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Good morning, afternoons, nights. The subject that I want to talk about is the books we need buffers, tankes, etc. They have a very low rate and it costs to be released. I explain my situation: I have been playing for 1 week every day for 5 or 6 hours in Ivory Tower, I am VIP Level 4 (50% get drop) and to my amazement they do not drop anything, so it makes me think about several questions. Is what you put in the VIP section lvl 4 false? And if it is, would not it be a scam and could it be denounced ?, and the other question is. Is the drop rates poorly implemented? and if they are, somebody will fix it ?. To finish I would give 2 tips to NCSoft.
1: That raise the rates of drop so that everyone has their skills and not spend so many hours in a place where it is overflowing with players doing the same.
2: They put an NPC that sell all the skill books at a fair price because in the service I am playing the players who are very lucky and they drop for example the book Dead Wisper they sell them for 8kk, which is a price of madness to be a server of rates x1.
Thank you very much and I hope sincere and logical answers.

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The drop rate for those IT spell books is 0.01 - 0.05; so even 50% of that added is still next to nothing, if that's how the VIP % works.  As for overall SB drops, something is out of balance when books have such outrageous shop prices.  I have been in IT as well, and if those books weren't seen here and there in shops it would be easy to believe they didn't exist because of how futile it seems farming them.  

Hopefully several item drops will be will be asked about by the team here including the spell books.  The Dwarfs were the wealthiest group in the land, and now even they're broke because of such limited resources.  Classic has arse loads of xp avenues to lvl very fast, but some of the resource availability is pitiful.

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1 hour ago, Vorlik said:

The drop rate for those IT spell books is 0.01 - 0.05; so even 50% of that added is still next to nothing

we have like 4 times lower rates then l2wiki btw, im fine with this super low book rates but its the active support players that suffer the most...sadly.

we farmed for like 5 days  . 3 ppl from my party  8-12h/day at Ivory on server start.
we got 5-6 books and they were all "trash"

GL to u guys :D

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