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  1. Did you buy your char or what? I find it hard to believe someone who leveled all the way to ToI top floor levels wouldn't figure out by now that ALL drops on this server are ridiculously low, why would you expect tablets/stones to be any different?
  2. Damn bro don't be so salty because you can't get tablets It's probably karma because you act like such a whiny baby, maybe try to make 10 more tickets crying and gm's will gift you some to keep you quiet.
  3. Bots...

    Go take a stroll through Gorgon Flower Garden. Regulars of the server know who's botting and who isn't anyway. I forgot it's 2019, people will have a mental breakdown over being called a bot so we can't allow it. So lets just close our eyes and pretend it's not happening while NCsoft does the bare minimum or nothing about it.
  4. Bruh they can't even get the info right in the post (what is proofreading?), wtf you think Hime is gonna do about bots man
  5. Bots...

    I don't know why they go so far to protect botters even on forums, you aren't allowed to post their names in text or screenshot. Public shaming is a great tool

    TI pretty much dead at this point, no one even showed up to siege against BR zerg/Supremacy.

    That's the sad reality of L2 that people don't want to admit. If a server bans all RMT'ers and bots the server dies within like two months because in reality most people won't play L2 without being able to bot or buy adena to get ahead.
  8. Bots at necropolis

    Found the botter.
  9. Welcome to NCsoft games where every other event is a moneygrab, enjoy your stay.
  10. Bots at necropolis

    There was also full bot party in LoA going nonstop for few days with +16 weapons It's an absolute joke.

    Because it's an easier pill to swallow than the realization that the entire company is full of incompetent people at all levels
  12. Not really, effects from like Dex for example barely do anything to land rates. A lot of daggers on classic go for +con because it makes you more tankier and the effects of -dex or -str are minimal for stabs. (talking about pvp, obviously for pve you'd want +str if you're soloing)
  13. Super Bowl Sunday sieges

    lmao postpone sieges cus of a sportsball event, you gotta be kidding me man. That's some next level entitlement.
  14. Yea luckily I farmed all my books before the bots infested those areas, I probably would have quit too if I had to fight armies of bots for mobs.
  15. Yea you can make all kinds of excuses as to why we have this problem but in the end it's caused by nothing more than neglect from the people running the game. They are known for it for years and looks like they won't change anytime soon. Will never forget that video someone posted from core with Wall of Argos COMPLETELY infested with bots in every nook and cranny of the zone, all it would take is for one gm to go through there and clean it out but obviously they don't care.