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  1. Im also thinking 3 days... Maybe they just find "new" item for him - and put in "event". Now not just in Korea developer=students, but also in NcSoftWest...
  2. I read all. 3 times. About what you talking here? Time what i spend on game its (7y) - and im very aktive. Become stronger? Euros i spend 5 times more then you. My items price 3-5 bigger then your. In oly im in last 2 years was 70-90place from 2 server - every month. I contribute 2.602.106 clan points. But in pve for me even not wort to use recharge stones - aprox 0 profit. You must to feel difference how much game are disbalanced - if im TOI can make just 1-2kkk in 10h. You play with archer - which long time ago must to be nerfed 2-3x. Here not need to compare - c
  3. Really? Or maybe just delete all classes and we all play with archers? "Shape your journey in Lineage II by creating a unique avatar from a selection of 7 unique races (Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Dwarf, Kamael, and Ertheia), each with their own unique characteristics and traits that lead you down the path of more than 30 potential classes you can evolve into. Whether you take the path of a Warrior to become a Dreadnought or grow from a Wizard to an Archmage, the choice is yours to make!" Problem = Developer forgot what its l2.
  4. I know adena price for nc.coins, - I have some grafiks - and see how much was changed in past 2-3years. Problem like alawais - we not have game developers (now this doing students 18years) - not not have produsers with hard balls. Yes- now for game pay just new people and people till 114-115lvl and they can farm 1kkk. 114+ (its aprox just archers) - not pay nothing - and farming 30kkk or more. Its normal? No. In game going hyperinflation.
  5. You like always - about game know just from YouTube Golberg its for 1 dd 113-114lvl...
  6. You new in game? OK i will say: Im Feo 114 (dual 110). All skils 15-20. Wep +16 - limited. Set +10 - limited, all g.jews, drago shirt +10, kaliel +10, abu4, maph ring, b.valakas and etc etc - hart to remember all. 3-4 instances - per day - max 1kkk. So 30 days 30kkk. People who have dw2/zare/aka in 1 day doing 30kkk. Its normal? No - its not normal - its totaly disbalance. Like me - all top 50-300 - its ~250 people. So for what to play? Im clan leader - and very aktive searching people. And i see why people play - and why stop play. Now aprox 99% stop play at 112-114 lvl - becous
  7. Its joke or something? @Juji - still you not understand why people mass out from game? I can explain: 1. Game oriented in people who play 12-16h. 2. No adena/drop for people who have acounts for 3000-5000$ This accounts 113-115lvl with +16 weapon, and etc (alot top items). But adena/drop just for people who have DW 2 or zare/aka weap... 3. Totally killed clan life... What clans can do? I can say: 2-3 people from all clan can kill 1 time per week Golberg ... All other if want - must to go in other clan - to do the same. Is reason why people not wan stay in clan - better so
  8. You also nolifer? I dont know no 1 person (except people in game) - who working, have family, pay for game - and can be in game after 21.00-22.00. Even if call by pfone with some reason after this time - people not talking - or become angry who so late calling. So need bla bla here. Or in Poland people not sleeping, not need in go in job?
  9. If we have Producer whish working (not just getting salary) - here is simple solution for this problem. Declare war = 30.000-50.000 clan points - and problem solved. And yes - war must to have price - now every nab decelerating war for free just to kill afk people.
  10. You nab like always... L2 PVP game? Common... L2 =99.7% PVE game! here just 10-50(max) people can participate in PVP - from 5000 online. And all this PVP people - nolifers 100% - they even not have job in real life 5-15y. Ok im from Europe (like most who play in Naia). When we have Oly... 22.00... People go to sleep in this time. When we have castle siege? Sunday late in the evening... People going to sleep in this time. When we have Zariche/Aka? 00.00-01.00 in night... People already sleeping 3-4h at this time - because for most need wakeup in morning 6-7 and go in job! Who do all what i said
  11. its other history. yes. wort to play just if you have top items and dw2/zariche. all people who in fact now not in top 30-50 are scamed by admins/developers.
  12. here its not discusion. you want pay for transfer 50e - and get profit 2000e. for me not need to be admin to know what you doing.
  13. you get ban for ilegal action. you transfer acc to naia to buy items, then go back in chronos and make profit. so not need bla bla here. you must to be baned.
  14. We will see you better or not. But im sceptic. last 2 so bad...
  15. Ok - im also from Europe (Denmark) - the same Atlantic optical cable to USA from Grece and from Danmark. So why im not have problems? In my opinion is just Grecia problem. The same sometimes happen with Romania and other country's.
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