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  1. i wrong coz i got confusion of the packet 4.000 ncoins and i got the normal, wasted the special with rune 30day!!! you study everything to get confusion on ppl!
  2. really i exp alone, FoS, spot always clean, if ONLY stay really 1day full macro and dont touch the PC i make like 0.10% ?! Are you crazy ?! AND I DON'T WANT IMMAGINATE WHO DONT HAVE GOOD GEARS LIKE ME THE NIGHTMARE HELL. staff where are you to do something ?? we need pt bonus, rune vit manteining 30days to can buy at not retard prices, some boost of rates. people can't stay like this. i really dont want think who dont have gears and need full parties, slow killings, etcetc, i don't want really immaginate for them. WE NEED AN ANSWER FROM YOU
  3. (man it doesn't matter if there are other topics or not, he made his own topic little different so stay in topic is not ur business that.) about the topic he have right you talk about "only 2 skills" lol....but yull has only these 2skills very aoe. Also i agree even about balance question, we can't nerf more ppl, we need to improve classes that need equal the top classes or like that. If we move in this direction like nerf good classes instead improve penalized classes We will start have all chars that become like Toon Papers and we can start play hellokitty i
  4. you should make PERMA -> party bonus <- for 1st -> vit mantaining rune like other said in Prestige and increase price of 5$ <- -> boost exp <- we cant stay all our LIFE h24 in macro exp or u never see result and level up!! all have a life, jobs, family. We cant waste elettricity bills to dont see never a godsake result. The game is DEAD and everything is not moving atm, even ppl dont spend in l2store like when we have rates boosted. U will earn more more $$$ but u dont understand, who is ur genious financial engineer ?? he have ofcourse to
  5. What the hell i have to do daily? there are not anymore quests for exp that busy ur time, no raidbosses accessibles, nothing to do. You stay in afk Macro then for what ??? to make 1% if you are exping ALONE? and for who need make partyes with other classes?? 0,30% in h24?? NO SENSE TO MAKE ANY PT, AND NO SENSE TO SPEND, NO SENSE TO STAY LOGGED AND CONSUME UR ELETTRICITY BILLS.
  6. Also, we are asking these stuff to STAFF, u don't need stay here to to discuss against these fixs. We are not asking to other ppl what they think, this is a request to the Staff.
  7. You always ignore --------> % Benefits VS % Not Conventional behavior. For my godsake and for my grandmother, you are the biggest polemic person against possible benefits-stuff obtainable for all population that i never seen. Take a break, i don't understand maybe you lives alone in a mountain and u never consider for others ppl and the mass.
  8. Thrax, you're out of the real game with your gear. Totally succube of Ncwest (i can understand you after all ur $$$ gifted to them for their holidays into Bahamas Islands).
  9. i'll share this post interesting in web, to all ppl will know what Ncsoft company what do with their customers.
  10. lol they just after weeks and weeks of waiting... : "The Live servers are overcapacity, so you will experience a login queue. Character creation will be temporarily enabled after the maintenance until 5:00 PM PDT on 5/6. " What A SHAME ARE YOU NCWEST COMPANY ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND VIT-RUNE + PT BONUS XP WHERE IS FOR COMPENSATE ATM ?!!!!!!!!
  11. Who is saying that is "all normal now, u need stay a life into macro to get lv.100", are just the noobs that are gelous if ncwest change something to help new players in this extremely hard gamelife, dont listen them. They dont understand simply times/period are changed, ppl cant stay all life to reach a minimun lvl that need to enter in the real game atm, coz game stuff/instances/difficults/mobs are very differents from "their paste". Plus, now ingame there are too, too many items to acquire, you cant have time to mix acquiring everything and lvl up Also th
  12. man atm is unsustanaible this system, all are imprisioned with insane queues for 1,5h and if u crash again another queue of same time plus atkspd lag and general lag break the quality at disaster levels of service. Same to cursed weap system, we need disable them till they solve problems.
  13. Do you have in plan for today something or we will do an HELL WEEKEND..? @Juji @Hime
  14. As the usual from Ncwest, all these big Troubles are ignored and w8, worse than before...
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