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  1. Party LVL difference for exp

    According to this forum https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/638688/ u get xp even with 14 lvls difference. But, in my opinion, just worth with 9 lvls difference or less.
  2. Best heavy set against mages

    Ty very much bro... I completely forgot to analyse other armor sets other than the heavy ones.
  3. Best heavy set against mages

    Hello guys, help plz... Does worth use Compound set against mages in Olympiads cause of 5% m.def and 3% m.resist (w/ shield)? Reading the description, seens Compound worth against mages even comparing with B and A armor sets...
  4. I can't log in after actualization. My launcher got stucked in 0% "downloading repair files" for more than 30 minutes. @Hime Help plz. What should I do? Delete the game and install again?
  5. I can't launch the game after today's actualization... First the lauch got stucked "downloading repair files". Now its stucked in "compiling list of repair files". Help plz!