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  1. Yes!!! And shances like in PI Dawn crystals! (im never not get... ).
  2. 1. Long time ago I got Dragon Skin Shirt - free exalted item. So I make +5 and use for that ~80 scrolls. At that moment was expencisive for me - but ok. Then was plan to make +7 Dragon Rind Leater shirt. Im not dwarf - not have so much luc - and not have top luc items. But I can have 94 luc on my Feo. In 1 year i colect 20.000 dragon scrolls - its was hard part of plan 2. Yesterday I upgrade to Dragon Leater Shirt use 12 scrolls - and +5. OK... 3. Then not wait - upgrade to Dragon Rind Leather shirt and start enchantin. +4 -bum +4-bum +3-bum ..... +5 ! +6! +7!!! I u
  3. Archers never not cry! Here cry just small girls...
  4. Give you a tip how to earn this money? Try to find a job (in real life). 900kk its ~ 3$ = 20 min in job...
  5. Its not server dead - but you dead Im not so active but do all timed and 24/7 killing mobs with prestige and drop/runes. And so? 30 days im in server rank 260-265! Aprox no going up. So where dead? All play so active - and with prestiges/drop runes
  6. wait - first developer must to understand what is it this "splendor wings". But yes - its one of most stupid developer fail. And its diferent item pve and pvp... wtf... who will pay house prise for some % to kill mobs in PVE? :)
  7. Exp/pt bonus, the server activity is totally DEAD. Now XP good - its not high rates server. L2store mantein vit 30day buy Yul nerf removal (DESTROYED) - this parasites need to nerf more - 90% of server will be happy. Adjust insane requirements for brooch lv.3 - this agree Adjust insane requirements to seal jewels lv.3/4/5 - for what? for exaltel jewels to seal? This was in past -RTM profit. Adjust prices to make new standard r110 sets - for what? Prices OK. No more crazy expensives cost and scam events. - this newer not will happen.
  8. yes. 180b = 500e. Its 2 month salary in Ukraine, Moldova or Russia (and many other coutrys). If question 'need to nerf?" - yes need nerf, and will be this nerfed. People must go in job - not live from game (afk mode).
  9. you ok? and how many people stop play because cannot make 30% archers dmg - arter 5-10y spending money? Before talking - you must to know other classes.
  10. Game start after 110 (at this moment 112-114), and you must have items minimum for 3000-5000$. Till this moment... all your experience just "im see in youtube".I think time to stop this discussion - my boxes higer then 1100 place, and im play just sometimes - have job, prival life. Have a nice day.
  11. Im 111 lvl (dual 110). 6year online. My boxes 109+. I have items - not best but not bad - this have 3-5% gamers. Now im in top ~250. before long time was top ~50-80. Archers kiling 3 spots in 113 zones - or maybe higer, im not check. Have questions?
  12. You know what is nerfs? When you play with soulhound - and one day after update find that cant use anymore rapier - you are feo. But your all items for figter...
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