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  1. Will it works finally against Adrenaline BOT ? @Juji @Hime @LIME
  2. 120bil for a +10 cloak now?! Bro before nerf enchant rates it was 35bil!! 500bilion for a +15 cloak ??! U want continue in these no chance to enchant something and make a fresh market??
  3. I'm really suspecting they will IGNORE and continue in these kamikaze methods!!
  4. The prices are High only because simply: 1 - game obtains almost erased. 2 - existing poor drops are substantially pretty rare. 3 - unbelievable nerf enchant rate. 4 - Missing ingame items injection from any source or any "human source", or just from high price when income specific event by gambling. 5 - Monopoly by 2-3 ppl of other items. 6- unbanned russians rtm playing here by vpn and adrenaline users with cheater scripts + can login many geared toons like they live in an Internet Cafè. 7 - incoming patches in our region specifically nerfing positive stuf
  5. Why you intentionally want keep us lows, weaks, enchant rates drastically low, without any improve, no write % chances? just a psychological tactic to push us to spend insane amount of moneys?
  6. and plus, an Shared AH = more avaibility items - 2/3 ppl can't settle prices anymore for their business to all server - fights for prices - more cheapers - general gamelife improved - ofc with more items and good prices even more easier game and not all weaks in Paulina In Chronos big players dont keep all hidden saved in personal WH
  7. and nothing of interesting gamelife sux hard atm Add Party Bonus perma we are asking since a lot of time
  8. i've told in my opinion first absolutely step is perma PT bonus...ppl start again activity with party ketra, varka, sea of spore....but ncwest never listen big issue here
  9. hello @Juji and @Hime, could you check it please? im not ables even with other toons to buy
  10. bro, do u understand what means Ncwest's "temporarily" till they fix the situation? do u have experience to know this "temporarily" here? i dont want even lag and queue im saying only that all staff can do here is remove remove and remove instead to find a solution, and server is still in Paulina than other regions comparison.
  11. Normal People: we want a fixed solution to keep Greedy Chest and not abusables by Bot Users. People who dont understand nothing makes a post like that: No hope.
  12. What the hell is that story?? Bots have already removed JEWELS FROM AH AND NOW WILL SELL $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ AND PRICES ARE IMPOSSIBLES. We cant steal anymore some chest to them to get some useful jewel or buy for not impossibles adena!!!! PLUS IMPOSSIBLE UPGRADE FOR GEMSTONE POWDERS COSTS LA VIE EN ROSE MORE THAN LV.2. INSTEAD BAN CAMERAS/BOT/ADRENALINE 9.999 ACCOUNTS U REMOVED SYSTEM AND WE CAN SAY BYE-BYE TO THESE ITEMS!!!
  13. Hello, what is happening in these days?? some setting changed again? we were in the heaven for days but SINCE DAYS NOW AGAIN SLOW SKILLING.... IS A NIGHTMARE HERE.
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