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  1. Oh I'm blind.. Gratz Going to try for one also when I get coins for the 2nd shirt.
  2. 3 clients per pc is not an issue since the farmers clearly have options to bypass this limit. Sure the farmers is a problem but also many people fishing in towns and just standing there afk for days. NC should consider disconnecting all these people once a day / restarting the servers once a day while there are such capacity problems. Sure the best would be an option to disconnect specifically the inactive toons only, or anyway the fishermen/traders can just put their toons back once a day that wouldn't be a problem for a 3 clients user.
  3. @Juji @Hime whoever else is able to read this form NC, Please decide restarting the server daily, disable characters/accounts creation until you solve your ridiculous hardware issues. Normal players can't log for many hours while hundreds of alts are fishing and leveling as mentees (not to mention those bots farming stuff in instances and whatever else). Can't log in for 12+ today - really that's your option to solve the issues?? What the heck? The runes are running, losing a lot of time trying for nothing... Do you really expect more income acting like this?
  4. Got 7-8 full drops within last week in Tanor/AI. Never had so much before. Some days were 2-3 drops per day. Then nothing for almost a week already. So random is still there.
  5. Exp is about the same. Tanor has become so popular because it's safer (the left part). AI has the same mob groups everywhere and some mobs within the groups are aggro, and tanor has passive mob groups to the left (much safer for a poor geared people) and agressive mob groups to the right. AI is now better because tanor is overcrowded, if you're able to handle aggro mobs.
  6. Done this event instance *today* on hero iss lvl 105 with pretty good gear (not a PVE dd geared ofc - why would I have that on iss). Took me 48 mins to finish and result was 25 marks. People can confirm I'm not a bad player for sure. So please Juji teach us how is this doable on support classes. You mentioned they've tested it on a lvl 101 healer. This is clearly a nonsense if you think about that considering a lvl 105 support can't do that normally. You're either running this event with a wrong parameters or there is some other reason. But obviously this is only doable on a strong D
  7. You're wrong - he mentions he opened 1790 top tier chests which took him 600 packs worth 750 RUR each - around 7500 USD total. and THEN he opened 20k normal chests (which - he says - are more rewarding overall) - not sure about the price for these chests on RU servers, but on the EU server (the other link Quitted has posted) they are 0.30 EUR each - 6000 EUR total - or around another 7500 USD. So he spent about 15k USD total on these chests.
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