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  1. It's a shame how many hours it takes to fix this error. We'll wait than NCSOFT fixes this bug well and NC don't forget any players who abused this bug after maintenance. Please NCSOFT don't forget than abuse to the one game bug are penalized.
  2. The new one blessed exalted set from l2store this looking like a R110?. I was thinking than it just look like a Eternal but blessed. Now we will see most player with R110 with blue glow, and not this old R99 Eternal than hurt the eyes with just see one, is so old the R99.
  3. At least 24 potion of vitality erupting, or something like that, because we have arround to 18hr with game offline. We need something this time NCSOFT, because we wanna play the game and if the server is down we was lost so many time to play the game and items to making boost the xp to strengthen us toon with the event than ncsoft making for us. Do not launched event and after down all server for 24hr, that is not good.
  4. I remember one time they delayed a lot the maintenance and after all those time was tersi on all villages for some hours, that is good option if everbody want something for all this time loss to play.
  5. I just want than up the server in good condition to can play again.
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