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  1. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    @Juji I would like to clarify, since new update is coming and this term "new crafting materials" is being used for new recipes, does it means that all the old lv3, lv4, lv5 crafting materials we used to have will be deleted?
  2. Disconnection Problem got worse

    Same here...keep on disconnecting after an hour or less. Otherwise, the servers are super laggy...
  3. Server Down?

    Any solutions to this? @Juji
  4. Server Down?

    Unable to connect to server. Stuck at launcher login?
  5. Ultimate Dragon Pouch x250 Rates?

    Hmm..with that Lv 5 emerald, it should cover quite a big amount of adena return instead of selling those boxes in the market?
  6. Hi all rich people, please share your opening rates for the x250 pack and what rewards you got?
  7. They will be bombarded...haha
  8. Best simple way to solve this issue. Give all active accounts a +10 dark armor set of choice and +12 dark weapon of choice. Yay no more complaints ever! Problem solved all players happy and gms can go for a holiday while players fight it out in siege with their rewards
  9. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

    Previous big update, some skills changes will made and players with skills +10 were removed without compensation of immortal skill books. Recently, a ninja patch was done and iss skill was removed, some of it was +10 as well and we were not compensated with immortal skill books or any other things. Do you know these +10 skills cost adena to enchant?
  10. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    I think this is well said. Many players just want to skip the 14 years of progression and get to the top and definitely will cost a lot more if they want to get all the best gear. But looking at the prices of the l2store, it used to be 8k max for some packs but now it has gone to 16k and 24k ncoins top packs. That is not the right way to charge loyal players who have supported them these past many years and that would also overwhelm the new players who wants to join in this beautiful game.
  11. 1. Where you're from: Singapore 2. Char name and class: Lindethiel, Iss Spectral Dancer 3. Original server: Lionna -> Bartz -> Freya (Current) 4. Level and % today: 101 5. How many times did you quit and come back?: At least 5 times or more, left to play Aion, came back after guild died, left to play blade and soul, came back after guild died, left to play tera online, came back after got bored at end game, left to play black desert online, came back after got bored with enchanting system and grinding, in between left a while because tired of the pay to win system in lineage 2. Now I have no idea why I'm still playing this game. Lore is beautiful, only bad thing is pay to win is too expensive. $50 a month should be a decent amount to play a game.
  12. PvE Gear Setup Advice?

    Hi guys, sorry if I'm asking noob questions if you think it is but I just wanna improve myself in the game. My othell is currently lv 100 and another is 99. I am thinking of this gear setup for pve for my othells (have a elf and another dark elf on two toons, both dual class). Please let me know if it's a good setup for pve solo (I have iss spectral dancer 101). +8 Bloody Eternal Light Set 30 days rare accessory pack + 1 random earring (maybe zaken/istina earring, well I don't have much money left ;p) PvE Eternal Belt +6% pve damage Longing Talisman Anakim Talisman Abundance Hunter Talisman Venir Stage 16 Talisman Dyes I'm unsure to put +15 Str or +15 Dex for pve, and curious if othells put +15 Con for pvp or they use str/dex? Weapon I'm unsure if I should spend my adena on a +12 bloody r99 dual daggers 3 sa or simply get a +8 or equivalent bless or bloody dual daggers 1/2 sa is enough to do good damage in giant's cave, enchanted valley etc when I get 101/102. I only have lv 1 ruby, diamond and pearl jewels (poor af), getting ruby lv3 first or a +12 bloody weapon first helps with more damage? Currently using kelbim dual daggers...
  13. Looking for Yul Archer Advice from Pros

    Anyway this question is for my alt which is Yul/Othell. My main is Iss/Othell. So I read up a little but still abit confused. I currently have Enhanced Shadow Bow with Tyrr sa, longing, +8 r95 blessed light set, a pve r99 belt, abundance hunter talisman, venir 16, jewels using enhanced octavis ring, soul baium ring, soul frint neck, zaken and istina earring. 1) +12 Bloody Bow with 2 or 3 sa will definitely be better than Enhanced Shadow Bow with Tyrr sa? Seeing that I lose 150 attribute attack, will this affect much of my damage? 2) Ruby lv3 works better with +12 bloody bow rather than enhanced shadow bow since it increases the soulshot damage? Because I'm thinking whether to invest in the bow or get a ruby lv3 first. 3) What is a good ap setup for pve?
  14. Looking for Yul Archer Advice from Pros

    No worries, I'm really just a noob to dd classes. I've been playing main Iss for past years. Thanks a lot for the info.
  15. Looking for Yul Archer Advice from Pros

    Hi guys, Looking for a recommended ability tree for Yul Archers up to level 105. I'm currently level 100 and want to improve. If PvE and PvP have different tree, please do share the differences. Also if there is any good advice to maximize our damage, I would be glad to learn. (e.g skills rotations, skill enchantments, dyes, equipment. Thank you.