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  1. PlundersPlain #nerfe

    When someone wants to upgrade a weapon or bestow blood, dark, limited option why we don't get that balance also? instead, we need billions to do it. To change a weapon type in the red libra event we need billions also? What balance? What balance are you specifically talking about? Please explain. Thank you.
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 16, 2020

    change target to monsters ? CTRL +T
  3. Touche! You are right about that also, IT instance nerfed by 50 % because it was "event" right ... Venusta reward boxes ... NERFED by more than 50 % : 3m to 1.2m. Just fing DANDY !!!
  4. When did Tyrs get boosted?

    Mixa is right about skill use. I've done that on my duelist main, works fine. Had to change sa on weapon for skill crt dmg.
  5. He is talking about older times 10 years ago when we had a test server when we could log in and test/feel the new updates and share the info about bugs etc. Now ... you know what you get now. Bon appetite!
  6. High player on NAIA server means: 116 level 2 ppl 115 level 1 dude 114 level 5 mates That's it, folks. Rest can forget about good exp / adena, that's what the dev team is saying: WE DONT CARE about those below 114 lvl. The prestige pack will boost the base nerfed in the current "update". When u boost crap you will get more crap with a bit of glitter ... maybe. While this so-called "update" is "deployed", there is no point in buying prestige or/and destiny pack, there is no point in exping overnight because i will just burn electricity for nothing, no progress. 1 % per day? 100 days for 1 lvl? In case you missed it : After you pay euro in nstore and prestige etc , do you enjoy your progress ? can u feel/see it? If you don't, you will still spend time/euro? Are you crazy? Because it's not love for the game .... it's just plain stupid, and that you can't fix my friend.
  7. Tales Untold Feedback Collection (Live)

    You can bet they DID NOT play it as its intended to be played and called it a "test", Imagine an engineer designing something and never test it, but of course, saying out loud that it will do its job without considering the implications for other people that will use it in good faith every day. And when shit hits the fan he will just blame it on the "user" of course, a job well done. P.S. You guys seen that movie idiocracy? I feel like Luke Wilson. "Not Sure" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVyRkl5qNb8
  8. This "downgrade" of an update made servers "normal" instead of "heavy" I wonder why ... Hime said on a post : Please let us know how your experience has been, what you like, what you don’t like, and you feel could be improved. Thank you! You got your feedback and in return, you gave nothing but a useless herb. Stop making useless threads about our "feedback" if you are not going to take them into account.
  9. "OK now that you balanced enough that we can xp effectively " Not even close ... You play the same game we do?
  10. Homunculus: Water Juju

    Mafa you have to use your aoe skill from healer to dmg/touch the mobs in order to get the trigger from juju. Hope this helps you.
  11. Tales Untold Feedback Collection (Live)

    What we get is more time and euro spend to get .... less Dmg, less Adena , less Exp. But I'm not gonna do it, just dailies, occasional SoS and log off. I'm sure events going to follow to " fill the gap " left from the "amazing Glittering BROWN update", but I'm not gonna get involved in any.
  12. As expected! All l2store events possible, go buy/sell, and then they do this fking crap. It's like they pissing on our wallets. Team Failz0r! 100! P.S should we include this update to this thread? beware-of-scams
  13. VMware not working, is this deliberate by NCSoft?

    I want to play Lineage 2 on my Pop!_ OS Linux . 2020!
  14. Tales Untold Feedback Collection (Live)

    Print of the month! Sais everything! Thank you for sharing this! P.S. A print like this should be pinned before every major update :))
  15. Subscription canceled

    Guys +1 if u had a subscription and you canceled it . The rest is out of topic. Thanks.