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  1. Paagrio Earring bug

    Relax... Need time for developer to understand what is Paagrio Earring and Dignity buff from Dragon weapon Stage 2 ... Sometimes this proces take 30 days sometimes 365...
  2. Mostly xp event's i was in wars... And it's surprise me - how much people start agresive in even periods
  3. Im was talking about dd (who cares about boxes in party - xp=kill mobs alone). Normally we lvlup chars uder 800-1000% xp bonus - in right period. Its long term game. So like you understand - need preparate for that. "And I do daily 1b Adena as income from dailies, SI, PI, IoS etc. So gearing up for a newcomer is really difficult." - its bla bla. Give easy way to get adena - there will be full server bots from East/South Europa.- (we see that "funny" many years). All TOP GAMER'S - ARE TOP BECAUSE KILLING ALONE.
  4. No drops/adena just for people who play afk, and not using prestige/drop runes In my opinion its right designion - before this sistem everywhere was runing bots. Now if you not using prestige/drop runes - you geting drop/adena just for shots (craft items, crystallize for r-g cryls, craft shots). So its FREE to play. But if you want something more... then you must to pay at least 50$ in month.
  5. LOL...First you must understand - lineage 2 (NC West) - its not game. Its just business mashine for money - for server owners and for TOP gamers (RTM), also for people who using bots (oly, market and etc - and have contract with RTM kontors). When you understand this - and accept this - you not will have any questions
  6. Then maybe time to learn l2 game mechanink, and try to understand how we lvl up? Im 111lvl get 2 mon ago (half time of my game - im was in wars). Now im not kiling mobs - too lazy....And why need to lvl up - if when want 111-112 can just in 1month?
  7. Then why play here?. Want lvl - use prestige/drop/xp runes - and will have. To spend 50$ for hoby in 1 month its normal. Im not talking about overpraised l2 store items - its not ok.
  8. Really? 100--->110 now easy to make in 3 month. It's your problem if you not have 15$ for prestige and 30$ for xp/drop rune. And maybe killing mobs with exalted or r99+12... weapoon (which was ok 6year ago - but not now). In game many problems. But hit 110lvl can everyone - and easy.
  9. @Hime - will be perfect if you can of server for 24-72h here so many people not see sun 6-12 month... Need to care about people healt... Just read.. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8192067/Grotesque-model-reveals-avid-gamers-look-like-20-years-time-thanks-hours-playing.html - like this look alL TOP 100 Naia gamers...
  10. 1.+ 2.+ 3.+ 4.+ 5.+ 6.. ... what you talking...? adena drop need DECREASE minimum 10 times! for what this adena need? for event items to pay 500kk insted 250kk? for weapon 500kkk insted 250kkk? next year will need increase inventori adena limit not "just" 999kkkk (like now) but 999kkkkk. Its fun to write all the time x. why need all this x. Can be simple x.000 - and for all its ok.
  11. Main class

    DE with water atribute and you want make dmg? For you need to learn L2 game mechanic...
  12. Ancient Book (old) - why this need? People use this books to scam people in auction. Lesser giant codex (old) - the same history. Dawn's Bracelet - old item, even cant delete, Just using place in WH. And many others. So maybe time to make items inspektion?
  13. After I read all post... I can just say: This update its ok. Aprox no problems. But... @Juji @Hime - try to learn how to use "find" function in database... And after when understand how to use "find" - check people lvl and items... This update must to be maked after 1year - not NOW!
  14. Subscription canceled

    Im also from Eastern Europe, but many years living in Western Europe - and aprox every day see that imigrant's from Eastern Europe stealing from charity containers...
  15. Subscription canceled

    This not will happen In my 15+ years experience - L2 play people with mental problems, most they are so jellos and angry. In my experience in L2 just 5-10% people without this problems And you want that this people start pay for charity? Faster they will steal clothes from charity containers... Its so popular "job" for people from East Europe