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  1. VoP gives P.Atk Critical Rate 15%, P.Skill Critical Rate 15%, M.Skill Critical rate 15%, Skill Power 15% and also Iss Spirit is applied up on Iss Dominator who cast VoP on party. Iss Spirit gives P.Atk/M.Atk/P.Def/M.Def by 20% each just to Diminator like mixa told
  2. Like the topic title sayed pm me on forum or in game
  3. Wich Lucky Growth Scroll will be removed? Any specific or all of them? We have 2 diffrent on the server with the same name.
  4. Let's say you are Tyrr Maestro: in that case, you can only change to a different type of Tyrr using the chaos of essence. So the options you have are: Tyrr Duelist, Tyrr Titan, Tyrr Doombringer, Tyrr GK, Tyrr Dreadnought, of course, keeping basic statistics and racial skills from the dwarf.
  5. Even if You are an Elf iss with Chaos Essence You can be Elf Dominator
  6. Hello.I noticed that after the update in the "Shadow of the Mother Tree" location for party monsters do not drop "Mother Tree's Blessed Herbs's" which increased the received EXP and SP by 300% for 2 minutes. There is no mention of this in patchnotes. If it is possible, I would like someone to look at it.
  7. WestIce


    Working fine for me and that forum looks nice
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