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  1. In all these years of lineage, I have never seen a system as unbalanced as the aden. I'm starting to understand when I was told that this chronicle is paid to play, who has more resources, pots 500 HP, boost scroll defense, wins! not to mention that there are people taking advantage of 3v3 mechanics to farm points, let the afk char without Gears in the middle of the arena for those who have many victories to lose, or for their own benefit I hope it gets better in the future what do you think guys?
  2. it's a hell of a lack of respect, I pay 200 L COIN to enter an instance and take Disconnect along with my friends... 3x already happened and today they took down the server without notice, for a change... do you think our money is found in the trash? they should at least release the instance by adena, since they don't have a stable server
  3. @Sunshine The server started to lag 1 second after starting new day!
  4. Exactly, $1 American Dollar is worth R$6 Brazilian. $25 = R$150 and unfortunately I think there is nothing that can be done, as the server is North American, if there was a currency conversion to balance, some people could act in bad faith to buy cheaper ncoin.
  5. Given that the game needs to pay to earn adena, they could at least be fair to the community, I didn't think the sayha will package was expensive, but it's useless, because with it we only gain 30% of the adena, and this makes it difficult for a whole game mechanics, because if I buy sayha will, no one will want to give me a party, because nerf the adena of the whole group... i don't care if the xp bonus goes down from 200% to 100% as long as we get the normal drop.
  6. since I didn't have the opportunity to participate, I would like to congratulate the winner... The giveway expired, who was the winner? @Sunshine
  7. since I didn't have the opportunity to participate, I would like to congratulate the winner... The giveway expired, who was the winner? @Sunshine
  8. It is because of these events that our world is the way it is. Nobody wants to be at disadvantage people will ways find some way to get around the system. There is VPN for that.
  9. I will join the server with the Brazilian side and I will be the greatest titan in the world of lineage
  10. the server is from north america but it is global, if an event is created, the right thing is for everyone to participate. if it doesn't, we can classify it as xenophobia, don't you think?
  11. I dream that one day I will enter the forum and only have good things to say, but unfortunately at the moment it is impossible!!! you have to open your eyes and ears to the community, if everyone is complaining it is because something is wrong.
  12. Giveway Deluxe Pack @Sunshine I would like to leave my dissatisfaction with the company and the administrators. I feel a bit of prejudice towards us Brazilians, you create a Deluxe Pack Giveway, where we who are foreigners cannot participate, this is very unfair to us, because the Brazilian community certainly fills a large part of the server. Unfortunately I am part of a small group that is passionate about gambling in 2021 but doesn't have the money to invest in the business. I would be delighted if I had at least the opportunity to compete for the giveway.
  13. Olá, estou ansioso e super preparado para migrar para o Servidor Aden, gostaria de saber se tem algum Clã ou CP ativa para me invitar. Devido a pandemia e ao desemprego, tenho total disponibilidade de tempo e estou pronto para colaborar como possível. A princípio minha classe base vai ser Titan, mas eu posso mudar de idéia e jogar de Blade Dancer ou Healer. Whatsapp: (61) 98284-1404 Eng Version: Hi, I'm migrating to Aden server and would like to know if there is any active clan to invite me, I have availability to play all times.
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