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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    Its will work with party buff bug - like last 2 years? 2 (or more) in party - party stay in city and dd getting all party bonus?
  2. .... Im tired to answer for not skilled people... I know many people who play 16 years or more - and dreaming... In life exist more colors then just black and white. And WTF? - "RULES AND LAWS ARE FOR EVERYONE"? If do like this - 90% USA business must to be closed: PayPal - illegal costumer registration (no personal ID) - black money machine. iPhone - low quality and overpriced. Facebook, Instagram, Twiter ad etc - machines for illegal business, fake news and etc. Stock markets.... its just gambling... And etc, etc But all this exist - and will exist. And what is L2? Its not game! - Its just gambling machine for profit - nothing more. People spend here time - like in game. But is not game! Here not exist any rule's - and not exist who follow that rules and controlling! And you will be surprised - in many illegal servers admins controlling people with rule's.
  3. No They do that slow. Big devaluation = dead server and no more money income. People pay here a lot money - because have wishes - server not will be closed, not will be fast item devaluation. You thing people will pay 800$ for 1 forgotten skill - if have experience that this just for 6-12 month? If admins make just 1 time this mistake = they lost costumers - forever.
  4. Server Disconnections - 5.21.2020

    good one
  5. Ok, now I understand why and what you want to say. "14+ years of experience" (i have maybe ~15-16 with long periods holidays from game) "A person who played all kinds of games over the years" - this is you mine problem. You not have real life...And its reason why you here try to say something. Who care about other games... Who have time for that...? (Yes I also was checking other games - for some days. Not find nothing interesting) "taken all castles over the years, killed all dragons and epic raids, took hero (once), roamed every corner of the map, did most of the existing quests over the years" - this i make also, but castles all raids and etc - was in illegal server, and when i was student i have more time (but its not important - game the same, amount of people the same). Now answers: Need to read what admins say (sometimes). Yes they not understand what talking (and why) - but can say important messages about game future. So Juji (if im not mix) - 1year ago (or more) - want to be smart and say - "game updates - now will come every 3 month"... And what its mean? - copy/paste! Any new (good) ideas - just fast job for salary. That we see now - old zonas remaked - the same way, all mobs the same "intellect", mobs not have resist from different dd classes and etc. Game PVE mode balanced just for archers (and in fact PVP). And not will be some changes in near future - developers command have "brain insult". Also important part - who play this game? Most people with experience 5-15 years. So not students. They are 35-55y. Most have job, money, family - but not have time. Im not talking about this 20 nolifers from top 50 - which all this year in top - and play just for RTM (game = job for this people 12-18h per day). Party system its ok in game. Party we not going not because system bad - but because here 95-99% scammers. All want "party" with top geared people - but no one not have prestige, drop runes. So why need this people in party? - for less adena and less drop? They can forever kill mobs in bs - nobody don't care about that. How much "action" game we have i'ts ok. More not need. People must have time for private life, job and etc. If game use so much time - they just stop play (exept some who lost reality in life). Changes in game... Developers now cannot make. They before make so much mistakes. And now game become so expensive, expensive items. Exist just 1 way - item devaluation (what they try to do now). But this not way. They will lost people trust - and why people use l2store - then all start out from this game. Cannot make devaluation for items, skils for which people pay 1000$, 7000$, 45000$ or more. (1 forgotten skill 800$, and etc). RTM its part of game. This cannot be changed. But must to be controlled. If someone sometimes (out from game, or etc, rare situation) sell .. where is problem?... This not affect game. But if someone create 50-200 acc for RTM, kiling in solo mode raids on all map or etc... - its not ok.This change all game - and reason why people play/not play game.
  6. No, you wrong. Not in all MMO - exist RTM - just in this games (servers) - where admins not working. And im never not say that RTM it.s bad. No. I'f person play 5-15 years and sell sometimes something - its ok. Not ok - when someone game use like machine for RTM - create "100" chars (bots) - and "play" just for this. P.s:. For me everything ok here with drop/adena. IF someone create char , get exalted items and killing mobs in bs, ev, hb - and wish billions.... sorry...
  7. Or maybe before talk - create char and try to log in game? Timed zona's - is not for afk. And can be extended till 6h. And if you in top spot - easy can get pk or war. CS -every week (also dimension) - personally im not have time.
