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  1. I want the KR format tbh. Cheaper, efficient, balanced and raw (even new players get to explore new stuff). Game is a gamble anyway , in 2024 they will move servers to Las Vegas and they will use CardiB - UP as intro after login instead of that NC thingy . We open a event box and we hear "Welcome to the party! " On a serious note ... " Buss it ! " P.S. Broke buys don't deserve no .... (I know that's right!)
  2. I see that immediately after daily reset , exp gone. Vitality is 300 % but i get like 40 B instead 89 B in ketra @ lvl 112 . How about you guys? Exp ketra with 200% exp rune etc Exp Bonuses w/o potions https://ibb.co/mJ3Ddvx
  3. Mby they fixing it atm , thing is our runes are on time ... Time will tell .
  4. Thx for sharing , the more ppl share these "events" the less we will spend on fake advert.
  5. Would not play the game otherwise , don't have the patience to w8 few years for good gear farm like in c2 , c3 , OE d,c,b and a grade weps. etc. So that's a plus.
  6. Yes that is true people are leaving the server , dont know about chronos.
  7. We all understand that remark " working as intended " , we just don't want it or accept it . NOT when real currency is involved. This is not about a shillen SA doing stun through resists or unbind skill. This is about real money. Hope that clears it for you.
  8. No one is willing to take the chance anymore, everything is too expensive or you can't find it either in ah or shop / ncoins. Even if you are successful enchanting compounding that item will be too expensive to sell . For ex : a simple compound on two insanity talismans and also 7s for epic. Its superficial , like : here is something , you can use it but it won't work , buy from our store. OK , just put it in store and remove the compound option then. So many things to use , only few will work. Event boxes included of course ... Here is the list but ... you will get only the last four
  9. We know it has been changed , we don't know why and for what reason. To what end ? where is that info posted ? Care to fill us in ?
  10. Thinking about that also, might have more fun on core with my Eur. Don't think they will compensate anything , the offer that is listed on site in that poster is misleading tbh ...
  11. Mixa are u a GM / forum moderator? You are so sure in your answers on forum . Hmmmm
  12. 30 % success on prot talismans , is like paying for 70 % fail .... Probly i will have better luck shooting a ballon with my eyes closed while riding a horse, naked in winter after a hot bath . Thx for sharing .
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