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  1. What kind of optimization ? Are you going to decrease amount of mobs on Primeval Isle or Storm Isle like last time ?
  2. Event details were simply updated without these Locs, except Breka. So I guess nobody is working on this issue anymore. Defeating monsters in the following hunting zones have a chance to drop a 16th Anniversary Treasure Chest: Ivory Tower Crater Silent Valley Alligator Island Tanor Canyon Forest of Mirrors Field of Silence Isle of Prayer Breka’s Stronghold Fields of Massacre Dragon Valley Fafurion Temple
  3. Shining Venusta Reward Box - 3kk adena

    The question was about Shining Venusta Reward Box. Thanks to EU servers - they posted drop list. Should be the same here. — the following items may be looted with a certain chance from the Benusta's Shining Reward Box: 3 million Adena, Sealed Talisman of Insanity, Energy of Protection, Energy of Longing, Authority Ornament, Jewel Energy, Ultimate Lv. 3 Jewelry Box, Selenite, Crystal of Dyes, Artifact Crystal, Crystal of Dawn, Forgotten Spellbook Chapter 1, weapon (Helios and Krishna) and armor (Eternal and Leviathan);
  4. Such prices for cloaks because of miserable enchant rates. They were changed in 2018 during last week of Cloak event. Now to enchant cloak to +10 you need 200-300 scrolls. Price on market 170M each scroll - simple math and you'll get 34-51b only for enchant scrolls. Add price for Legendary cloak and you'll get same 60-70b. In 2018 during event I enchanted around 20 cloak +15 and 5 cloaks +18 - I used around 10k enchant cloak scrolls and around 100 Ancient enchant scrolls. During cloak event in 2019 - used 300 enchant scrolls and 10 ancient. Stopped because useless. During current cloak event 2020 I used 200 enchant scrolls and 10 ancient - ensured that chanced same low as last year and stopped. Such actions from NCsoft like changing enchant rates without announcement not motivating.
  5. Cloack enchant

    According to an European Law you bought box(pack) of items with 100% chance to get a scroll. This law is about loot boxes from which you can get multiple items with certain chance. Anyway enchant is the same as opening loot boxes and up to your risk. I would suggest you to buy scrolls/lootboxes and sell them without using. It is more profitable and for adena you get you can buy an item you want. Sorry for your loss.
  6. @Juji When are you going to increase amount of mobs on Storm Isle ? Thanks