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  1. Worst Update Ever - RIP Chronos Naia

    What is that Splendor Wings? How can I get one of those? Thanks so much!
  2. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    I think you don't know the forum rules. No naming calling mate, why don't you just open a support ticket? Please, edit your post and remove player name or they will close this thread, which is very useful for all L2 community.
  3. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    Jesus, we hope NC does something against those people. @Juji @Hime as always, we are counting on you.
  4. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    What about Martelx's bow? I don't know this story. Please, tell us more about it. Thanks.
  5. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    omg lol, never mind then
  6. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    Sorry guys but I could not understand, how is this possible? One guy gets a shilen lv 1, send it to another account and put it in any weapon and then the person open a ticket asking for restoration of the crystal? Is that the trick? Jesus Christy. If this is the case, the account should be permanently closed.
  7. One more question. Do you know the instance that drop Bracelet enchants? Tks.
  8. Thanks Get, I wont try that definitely lol. I'll follow your remarks and try to get the kaliel one. Thank you very much for your help!
  9. How can we get one of those Kaliel's bracelet? Tks.
  10. Main trickster, changing Dual class

    They just replied my ticket. " Upon checking, I've found that you haven't open the Sapyros' Power-Tyrr Warrior yet. You may acquire your Dual Class Cloak once you opened the Sapyros' Power-Tyrr Warrior. I hope this information helps. " OMG I can't believe it was there all the time, Jesus . I just changed it to trickster . Now I have main and dual Yul. @Vassy I really appreciate all your support, I owe you mate, thanks very much!
  11. Main trickster, changing Dual class

    Thanks Vassy, I really appreciate your help. I reopened the ticket to ask them to restore my dual class cloak. My main is Kamael and I was trickster. Then I changed to Ghost Sentinel. I still want to change my dual to any other Yul class, I hope they restore my cloak.
  12. Main trickster, changing Dual class

    yeah, they replied with this. " Upon reviewing your inquiry, we've verified that your character's current main class is Yul Ghost Sentinel and your dual-class is Tyrr Titan. Please note that you would not be able to choose a class for your main or dual-class that matches. Also, the options or available classes that you would be able to see upon speaking with the Dual Class master NPCs are the only available class that you can change your dual class to. I hope this helps out with your inquiry. Just a heads up, the GM team is unable to manually change a character's main or dual class as we don't have this kind of service. " What do you thing guys?
  13. Main trickster, changing Dual class

    Yeah I'm sure, looked in WH many times lol.
  14. Main trickster, changing Dual class

    Whats is strange is that I have only one cloak, the Cranigg Cloak yul archer, because my char started as a trickster. Should I have a second cloak for my dual Tyrr Titan? If yes, I dont have it anymore, not even in WH. Maybe I have deleted it but I really dont know . I opened the ticket, let's wait now.
  15. Main trickster, changing Dual class

    thanks Vassy, i will open a ticket.