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  1. Its many years like this. People event don care. For enchanting I'm using +10 dragon shirt. But if im enchanting other dragon shirt - stats changing
  2. Its because you low to understand. Yes - i was see some video what show 4r4m. Yes - was read 4r4m www page. Yes - he positive. Yes some info was interesting. ... but: All what he was making - not legal. He not have permission from Korea L2 administration. So he many times get ban. If he have permission - then ok. But he not have. He just steal info - and sell (ask pay - its the same). In ideal way all regions servers updates must to be same time - to avoid scam. Now what? - some "smart" read news from Korea servers - and making profit. But Korea gamers not get inf
  3. And its perfeckt. He must to be banned in all l2 comunyti long time ago. He shared info in ilegal way - he not have any right to log in Korea server (its why he was banned many times in that server). He was working like tipical rusian angent - steal info and try to get profit for that info. Thats all.
  4. Ok, Now understand. Its 1 way - sell that "bloody" weap (alot people dont know that first enchant must to be dark - so they will buy) - and make new dark, then limited. And most important not need to care about this r110 +12.... its nothing in this game. weap its just 0.5-1% what need in this game. so you will spend for stones 3b or 30b... its totally zero....
  5. Which items in 6mon get double price? I know items prices in adena (many items go up 2-3-5 times), I know nc.coins prices - its increse 2x in 6 month ( but in euros or $ its the same). RMT adena prices go down aprox 2 times in 6 month - so items prices in black market also go dawn (with some exeption, and im not talking about scamers who want get 10.000$ for zare or 2000$ for radiant circlet). You not have learned skills. Even i have learned 36 collection (im 113lvl) - how much you have 5? No? 6....? Man relax - you have problems. Its just game.
  6. Not understand - you and your friends in aprox 2022y L2 PLAY with r99 blody?
  7. Your clan mates making mistakes - because leader don't know game. First make dark weap, then limited - and no problems.
  8. You like always - in dreams New items need? To make bigger gap between midle and top? NOT NEED ANY NEW ITEMS IN GAME NEXT 2-3 YEAR! 90% people who play now - not have event simple items... And inflation = 118-121 LVL people with AOE skills !!! +/- 120lvl in 1 hour farming 5-10b! And mostly its archers. 110-114 farming 300-700kk in 1h - feel the difference?
  9. And what difference for you? Relax! 1 time in year - relax. They can make this maintenance even 24h - people have what to do in home (prepare for new year party).
  10. Developers not must to care about low lvl people - they play 3-5-10years - and cant make even 113lvl. Why? Simple - they not WANT! to pay for prestige/destiny - because its "SO MUCH" $ !
  11. @Hime I propose to ban all in forum who bark - for 30days, and ban in game for 15days. Give for 50% xp.. Its not Ok... Give for free alot rose and other xp pots (+vit pots) - its not ok... Give for free HEWR.. its not Ok... (now elcyum for this not happy people 3x...) All can play for free... Its not Ok... (all want for free, and want to have all top items for free...) Its just "d***" - they all the time will bark
  12. lol. this price i agree to pay every day - and here for all 30 days.... where is problem?
  13. War is one of most important part of L2. War can start all the time. But must to have price. Now wor propose = free.
  14. Its so easy to solv this problem... Just need update "war propose" = 50.000 clan points. And problem solved with "one man". But for developers so hard to understan...
  15. But its so good!!! Imagine if quit 20 top people from Naia and 20 top from Chronos? Then we have new server!!! Alot interesting Castle sieges and etc!!! Will be normal concurence between midle gamers!!! And servers nothing not lost - becuose most "top' not pay for game. They just buy nc.coins for adena, or in black maket sell adena for $ and buy nc.coins... So in the end - items for midle game become more expencive - becouse "top" briging personla profit for this...
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