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  1. tyvm for all that, what you mean by "anchored pet" ? how can i get that ?
  2. Hello guys, can someone help me on this ? ISS just come to rebuff and run away after, thx !
  3. is your char targetting someone else ? like a follow or something ?
  4. heavy to normal for chronos normal to light for naia, half of party DC so many people got disconnected lol
  5. Lets Try This Hot Tub Stream Meta !
  6. they just need to add it as a regular drop from mobs in zone 107+ (where they were spawning) at a fixed rate similar as spawns they had before, shouldnt be hard, and fair for everyone tbh
  7. there was a krishna fighter for 90b this morning, bloody +12 FE just wait "normal" people selling, funny shit is they say "yo price is 140b now" but they are still trying to sell one week later because nobody buy, LOL
  8. just give it to the whole server like a dragon buff, so even afk people from different time zone get it while afk
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