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  1. Here time to make conclusion - its was last time when i buy prestige pack, destiny pack or ncstore items (i pay not with adena). Can accept 1 week, 1 month. But not half year pay for nothing.
  2. Personally for me now game become unacceptable - in last 24h i get more then 50 dc. My computer clear installation, rooter (Asus RT-AC88U) - clear installation, internet ping 2ms (d_118Mbps, u_83Mbps) - so its more then need. last 5-6y I aprox newer not get DC - today just impossible stay in game more then 20min. Im living in Danmark. Clan member from Lithuania - have the same problem - DC every 5-10 min. I don't know what going with this server updates and settings - but game absolutely broken. Exist more people from other country's with the same problems?
  3. And its absolutely right. This is mine model of NcSoft West business. The same was with https://www.lineage2.com/news/zodiac-agathion - they not put in game blessed scrolls but - recommended " It is recommended that you upgrade your Zodiac Agathion Charms before enchanting it or its enchantment level will be reset." And all other nccoins "events" in the past was the same. Its NcSoft West... Scam tactic we know...
  4. Cloack enchant

    Just do It!
  5. Yes - i'm was talking that all country's must to have right play where they want. But... Administration not make clear answer - they just put ban for 1 person from Belorussia and said why, but from that moment they not ban no one more person from this "blocked country's" list. So... WTF? Why someone are banned and other for the same not?
  6. And why i say this? In my opinion if game server USA - working admins from USA - they must to respect yourself and to have "balls" https://l2stat.info.cutestat.com/ What its? Bots approx legal running from server registered in Moscow - and its OK? Come on...
  7. after many years discussion it clear... 1. Ranking system its OK - was some month ago turned OFF - any changes we not feel. 2. Bots its NOT OK - real players have problems with bots in CS, in wars, in PVE. Plus bots using big server traffic. So its also clear. 3. Game mechanic its absolutely NOT OK - for just 1 simple hit, formula must to count hundred of items, skills specification, position and etc. But this... just developers problem - they not understand what doing - just ad in game every 3 month new items (skills). In this key need absolutely rework game mechanic and delete hundred of items from game. (Personally im doing dmg calculator in exel - and its WTF... Just simple critical dmg efekt 10+ items/skils...) PS.: From what to start..? All we must to rapport all gamer's which we know from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and etc (illegal connection) - 90% of this people just simple RTM or have contracts with RTM - and log hundreds acc - just to make some $ - and its clear. Rapport all that people and ban - if they not use L2Store (for example 10-20$ per month). PSS.: What admins must to do? First read EULA (many times) - and do what its writed...
  8. Problems with Dwarven Race

    Long time in game exist approx just earth mobs. Its mean for Dark elf's. Even "paulyna", "exalted" and etc weapon its just wind and holy. No option to change. Dwarfs not exist for developers Many years ago they crate races, but after last 2 updates they forgot delete all except Dark Elf Request closed. I
  9. by the unbalanced stronghold adena farm for a select few players - 99% of which are archers, amazing class balance Most fun - top area (Isle of soul) - mobs earth attack - so its for... Dark Elf race.. And not important that already 50% acc Dark Elf...
  10. Naia Down

    No. After 30 min server on - problem the same - cant move
  11. Im not forgot nothing Just tired to write - they absolutely not understand what exist in game. About mentes xp... its just ~50 people who can lvl mentes fast - in 3-5 days (even faster). Normally most people lvl mentes 2-4 weeks. Dragon Shirt, Veteran Mask, Noble/Radiant Circle Stone. ---> this not important. In my knowledge its just about ~10-20 people who doing mentes with bots for enchants/RTM (its slow - so waste of time, exist faster ways). But yes - mentes system not for this old (physically) server.
  12. I just want to ask - when put in game Altas earning - was done calculation? In my opinion - this way to get Atlas earning in game... 12 mentes its not for this Pentium III server... I will try to explain... lets say in game ~2000 active people (not all log in the same time). Atlas earning for dmg - its approx one of top items (and for free) - so all who play want this. ... so some mathematics... 2000*12=24000... 24000 new acc! Did you really thinking this not affect lags? Or we must to wait now 2 years till all people will make?
  13. When people want to get something for "free", asking event = party time! I one more time will - now not good moment celebrate. OK? I will give some examples: Will die USA president - people will as party time in game? Will die Denmark Queen - Margrethe II - people will ask party time in any game? No - because just absolutely idiots can thing like this. What difference who dead - famous people or normal people? And etc. Already dead 11.000 people from that virus - so thing what you talking. Or maybe you will understand when will be virus party in you family?
  14. (COVID-19) - its not joke, and cannot be any event for this - need respect all people who already get this virus. But i see for you just "party time" in brain - for any reason.
  15. I remember just this post: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/14583-live-unscheduled-server-maintenance-monday-august-12/