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  1. No you not ringt. Normally approx i never not have lags. But now after some month pausa i get war with 1 bots clan - so i have fun. And when searching kills - in all map many areas when i'm moving have lags - in pvp time - also. Before was not like this. Exactly - I understand for cw (JustWait) - its allowed to use bots (in pve and pvp mode) - maybe they not feel nothing. But here it's maybe normal situation - when approx all server using pt from 3-7 acc on makro - this doing lag. Even i'm not count this 1000+acc on bots - they moving everywhere.- this also doing lag. Its big difference when you play real or you play with makro - makro all the time will send more info "packets" to server. I have experience ~15 years in l2 - and know what is it lags..
  2. Personally after rr I fell more lags. Buts must say other.
  3. They from USA... And thinking that somebody using Twitter in EU (or other countries). No way - in EU most using FB or VK (most RU, UKR and etc). They really must to know - where and when need communicate with customers...
  4. Its really annoying in game. Even more than Hero - hero can block.
  5. Skill Enchants

    Feo doing damage with skills.... and skill power = your dmg... Or better for you use paulina r weapon - because r99+12pve also money wasting?
  6. Skill Enchants

    Depend of skill enchant lvl - need to use normal or bless codex. Its depend of price. Try to count when need to use bless enchant... And why you "new" skills you enchanting at bigger lvl...? skill lvl shance cost adena convert in 100% codex price convert in 100% enchant price 1+ 90.00% 2,380,000 2,644,444 6,000,000 6,666,667 9,311,111 2+ 87.00% 2,540,000 2,919,540 6,000,000 6,896,552 17,916,759 3+ 84.00% 2,720,000 3,238,095 6,000,000 7,142,857 bzzz..
  7. Skill Enchants

    Why you writing about what you not understand? Yes you write a lot but... You not ringt.
  8. Newbieeee

    Sad... but stop dream... no places to farm. Use "l2strore" - or...
  9. Yes - it's very hard. This job really wort 5 kkk - when all other people getting per 1h 5kk
  10. After last updates was removed some quantity of mobs (in some important 102-104 area). Maybe its better.. GM's better know. I want propose remove cused sistem - this also making some lags. And everyday to send directly for this 2 people (we all know this nicks) 5kkk adena. Why need this troubles now... They must to capture cursed swords and stay till night in clan hall (it's so hard) - and just after get this 5kkk... And every day the same...Just give adena directly for his people and all will be happy! GM's ... cursed system was maked not for 2 people... In fack now this sistem - just big BUG..
  11. Really...? Was period with 3 acc legal - and we have instances, parties and etc (not so much - but have). Now... 0 parties. Now all just macro botting (im also). If you think now we have game... you really wrong... Now we have just 99% people with legal botting. Nothing more. Botting for nothing - after "updates" we getting ~3-5kk adena per 1hour (exist just some areas where can get more) - for this adena can buy just shots... When people understand this - mass will stop play this game. It's just question of time. And i will explain what is it 5kk/h: pve/pvp set +10 ~50kkk. So need to farm 24/7 10.000h or 240.000days or... 6574 year just for 1 set (+10 set its just 1% what need in game).... Welcome to new l2 reality If start play this game when was start build Giza Necropolis in Egypt - now you have +10 set
  12. Recent prices at Aden

    No. Now people 1-105 lvl become in 1 week. Max 2 weeks. And for all need items. But +12 weapons, +10 sets and its not so easy to make, and its not so fast. Also cant income in server fast way - b.valakas, b.antharas, seven sings and ets.. End drop... cc.bay, Kama, Balok, Tauti and etc - most popular instances. for 99-102 people.. They now 105+ - so drop penalty for all. Rune price was 35-40kk? Now 90-100kk. And in this way will be 200kk - no farmer right lvl. In this sistem what we have now - prices must to be 2-3x bigger then 6 mon ago. its normal.
  13. here not need to be smart to have answers... 1. Because accounting & finance department - try to improve $ income.. For this need: 1. Decrease adena income from game. 2. Then put XP events (most people are crazy about lvl and XP...) 3. Then put event like "compas" - to burn server adena. 4. And in the end... put l2store "event" - artifacts... Its great business plan! ----> People cant farm adena - but goin UP with LVL... So need items "upgrade" - no adena from game, no adena from RTM - buy from L2store... And for fun artifact box 2lvl - from 105... (for this that xp even they put - not because want people lvl - they want sell more artifacts). Just to craft 6 balance artifakt 10lvl - need... 270euro * 6.... But artifaks not 6... 14 can put in slot. And red/blue biger price 2-3x then balance... 2. Now server lags... If in other regions after the same updates no problems - what is mean? They "play" with database - and create some critical mistakes or server machine its old.. Just this - and nothing more. --------------------------------------------->>> Zeitgeist <<<---------------------------------------------------
  14. In most computer ALP+P not solving this kind of computer lag. Make ALT+P and try to run in some events period for example Adena - simple can't move...Or even now - try to not feel lags in populated areas like Refinery and etc. The history of Lineage - can save in screenshots - if for you so important. ... There can be other solution... ALT+P for optimizing - just switch of all different sets... This not hard to make for NCSoft programers. My computer stats: i7-4700Hq 2.4GHz (8cpu) 16384 RAM 256 SSD Intel HD Graphic 4600 + GeForce GTX 765 Its not new laptop. But some years ago its was price 2000euro. And if computer like this have problem wits lags... it's not computer problem - it's just game problem.
  15. Realy? I Have 2 laptops - 1 good graphic card, 16g rams ssd and etc - its ok to play. And 1 with minimal graphic card 8g rams (more then need for 1 acc), ssd and etc - cant move - even to put something in auktion or make trade between acc sometimes approx imposible. Graphic card important in this game.