  8. Here im not agree... For Feo need tank - if want maximize drop/adena. Tank aggro much more better then Feo flare. And use flare = have delay for other skills (so im better will make 1 more hit then use flare). And difference - Feo going with the "circle" dmg, archer going with "frontal" dmg. Archer making more dmg (win distance) - because its frontal dmg (not need stay in circle). For example im with tank aggro now (out of party) doing in timed 100 - 105-110kkkk xp per/1h , and 55-60 skrolls per/1h in timed 105. But yes can play just with Feo + puler - will be less xp and adena.
  9. Ok now i have time. 1. Its long term game. 1-109 - it is nothing. Now game start from 110lvl and can be lvl up to 120. At this moment we have just ~70 people 111+lvl... What im doing when log? (im approx never not log off). Simple day: 1. Check all chars what they sell in auction - 30-60min. 2. Make homunculus for 3-5 acc - inject full hp and etc 30min. 3.Aden map event 3-5 acc... its also ~30 min. Im not play with 5, normally use just 2. ( I hate events - using so much time) 4. Solo instance... im forced to do that - because need pots... ~20min 5. Timed IT instance... (105) 20-30min... 6. Soul island instance... (100) - for xp 60min. But need 70-80min - prepare chars ant etc) 7. Primeval island... (105) - for drop 60min. 70-80min - prepare chars ant etc) 8. 107 instance... also 60min. 9. let chars for afk. need find spot, make tp and etc 10-20 min. Im simple not have time for other instances. Oly... 4-5 hours.... Cs... im not have time for that - 2 hours etc.. etc... .... so this game for people who not have job - because impossible to have time even for most important things in the game. P.s.: now so much new people - you cant imagine...
  10. No. You wrong. 1. Its expensive server. 2. So by game mechanic must to be nerfed all drop. 3. Why? Because if will be good droop - there will 20.000 afk people 99-105lvl (with exalted items - because not need to pay) - and all "play" for RMT. So game nerfed = less log for RTM offices. There exist many "offices" who will log whole army's - to get profit.
  11. I cant understand where is problem? 1. First and most important - its long term game! People play 5,10,15 years. Ant its reason why someone are top, and have top items (and not pay nothing)! You play 1 month and not have nothing? Why you must to have? Write after 5-10 years- and if you not will have.. Then sorry ... brain problems... 2. Im not remember l2 period like now - mentes systems (1 mente ~1kkk), can play with the "runner" timed 100, 105 (top people pay good for that). In 1 month people getting +12pve weapon and more! Some years ago that weapon to get was need to play 12month.. 3. What im doing? Im thinking to stop play l2 - its so much everything! To make all - need minimum half day - and I have max 2-3h! 4. Expenciv? Really NOT! ---> 4.1. You not have money - then go Holiday... in Turcia or Bulgaria. Pay for hotel 20euro and for bottle of water 1euro - and cry how much its expenciv... 4.2. You have money - then go Holiday ... in Monaco! You will pay for hotel 1000euro and for botle of water 10euro - and will be happy for low price! This server expenciv? Maybe... Then go in EU or RU server- and play What im not like here? All its ok. I just not like admins - they not understand what doing...
  12. Or maybe they not cry - but know game - and do what need to do My char (dd) also have items for 400-500b. And I'm simple in timed 100 can make 250-350kk/h, or timed 105 50-60 scrolls in 1h.
  13. You not right If you cannot kill mobs or rb - you not have items and dmg. If you not getting drop or adena - you not use prestige and drop runes. Exist many people who per day can make 5-10bil.
  14. Why ninja nerf? Its hard to understand what they try to do... In timed zonas need just 1 change - make all mobs (in all timed) 70% rezist to archers and 30% rezist to feo. Thats all. Its normal? if for example primeval island - 108-110lvl Evi (of wynn, or etc) - in 1h (event drop) can make 100-300kk, but archers (not top) - can make 1.5kkk? In 6h archers getting profit 8-10kkk. For archer need just runner (but can be alone), for feo need tank (and healer if tank not strong), iss, and runer, for other dd.. better the not kill mobs - waste of time.
  15. Check your dual skills

    Macroses can be wery fast - if want