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  1. May 15th update...

    So we're getting S Grade before Oly/Sieges are even out, this is a straight up PvE server.
  2. So another p2w box event but no word on Oly/Sieges? bleep what a joke.
  3. Party @ Dion (Giran Server)

    You know what would be very fun and great? If you BAN BOTS!
  4. Balthurs knights supply

    lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *breathes in* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  5. Quest lvl 76

    @Hime @Juji
  6. Quest lvl 76

  7. Quest lvl 76

    Same problem, @Hime@Juji need a fix.
  8. Get your crap together

    I have the same problem, my main can never stay logged in overnight always gets disconnected by the time I wake up. I also live in the States.
  9. You can't even give us a simple bonus xp/drop event, what do you even do all day?
  10. cant hit a mob from bots...

    They don't care, it's been going on for months and months and they keep giving people the same excuse "make a report". If you're going to continue playing here it's something you gotta live with.
  11. Why is it so hard to just send a GM to Gorgon Flower Garden for example, you could ban literally 150 bots in 20minutes. Instead you keep asking paying customers to waste time creating reports that more often than not do absolutely nothing.
  12. I was hoping this would last at least until WoW Classic, but man they're really torpedoing these servers hard.
  13. Dude just straight up lies through his teeth, what a shame.
  15. Samurai sword appearance

    I second this, love it as it is. The newer one looks goofy af.
  16. Did you buy your char or what? I find it hard to believe someone who leveled all the way to ToI top floor levels wouldn't figure out by now that ALL drops on this server are ridiculously low, why would you expect tablets/stones to be any different?
  17. Damn bro don't be so salty because you can't get tablets It's probably karma because you act like such a whiny baby, maybe try to make 10 more tickets crying and gm's will gift you some to keep you quiet.
  18. Bots...

    Go take a stroll through Gorgon Flower Garden. Regulars of the server know who's botting and who isn't anyway. I forgot it's 2019, people will have a mental breakdown over being called a bot so we can't allow it. So lets just close our eyes and pretend it's not happening while NCsoft does the bare minimum or nothing about it.
  19. Bruh they can't even get the info right in the post (what is proofreading?), wtf you think Hime is gonna do about bots man
  20. Bots...

    I don't know why they go so far to protect botters even on forums, you aren't allowed to post their names in text or screenshot. Public shaming is a great tool

    TI pretty much dead at this point, no one even showed up to siege against BR zerg/Supremacy.

    That's the sad reality of L2 that people don't want to admit. If a server bans all RMT'ers and bots the server dies within like two months because in reality most people won't play L2 without being able to bot or buy adena to get ahead.
  23. Bots at necropolis

    Found the botter.