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  1. thank you so much @Hermes and the whole team. We appreciated this, thanks.
  2. You are late indeed, but I managed to read the wall of text at the NPCs and did a green merchant chaos essence, thanks God :). Now I kept all my duelist normal skills and forgotton skills also. Thank you @Connex anyway, you are always helping other here in forum.
  3. Hi guys, if I red libra do I lose forgotten skills and enchant skills? My main is 114 duelist and I would like to change to dreadnought. I have all attack skills enchantment at +20 and some forgotten skills at lv 24 already. Another question, my dualclass is ISS, it is possible to change only my dualclass to dreadnought?
  4. hi, I have two questions for a friend of mine that do not speak english. 1) May I ask if a 114 geared tyrr duelist (with more than 2T in gear) could play with you? I can solo all dailies and also TOI lv 2 alone. 2) May I also ask, what is your clan and clan level? Thanks in advance!
  5. I managed to vote from cellphone. thanks wissp and whole ncwest team.
  6. I was about to ask if I could choose duelist or Dreadnought. But Dreadnought has some skills that requires a spear only. I will build a new duelist now. Thanks Gofur for your remarks.
  7. Hi guys/girls, is there a warrior class that uses dual blunt as main weapon? thanks!
  8. Thank you so much for your comitment @Hermes and all the team.
  9. No more DC's or lag for my whole party during the last 24+ hours. I'm farming in Chronos without any issue so far. I think they are doing an excellent job. Thanks NC Team, @Hermes @Arctic @EMpulse.
  10. @Slycutter Im in tanor now and as per my calculation, Im killing 1326 mobs per hour. If I dont die or dc I can kill up to ~31k mobs in 24 hours. This will be enough to reach 600k hunting count of the l2 battle pass .
  11. @Kale take a look at this thread if you didn’t see it. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17996-str-vs-cha/
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