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  1. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    Great! Thank you!
  2. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    No logic in what you said. If I deposit something in a deposit box and it's missing I'm not to blame. My character/account is that deposit and its supposed to be safe from exploiters indifferent if I'm afk or not. "Also nobody cares if you choose to spend money on a game" I already know YOU don't care and again who asked your opinion about why/what I'm spending. If i chose to spend its not your business and since there is an l2store i can use, i will use it. Its not about WHAT i spend, its about what happens with the items i buy and how secure they are from ignorant people like you. Want a free game? Go play Tetris. Agreed.
  3. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    I can take a break w/o having to soe out or worry about my items. as you can see at this very moment, it is possible and its working fine. You lack the common sense to acknowledge why the auto-target is in place. You just refuse to acknowledge SAFE afk hunting. "Anything lost due to not attending your toon is your loss to coupe with, they dont restore items lost due to your negligence." No1 lost items during afk hunting at this time, but after this modification to pk system, people will lose items. Do NOT transfer the "negligence" to players since there is a system in place that is working perfectly at this time, introducing this modification to the pk system WITHOUT making the proper fixes for the exploits ( again its impossible to fix something if you don't know its broken) is NEGLIGENCE. Have some common sense and get your facts straight. P.S. Might be a game and a digital environment, money are real throw. Don't bleep with my money bleep!
  4. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    The fix was : No drop/destroy during a chaotic state. Now they want to reintroduce it. Bad idea as you all can see.
  5. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    Was live few years back, before I knew it I was red because of a pet. It took just a few secs to realize wth is going on I used a bsoe. What if I took a shower, or taking a bleep? Or one of my boys needed my attention? Why should I limit myself on been NON STOP with my eyes on my monitor, or just soe out to town while I take a dump? 2020 , some people still have a prehistoric mentality. P.S. Can I press pause in l2? Pls introduce pause for mixa :)))
  6. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    Not a bad ideea , 50 % more exp just in pvp zones. Before you support the drop/destroy item on pk system remember they did not fix the exploits. The "fix" was no drop at all.
  7. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    " Thru failure, we learn " They have to fail in order to fix something and even if they fix those other "exploits" will emerge, You can jump on players now, 6 players with low hp + 1 nuker for the last hit will make me, you and anyone in this game with a 6 pk count in seconds. And I bet these guys can't wait to get our stuff for free so they will make scripts. And with that said your reaction time will not matter. New pk / pvp system ? ok , introduce bounty on players, let us use pvp points to unlock new skills/ items / upgrades or help other payers with some gifts from the store. Whatever, but don't destroy the items I paid with real money converting coins into adena, because we gonna have a big big problem! So for now , delog or fish ...
  8. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    Im 41 years old and a father of 2 , I mean no disrespect but You guys HIGH?
  9. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    Children don't use credit cards. If you talk about safety don't buy insurance for your car then and hope for the best. The reason for NO DROP / DESTROY items was exactly that insurance that we will NOT lose the items that we buy either ncstore or with arena/trades. If you support this, you never knew what is like to farm for gear and drop it because u died in PvE ( LIVE ) and some random duche passing thru the catacombs picks it up. I played this game with all the changes and hardships since 2003, the pk exploit was the worst of them all, because someone hired to do his job FAILED to do it. Drop or not, my VISA will not be added any more to my accounts. If you still hardcore players like u all pretend to be, 1 client only policy as well. Bring it! Show me hardcore B1%^ !
  10. From what I understand, some players would like base Exp improved and some players say that it's just fine like that. BUT Almost all are in agreeance that the party Exp bonus should be reintroduced. Great! I think this post reached its purpose. We all are on the same wavelength regarding party bonuses. Maybe they will reintroduce it along with the new upcoming event.
  11. True, also the exp bar/target lvl was narrower than today. Everything got bigger: dmg/s vs price/item, Exp bar also bigger and of course the time needed to be spent to achieve a goal. It's different from year to year. Not a bad thing, but base Exp is to narrow to fill the gap in order to achieve that goal. If work required has doubled or tripled, shouldn't the rewards be appropriate to effort/adena/ncoin its put in? Think ahead IMO, not just for today. There is no loss for anyone if base Exp is improved.
  12. Depending on what period you have reached your LVL 110 it is very possible that you had double Exp / event Exp by default in that period. There were months with that applied as i remember. IMO, equip makes the end game not level but I could be wrong. I see your point but, you are talking in a perspective that you already had made LVL 110 several months ago or maybe a year. I'm talking in the context of today. Just like in electronics boosting a week signal will give you more "noise" so you have to clear that etc. If base Exp is small, no point in boosting it. You get a narrow result in the Exp curve anyway. You can even trace it in simple programs like Excel, input your data every day in a sheet, and then graph it. 7-day exp in the same region same party same duration no busts and then 7-day with boosts not a big impact in exp curve. Saving Eur/dollars for something that is worth spending on looks like a good decision at the moment. would be nice if you guys just respond with yes or no .
  13. Agathion Shiny

    The first one is "dash" dagger old skill 15sec reuse and second is a toggle that "hide you from mobs ". The bad thing is u can't gift it to someone or sell it ... Even though its on " hero coins " and you've earned it by spending on ncoins.
  14. Few months needed to make 1 level and at this rate, 1 year + to even consider going to TOI, etc. Want to join a party for Antharas instance? Forget it! No point in leaving PC at night to Exp or be in-game wasted electricity; more to the electric bill and less to L2 ncoins. Simple question: Do you want more exp/mob? No philosophical debates no intellectual masturbations. Its a yes or no question. P.S. Who made this happen made no real study of how it will impact our game experience.