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  1. Damaged spellbooks

    Damaged spellbooks ( and all forgotten skills sistem) - was one of biggest NCSoft mistake... Even you getting for free "demaget spellbooks" - 1 skil to make +30 need 87kkk - So all clan must to farm adena/resources - that 1 person have adena (and burn it) to make 5 +30 skills If count all this 4 skills (exist 5 - but 1 not need) - 4*87kkk=348kkk or ~2000euro... (for not trade item (skill) - which cant trade or etc.
  2. BAN from Belarus

    Then you exception... ... bots problem - it's just.. NCSoft don't care so much... Other problems - no people or all afk - this korean "fail" - they create updates like this. Just accept or stop play - everywhere in L2 now the same.
  3. BAN from Belarus

    I say "aprox". Its mean not all - but most. I know exist people even from this countries - l2 play like hobby. But personally I newer not meet. If we talk about lithuanian gamers most they not RTM. But also approx all who have friendship with russian gamers .. RTM. Its my experience in Naia - people which i meet in game.
  4. BAN from Belarus

    There we can't talk about politic. But where is "ban" for some countries - there start some politick... So in this topic we can talk. Im my opinion this region divide - was Innova idea. Russian business from old times werry nazi mentality. And its fact ! Let's try to see block list: Armenia - Soviet Union - in past Azerbaijan - Soviet Union - in past Belarus - Soviet Union - in past China - communist - Soviet Union friends Cuba - communist - Soviet Union friends Georgia - Soviet Union - in past. At this days try to get EU membership Iran Kazakhstan - Soviet Union - in past Kyrgyzstan - Soviet Union - in past Moldova - Soviet Union - in past At this days try to get EU membership. But have deep problems with prorussian politick North Korea - communist - Soviet Union friends Russia - Soviet Union - in past Sudan Syria Tajikistan - Soviet Union - in past Turkmenistan - Soviet Union in past Ukraine - Soviet Union - in past At this days try to get EU membership Uzbekistan - Soviet Union - in past So who was so "smart" create this list? ITS ABSOLIUTELY POLITICK! ITS NOTHING REALATED WITH GAME! I newer not say that i accept this... But it is fakt... simple fakt - regions was divided with some political sense... My opinion - all can play where they want. But NCSoft accept Innova propose (with political sense). And we have what we have.
  5. BAN from Belarus

    "You probably think that all the Europeans want to play on the servers that are in Texas.": Answer - i thinking if you or somebody not like - can go play in EU server (in fact it's controlled by russian). Why you here? "Old players play in constant parties". Answer - when new players will have the same lvl and gear - will be invited in that parties. Simple. "Before, it was... bla bla and etc". Answer - Its past. Accept new roles or if you so old for that - stop play. Also - simple. For me it's everything ok. Im from EU (Danmark) - and I don't care about ping or other things - for me it's just hobby - to play in free time. Many people like I - we just simple... dont care... But yes I also can understand all this russian, ukrainian , belarusian, lithuanian and etc RTM gamers - who are logged in game by vpn, or online servers in illegal way... If something wrong with updates or etc - cant easy farm adena, can't get profit in eur or usd... Then big stress - not have money for food... But it's not game problem - it's just this people problem that not want go in job like all normal people.
  6. BAN from Belarus

    bots its other problem. this topick not about bots.
  7. BAN from Belarus

    Then i not see any reason why Draeke - from Germany - but all the time cry about Russian friends. Its 2 absolutely different countries. But he cry - and not first time. Anyway... Its not about ban this or other gamer. Mine idea - cannot be exception. If ban 1 from belarus - then ban all - from all block countries list. Then we can see GM's respect rules.
  8. BAN from Belarus

    Approx all people from Russian mine problem - they thinking that they are so important... Just start believe - russian community at all there not important. IF i good remember in my clan was about ~10 people from russia, ukraine and other blocked regions . Approx all they was RTM. So why for NCSoft need this pleyers? Give just 1 serious reason. Lets say put pan for all this people from blocked countries - what will happen? I can answer will be less adena in RTM shops. And people start more use L2 Store. NCSoft will get biger profit and maybe will start lower L2 Store prices. Easy.. And now mine question (if im not wrong)? @Juji- why @Dreacke - using vpn (if i good understand he from russia or etc) - and not banned?
  9. Weapon r95 was have 2 Soul Crystal - mermoden 9lv (m.atack) and mermoden 7lv (m.crit dmg). So i got 1 soul cristal mermoden 10lv - remove old mermoden 7lv - and can't upgrade with mermoden 10lvl on weapon... then i remove next mermoden 9lv - and get option to use mermoden 10lv So im on clean weapon put mermoden 10lv (crit dmg) and its ok. But now cant put 1 more mermoden 7,8,9,10 lvl (m.atak). Question - its bug? Some limitation? Or my mistake?
  10. EXP at 105 lvl

    He right. Game completely unbalanced now - BS gives more xp and drop then other places till 105 BS much more better than any faction mobs place...
  11. SA for a Healer?

  12. I can asver: 1. Use prestige/drop rune - its 15+30$ per 30 days. Less acc - need less prestige/drop rune. 2. Use L2 Store - not have $ - try to find job, not need live with parents till 60y. In XXI age - its normal sometimes pay for game - for mosts its hoby. 3. Want xp - go in xp zones - like HB, Tanor and etc. Want drop - go in drop zones. I know people who now making per day 700-1500kk - so its not problem. And yes - can more. 4. In event periodes we have so much drop/items revads from event "quests". I know people who makin from events 5-20kkk - so it's not problem. 5. Learn trade sistem. Personally im from trades getting 100-5000kk per day - if im lucky and have time to play. 6. Exist people who killing RB - on respawns - they making a lot adena. 7. Most important... learn to play l2.. if can't make adena - its not mean that it's impossible... ... 8. I never not see people who with 7 acc parties have drop. Who will pay for 7 x prestige/drop runes? 9. 7 acc sistem... ("Yes, with your 7 toons log in>>> most non NA players( witch means North American) will log parties of macrobot in quest areas to get adena" .- copy from post). Its mean this - most south america, east/south europa and etc - play with many acc, bots and etc - all adena goin to RTM contors. This people not play l2 - for this people l2=job. Feel difference?
  13. Maybe for asocial people hard to understand... But most we have friends, talking in game, in clan or discord for example - and finding people for pt. Party maching - it's just last way to find pt. No 1 not want go with "randoms" - which don't know what to do in pt, not have items or etc.
  14. It's what about i'm talking +7 its not ok - for 2 years This event have right to be extended 1-2 weeks more. Now people 105+ , new areas mobs stronger - its not bad for server if people will make bracelet for more dmg.