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  1. I have the balance life servitor (wynn elemental master) enchanted in p.def and it turns out that now after the final patch, it does not transfer the p.def points(%) that it says it should give the skill in question. Could you solve it? Thank you. It should be clarified that this error arises when I use the transformation of (Spirit of Naviarope) @Juji
  2. Does anyone know when the next event of la vie in rose is coming ??? i need to buy some lvl 1 jewelery to upload and no one currently sells. TY!
  3. Ey GUYSSSSSS!!! how many ppl need for this bonus <<< 5 or 7? ty! Party Hunting Bonus + 50%
  4. When do you plan to put the accessory water stone recipes like the official one? I don't see why they didn't add them when they were part of the update.
  5. Can someone tell me if rim kamaloka will be permanent in the next update? Thank you. Common Hunting Ground <<<< RIM KAMALOKA.... is same like a event?
  6. WHEN the next real Update?? ty #Homunculo2
  7. @Juji Hi, can post what do these textures look like please! ty Seductive Swimsuit Appearance Stone
  8. Come on... when the next update??? Homunculo 2.0???? how much time for the next real update? ty
  9. When the next update comes? homunculo 2.0 ??
  10. DOWN DOWN DOWN ♪♫ taka taka taaaaaaaaaaa taka taka taaaa ♪♫
  11. Improved the attack logic when hunting with dual weapons (Dualswords, Dual Blunt, Dual Daggers, Fist Weapons) to help reduce the latency delay for melee classes. ATTACK LOGIC??? WHAT IS THIS? @Juji
  12. No event?? when the next update HOMUNCULUS 2?? <3
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