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  1. I already respect you! I will not buy anything either, because it is a waste of money. I am surprised, people buy and convince themselves that they are allowed; D. Slavery thinking: D
  2. Smoku


    Tyrr Maestro after testing https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/684088/
  3. That's why they delete you to buy, they make a sucker of you. You only have to buy, the excess will be scrapped. Now it's easy to understand? As for magazines, WH.
  4. That's the point, players are clogged with magazines and they don't buy much. So for players to buy again: D It's not about your fun to play, but about their earnings: D
  5. Lag, Dc. Eternal problem. This is how too much bot is allowed. Gear changes won't help here. Start banning your friend and the server will be back on its feet.
  6. Check it, maybe you will turn something on for yourself: D https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/657511/
  7. Hey I start the game from today! I am from Poland and I do not have experience in lineage 2. I am very interested and I decided to play Naia. I am asking for tips on how to develop the tyr titan character. My name in the game is Dragon, I will be grateful for every advice and thank you in advance. Greetings to all
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