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  1. The Letter Collect Event 2019 will be available for 1 last week. .... 0% chance for good items
  2. Back to 7 acc pls!!! or make 7 per IP not per PC <3
  3. Not is for 3 ACC... event exp end and ppl do party for another dayle quest....
  4. If you reduce the number of accounts, put the official server as the Korean server, not this version that does not serve anyone. ty
  5. The client limit restriction has been changed to 3 clients per PC. WAHT??? OMG... i cant belive! I can't believe it, 20 years of lineage2 and they go back with measures that were useful for everyone, my friends cannot log in and pay in this server ... and I could put their accounts so they don't fall behind, I hope they are temporary measures, I don't I can believe!
  6. 20:40 server time now.... dnst work x8 drops event... hello... setting :D?
  7. ANYONE KNOW <<< this event is "SERVER TIME" or "LOCAL TIME"?? ty!
  8. The Letter Collect Event 2019 will start.!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!
  9. Strop drama, make parties on your clan!
  10. "is no pt to do daily" maybe is = EVENT EXP AND PPL FARM... daily quest = NO EXP not is for 3 acc
  11. Is your net man, server dont have lag
  12. To much drama in this post jajaja Its ok 7 per IP not 7 per pc....
  13. This comment is disrespectful, you cannot insult in the forum OMG!
  14. I think lineage2 live is like this here, in Korea, in Russia and wherever, who doesn't like it, I should go play lineage2 clasic