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  1. hahaha :))) thats how i feel . BEST QUOTE 2021! Past few months were horrible , nerf after nerf after nerf . Since exp event is off , i'm going to see u guys when next exp event is on ( few month maybe ) unless the new "prestige" pack is not so brown anymore and includes a 30 day vitality maintaining rune. C ya guys! Take care! P.S. I think maybe Eva rune is older then my first account ( 2004 ) ....
  2. For what you wrote looks better then what we have here atm. Thx for sharing .
  3. My question is: Why 1 week ? Why not all weeks ? So our vitality is at 300 % we have a buff " regular dish" , 1 exp rune 200 % that i buy and of vital rune + pots from from event that i buy . ok fine. I'm making exp it is great. Now lets ask ourselfs the following : If this is good exp , how much was the "exp nerf" that has been applied not long ago? This event will end , what then? P.S. adena nerf -> ppl buying prestige? Good call guys ...
  4. Thats what happens when exp events are on , people DO play the game and they like the exp .Finally some progress . In 2 week server will be normal again , or light . Dont need to fix it ... working as indended . See you in few months with same thread title IF another exp event is on
  5. You just made the first step in the right direction , admitting there is a problem . GJ! PPL lie themselvs that things are going to get better or are ignorant about the situation on NA servers.
  6. "if this sh*t happens for years I think that's an issue." well said ! "Actually, this is a dilemma for me, I could buy more coins and get what I want, but on the other hand, do I want to wallow further in this swamp?" You are not the only one in it , looks like our l2 community is sleeping . Ignorance is bliss!
  7. Can you imagine if they add a blur on the screen when the player cheats? Or screen moving around Or some wierd glitches on his char , unequip wep , armor etc
  8. Atm there is a exp event , i play on Naia . After this exp event, if the exp nerf continues i will pause my activity again. There is no progress except when exp events are on . Bouth servers are ok , Chronos is more active . European Naia will get light/normal again after the exp event just like before im sure.
  9. Well said! IF compound rates were higher we would not be having this conversation or this thread or even greedy chests. But even so, I enjoy when i can afford something listed in ah.
  10. Sometimes silence is an answer , this time its just lack of respect . Talking about respect, look what a amateur, lineage 2 fan and long time player did : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8aLqBSjA2A Unreal 4 engine. P.S. sometimes i wonder why we give so much dedication to this game anymore ... adena and exp nerfs ... too much greed.
  11. The Artifact event was great, cloak one was teribad! Mammon one was ok-ish . Loot boxes need % shown for each item , from top to bottom.
  12. Ps. Probability is a branch of mathematics concerning numerical descriptions of how likely an event is to occur in a given period.
  13. Monsherrie comes with a valid point , about a subject that affects the whole community for some time now and as expected, some1 comes with a dictionary, the message just got lost in translation. Censorship, bugs, nerfs, updates without even considering the impact it will have the player base and events scams , that's what we have now. Lack of accountability has corroded what was left of our community's respect for the dev team. Even now with all that happening, community is divided still and we deserve all that its happening. Example of that is the message above. This is happening on
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