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  1. im not sure than party xp bonnus is working , can u confirm plz @Juji
  2. Only Angel Cat ?? are u guys kidding ?? think a little bit about the users and everything we lost in this time, we deserve better compensation
  3. What do u have to do is pray for dont get DC, cuz u will have to wait 300 ppl in queue for log again
  4. In this game if you don’t pay you don’t serve, so at least we pretend that they invest the money well for those of us who keep the server alive and those who cannot also can play at least correctly, but it's useless discuss it with you, if the only thing you do is post crap in the forum and lvl in giant cave. Regards
  5. stop giving xbox to the staff and invest more in the server, we seem stupid donating so that the server goes around like shit, stop kidding us.
  6. Any explanation,? We do not know if the server had a problem or skynet awake and is attacking
  7. Totally agree... i saw ppl with +10k ether and i cant find any drop in the patch note
  8. Come on, i lose an ollympiad day, i did everythink till reinstall but dont work, plz a faster fix.
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