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  1. New people = 110-112 lvl. 1-110lvl you must to make fast as posible (best xp = solo, any party). Minimum what after need +12 limited weap (can get +12 bloody... but ist mistake -after cant upgrade). And if you cant use computer 24/7 (autofarm) - game not for you.
  2. Rates are biger, then some last the same type events. In this event exist 57 items position. Its 5-7 less then in other the same type events. So its auto increase TOP items rates.
  3. New in game? For what need this "EINHASAD SHOP" ??? Who will use that? OK - i see you just talkin and cant understan. So now exist way just buy items for nc.coins (its absoliutely the same like "Einhasad shop" ). So who buy, Abu talisman parts, rcp? Who buy La Vie En Rose boxes? Nobody! Or just 1-2person. Who buy destini pack? Just low lvl people - and seling for TOP for adena.... Event like now have small chances toget TOP items - but this shances much more biger then try to get from game. Or you want try farm 50 claws? Or maybe better try to fishing and kill raids and after c
  4. Its hard understand about what you here talking. I understand just - you new in game. My new char 111lvl (not arher), I have items for more then 5 trilions. Im using prestige/destiny. And from hunt per day im geting 1kkk adena... Just imagine what can do naked people without nothing.... In game exist just 1 problem: D I S B A L A N C E !!! Low lvl people can farm 100-500kk per day, TOP 50 people 10-100kkk per day. So what can buy low lvl people? NOTHING. Becouse TOP will pay more for the same. Here admins was "funny" taking about "game economy" (when was
  5. You wrong. 1. Adena infliation doing top people (mostly archers). They farm 5-10kkk adena in 1hour. So 1 person farmin 50-100 times more then low lvl people. Tops have adena - not have where to use. 2. To lower nc.store event items prices = nc.soft not get profit. People who now using l2 store - wil use the same., will spend 100-500euro in month (5-10 people 1000+euro). People who not using now l2.store - not will use newer - they play for free (some play for profit). P.s.: im lvlup now new chat - and in ranking system from Top 1300 to Top 850 - not meet no 1 person who use
  6. Im not remember no 1 event - when i was buy boxes and going in minus. All this "small" items have price - and you know it
  7. Need! In other way selers just buy for 20kk and after some weeks seling for 150kk. Its ok just for 2-5 people - but for all server- no ok. Need this pots every event - and duble amount!
  8. Then buy from L2 store - and not need so much adena in game Where is problem? Your Friends log 10-20 acc to farm 'crisis" , "coal" and etc - and after want to buy from l2.store users for low price? Its all about "time". Your or your friends time spended in game - cannot be more wort then time where l2.store users spend in job. Or want in game get 'profit' 10-20$ per hour? Stop talking stupidnes.(its not insult).
  9. And where is the problem? Rare items have other price... If nobody not sell - its mean you propose less then its wort... If cant sell - its mean want more then its wort ok. im out from discusion.
  10. I dont know where you play.. but in Naia market wery active. I sold 8 +10 cloaks in 2 days (110-140kkk for 1). Also not have problem to sell other things.
  11. Its ~ 400 variants. Popular p.skill crit dmg and crit dmg every +/- 200. I was use 600 and get p.crit dmg 7.5, and next day use 3 and get p.skill crit dmg 7.5. Simple If get not bad augument (but for you not need) - change with person for who need
  12. In this year was many events - where you can get GOD rings (its why I have). Prices increase not becouse no items - its just becouse TOP people farming 5-10 times more. adena, and in game not exist option to burn adena in big amounts. Here just developers fail (not suprise me at all) - they not have any knowleges how to control adena income (also prices). If "infliation" 2-3% per year - its ok. But here...100-300%... Chek events history. P.S.: I say - developers not surprise me at all. Not just... Also NCwest sales depertamet... Bloody Hell... For people who play L2 (its 99%
  13. Why short? Its was more then need. I spend 4 hours to enchant. Get 9 cloaks +10, but burn 40 ancient scrolls - and not make +15. If for you was need just +10 its 10-20min...
  14. You wrong. Many party. Dailes =10-15 min. Merge server = kill half population. No place to hunt. No rb. No clan hals. No castles. End etc. And yes - no olypiad. Prices big not becouse no adena. People not have where to use adena... farming in day 10-100kkk. If you not - just becouse dont know game.
  15. For what? Why need this? Market strong/not strong for other reasons.
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