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  1. Love this event. Can choose what you want to buy.
  2. Prestige Pack Subscription

    Yes. Click your name where you can log out. Click apply code. Then hit the subscription code. The designate to what server and char. Once designated, go into game to dimensional keeper. Say receive dimensional items.
  3. Lol that would be awesome
  4. I have a thought for server latency...I am sure people will get mad, but server reboot daily at quest reset.
  5. Tell Us About Your Computer

    Alienware r14, I 7 core 8th gen. 16 g of memory. Nvidia gtx 1060 6 g video memory. What about you ghost?
  6. Lucien Bracelet event

    Hehe glad you liked it. Was easy, just looked in news.
  7. Rune Stones

    Ahh sorry i am on Naia
  8. Lucien Bracelet event

    Yes only an event thing. Last one was 8/27/19, one before was 10/16/18.
  9. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    Read the update again. There are dragon shirts just not in dimensional keeper. It is part of lionel hunter exalted lvl 2 quest. If you already did exalted level 2, then talk w/ lionel hunter.
  10. Rune Stones

    Itwasmytaco, what server are you playing?
  11. Thanks Hime Just looked, it is already changed. Just didn't notice.
  12. Sorry this is probably just a noob thing to ask, but I have a radiant brooch, are we going to be able to convert this over to the new brooch level system?
  13. Technically we did have another red Libra like event with the anniversary of lineage. Same quests, but for cheaper than red Libra.

    Defeating each boss monster will award items and Lucien’s Marks. Players can earn between 15-65 Lucien’s Marks per entry with the amount determined based on how many rounds are cleared in time before the boss monster spawns. Lucien’s Marks are not tradable. note it says per entry not per rb