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  1. Hope Redlibra and it`s allowing to change main for dual class as Compensation Thank you NCWest/Soft , you made an great choice going to Amazon AWS. Many optimizations will sure compensate us with Better gameplay, playability. The final end to the Melee lag by it self will be much appreciated. Thank you AWS team, please help us! BTW, Please make all classes balanced again ...
  2. If any GM could, at least, answer that question.. speccialy this one +Break (for +1 increases Power of ignoring target's P.Def by 1%) a) when enchanting to +1, does it mean that the initial damage produced by using the skill will be greater, since the target has P.Def lowered by 1%? b) does the lowered P.Def effect also apply for the entire period of skill effect? I mean for all the other party members who are dealing physical damage, will they also have increased damage while the debuff is active due to the target's lower P.Def?
  3. As a software architect with more then 27 years experience, I should to talk about Quality Assurence techinics, Unity Testes, Integration testes, code coverage etc ... (probably dont have any, I can`t even find where to fix my nickname on forum (its Mephistopholes.. ) But I`d also knows that shit happens on software...so I`ll not complain But, what I can`t understand silence about those who payed Prestge|Destiny Pack. And please don`t even think about a useless 1 hour buff. Today I`d probablly gonna loose one more day of farming/ game, couse I`m out of home..
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