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  1. and yes and no 1. Masive population from Afrika...? Something new... I know just 1 nolifer from Egipet (in Naia). Play every day 16h and so happy - and i understand - its first game for him 1.1. Masive population its from Grecia and Span - where people laisy to go in job. Also masive from ilegal counties - Russia, Ukraina - they making money here by seling adena. And for example Danmark, Germany here its rare - because normally people must to wakeup at 6-7 in morning and go in job (they simple not have time here like stupid farming zariche, raid bosses and etc - in nigt time). I
  2. Its because in office "producer" many years cant undestand why we have lag. Was problem to make event from 107 or 109lvl? People now will log 5000+ boxes 105lvl - which was maked in last 2 xp events. For sure now 4 weeks will be lags and dc. Nothing new.
  3. You cannot play this old game on WIFI. I have router RT-AC880. Its really not bad router. But if im use WIFI - play l2 and see youtube - i simple get dc. No problem if Im using plug connection. The same if im play l2 and start see youtube or (any other online video) on phone (WIFI) - im geting dc. So i can see online video just using phone internet... This game have so old mechanic that today technlogy cant accept.
  4. No. I have Acer Aspire ES1-523 = imposible to play l2 (amd a87410+amd radeon r5, ram 12g). I have Lenovo-Y720 = imposible to play l2. (intel core i7-7700hq). With this laptop i can play many other games but not l2. Now i get ssd +32g ram - so can play. If computer not have 16g ram - this old game cant play. Because just window 10 and l2 using 9.5-10g rams.
  5. This MUST to be maked 1 year ago. And better faster - now, then after 1 year 90% of all server will be archer and then 100% this game will be closed. At this moment from TOP 500 40-50% archers...
  6. Why so long this was not maked? But now it's - ok. Really not normal when 112lvl archers was making 1.1kkk in 1 hour and 95% of server making 300-500kk per 24h. + for this.
  7. All with this ok. I can kill 115, 105 can kill me (im 113). Its not problem. Problem - we 3h kiling boxes in Oly.
  8. Yes - call lawyers. Long time we waiting good GM's - maybe will be some changes after. Im also sometimes writing tickets - but newer not get right answer. Im start thinking here GM's ... . COPY/PASTE just doing. Maybe just @Hime like GM its ok.. All other...better not need.
  9. You mix server with this question Its not RU and no EU. Its most expensive server with most wrong GM service
  10. About what you talking here? We not have in this "game" nothing - just farm. 1 time per week - we CAN have good time - to fight in Oly. But what we doing? Killing boxes with your top items in Oly. Its ANNOYING... Waste of time. So need CHANGE this stupid sistem - for normal and good Olympiad. Now we siting 3-4h i weekend - geting tp in Oly - to kill... boxes...
  11. About what you talking here? Im want discussion about Oly. Not farm.
  12. Its not like this Here not need spend money - if you not have job
  13. Im writing in exel win/lost statistic. And 80-90% chance in Oly - you will meet box/codex farmer. Why this shit need in the game?
  14. Last 12 month im one evening per week spending in the Oly (aprox every week). Its 25 fights. So what we have? Totally waste of time. Im not talking about 1 shot (this i can accept). Waste of time = why people who play this game, spending a lot money and time - must to kill ~20 boxes from 25 fight? Its annoying... Or hard to make (for example) last 10-30% places - not getting nothing (because this people just reg ~5000 accounts for reward) and increase reward for first 70% ? Now revard even for top 100 people its annoying.. 1400 mark of battle... Need to fight 6 month
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