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  1. If I'm being honest the melee lag is starting to bother me. Unless I play my Doomie. Manually I kill faster than I do with the macro. There's no pause or half second for the targeting to set on something like with the macro. Next Target, Dash. Easy. But it doesn't work like that with automated macro. It's Pause > Next Target > Next Target > Pause > Dash. Somteimes it works right and macro is fluid. Next Target>Dash>Next Target>Dash. No delay at all. But that is once every 100 or so kills. Those seconds add up. I wonder how much time is wasted between the automated att
  2. I have an idea. In addition to extending the boosted server settings for another week, bring back the Dragon Weapon event and run it at the same time. Just for 1 week. Plllleeeeeaaaaaaaaassssseeee.
  3. I'm starting to think the point of the reset was to kick out all of the auto-bots and then set up a wall to keep some of them from logging right back in immediately. A delaying tactic, not a remedy.
  4. At least give us GM buffs. The Angel Cat is nice, but we've been having lag for much of the week. One hour 100% boost is not fair comp for that. It's like giving someone who complained about finding a fly in his dinner another coupon for the same restaurant and meal prepared by the same chef.
  5. No. Just no. I hate it when these idiots talk trash now. I'm not going to endorse their childish behavior by asking NC to officially create a system of reward for that b/s. No, no and hell no!!! If they want to have a trash talk competition, there are plenty of free boards on the net where they can do that. And you guys can send them gifts if you think they won. But keep it out of L2.
  6. Thanks. I am bored playing ISS. Tyr interests me, but I don't want to roll a lame class. I hear good things about Titan, but not as much about Duelist.
  7. Honest question, are those Tyrs tops because of the class/skills, or because of the player's gear? Meaning if that top tear Duelist and Tyrant had instead become a Titan and had right weapon and items for Titan, would you still say the top Tyr class is a Duelist or Tyrant?
  8. It would be nice if they could extend it, but they won't. Personally, I think the current server settings should be permanent until better than 50% of the population is at least level 113. When server goes back to normal it will be back to killing trillions of mobs just to get 1% on your XP bar, which means it will take months for anyone who isn't 110 when the event ends to get to level 111, to say nothing of 113 or 115.
  9. Right, but the point of this thread is to change the way things are now. Not impossible. The L2 store kept the old Reflect and Shining Shirts in L2 store for years even though the game had moved on to Dragon shirts. (They take them out next week, but that doesn't change my point.) They could easily do the same thing with the older Agathion charms, bracelets and supplies. For one week put them in the store and let people buy whatever they need. I bet that flash sale would easily outdo the current one for the new agathions.
  10. Einhasad Golden Coins (EGC) Shop -- This is something they should have given us a long time ago. But NCSoft wants people to buy ncoins for event items to then convert into adena so that they can buy many of the same items that you can buy more directly with Einhasad coins. NCSoft won't ever sell adena, but the Einhasad coins are the next best thing. For ~$34 USD you get 400 EGC. I don't know what the current NCoin to Adena conversion rate is, but I'm willing to bet my first born kid that it's way cheaper to buy a Red Cat 5 using Einhasad coins than it is to buy Ncoins and convert them into ade
  11. Help me understand game mechanics. Why is my XP so much higher when my party member is in town than when they are right next to me helping me kill mobs? I am 110 Tyr. My ISS is 101. I party ISS and bring them with me to XP. I am hunting normal mobs my level, NOT Varka/Ketra or any special party mobs with normally high XP amount. With ISS near me my XP is 37,568,803,980 per mob. To pick up some supplies I sent ISS to town. Still in party, but not near me. With ISS away from me in town, but still partied, my XP jumps to 53,262,676,278 per mob. I am confused that XP would
  12. Rubbish. You can't get BR from the new agathion charms (or any of the other skills) and you know it. You can also use the old bracelets with the individual Agathion charms that also give you BR again. If you're lucky enough to enchant up to +5 that gives you another slot for the new charms if you then want to +++ Patk, Pskill Damage, whatever. Several older, elite players already have game changer items like this. It's unfair to make new players use items that make them less powerful than older players that they compete with PVE/PVP.
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