this table, there are no defense points and atk is formulated very simplistic - Main idea behind this table is to recognize for archer, when you are loosing adena on farm

To be honest, ive spent maybe 5-6 hours to create that sheet with updating database, anyone can dowload excel and remake it for them selves :)

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