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  1. 1Elcyum and 9 Selenites... A LOT OF BSS! I play meele
  2. I have little more b in equips and cant farm 450m with Tyrr, farming 0.5 at lvl 109 a day WITH XP RUNE lol
  3. Try playing you favorite class for one year, without any purchase, with no multiple boxes softwares (max 3 and one computer), using only Itens you get by playing/macro... The tryly free exoerience and see how far you can get. For Daggers the macro experience is not possible without donating becuase the last mana Nerf killed them. For Runestones you would need 20 weeks with 5 friends to get all 8... how many years for you to buy an artifact book stage 3? In a game with God Jewels and dragon weapons... How many years for your party to kill new Baylor... Please, remove Trully-Free from all sites ad ads, because this is not near a trully free experience
  4. how about 6 pages in feedback and they not only dont read, but they nerf the only thing people were enjoying
  5. "For balance" People need to buy Prestige pack if they want to sustain their own Soulshots...
  6. We have a life out of this game. I was at the grocer store buying suplies for my family when OUT OF NOWHERE GM decides giving buffs for 30minutes... We should know GM will give buffs, hours before it happens. Its not hard to implement this. Have more consideration for us. Ty
  7. All 113+ players should join this bandwagon or they are going to rule an empty kingdom. Listen to us NCSOFT
  8. QUICK SOLUTION!! Give -113 players a 300% XP bonus (maybe this way we can experience your new update in a few months) Give us LoC and Plunderous Adena rate back (will raise Prestige pack sales) Make Full drops possible again. Can be 0.00001% chance but give us something.(maybe will raise Drop rune sales) Wall of Argos, Hot Springs... there are A LOT of areas full of Useless mobs. Make them lvl 108-110 Give us the Auras back, so a party will be needed for some areas. IS NOT HARD TO MAKE LINEAGE 2 GREAT AGAIN
  9. I think its the worst time to start playing. Unless you have no problem with wasting A LOT of dollars. The Update we got the day before yesterday is not newbie friendly... Is not friendly to people that already spent thousand dollars... Sorry to tell you. For the first time in years playing Lineage 2 i cant really give you a good advice on what should you do to farm adena and gear...
  10. LOVED THE UPDATE! I am just sad i will only see whats new IF i play 24/7 + paying XP 200% RUNE for the next 2 years, because at lvl 109, with all the nerfs, and with XP rune i am making only 0.7% a day; I am not buying XP rune this month, so try asking me how do i like Yesterday's Update in 2023, because is proly when i am going to hit 113 to start experiencing the new content.
  11. I was makin 45 tri a day before DW+2x XP event WITHOUT XP RUNE 250 tri a day When event was running + I bought a XP rune Now i am making 20 tri a day WITH XP RUNE I am lvl 109, mobs are harder to kill, adena was nerfed... I WONT BUY another XP Rune and i am canceling all my Prestige pack ------------------------------------------------- An advice, dont make this game a mirror of KR servers, people here are not lvl 120, I was playing on Core and came back to NA because old friends were starting here Things are way diferente there... Anyways, sad to see another Update nerfing so much our experince. I hate loving L2
  12. They are probably not changing anything at FoS, XP and mobs I bet they are going to nerf adena drop in Isle of Soul because people are making some adena without paying any Ncoin.
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