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  1. omg, most accurate post ever......... feel like playing a illegal messed up server with daily restarts because they dont know how to keep stability in server
  2. If i need to go to work before 1h mantainance, I lost 1 day of XP because of this "Unscheduled mantenance". Same yesterday. We are not just randomly waiting all day for you to mess up and have to restart server again. I think we all expect something better than "Dandy balls" and "Tersi 100%" few hours. 3rd time in 2 days for God's sake!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spending so much money on xp boosts for this waste of time?...............
  3. @Juji @Hime How come you make mistakes during 1st week of event, and also during the 2nd update and the reward is 1 Dandy ball 100%? I hope you sort out something better in these 2 hours if you want the global chat to stoop being flooded of people complaining about these unscheduled mantainance....... Some people already went to sleep, or have work at this time of the day and have no time to wait 2 hours for a random mistake you made....
  4. Thank you again for taking away the only good thing about this patch! (IOS REAL adena drop) which all rest of the l2 servers have, they may reduced the timed instance zone hours but not nerfing adena drop because they know how to keep their players playing. Thank you for all the +50 friends I've got that already quit. My clan went from 70 players to 25 in 2 weeks. Thank you again for this and this useless patch.
  6. @Andouille @Hime @Juji Sometimes you just have to look a bit in your own servers to know something is going very wrong now......
  7. When a picture speak louder than words.......... Update made for Koreans not Naia/Chronos server. Please @Hime @Juji check your own server rankings before making updates like this. Plus if you just want to make a pay to win server 100% do it instead of progressively nerfing all the ways of making adena. I've wasted more than 10k$ in this game and recently bought a +21 weapon all for nothing because every time you get to the goal you just go and nerf it again. 10k$ more to farm TOI and then you probably nerf it aswell. So no point spending more money or energy here, not for xping
  8. Greetings, @Juji @Hime Please take no offense on this, but have to speak clearly. We waited for a free event as kids dreaming with getting the best candy tomorrow and get this joke of event (?). Then all of us start talking and trying to understand why NCSoft keeps doing this awful "Free events" that just no body likes. You had Aden Tour which was a total failure, now this Kamaloka instance? are you serious? Is too hard for anyone who doesn't has +20k dollars in gear and even then it is still a waste of time. So many proof of people opening +100 boxes and getting nothing, just fragme
  9. 100% sure all the people saying "This is a PVE area" are saying this because the only way they can actually win something in this game is by this way: "Spamming click faster". This is true, any enterprise that wants to keep their market ON need to think about top spenders who play this game with a lot of investment which have been preparing for months and even YEARS to be "Top", because no one that has invested +50.000$ in this game wants to see all this effort and money for nothing. Valakas crystal was always a PVP area, just no one able to really try to take this from previous clan
  10. Well is not really your problem.. Only the GMs concern if 50% of their players leave the server and stop donating, you don't really care about this matter just for sure to be able to poorly farm anywhere would be ok I guess this only happens to conformist players like yourself, pretty sure that for farming 109 you would have to not AOE and at LEAST have over 1T gear on your character because you got level penalty, which makes it only possible if you donated too and as a spender I would be pissed if I can't farm at a place I've been wanting to go for years now nerfed Of course you would only
  11. Greetings @Juji @Hime With all the proper respect I attend to represent a large group of players who we all agree this recent change in adena drop at Stronghold is just not working for most players at the moment. Some of us have been working on characters for years to be able to even get to level 110, now it is just not even appealing to go for the free hour daily also including the fact that it is a PVP area where you can't really macro AFK or kill mobs without any worry as at Storm Isle, which makes no sense. So this is an issue for a lot of us now, we've donated and invested a lot of t
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