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  1. Karigan lol, hunting afkers on full skills cause u cant brake macro with 4 cursed swords and several st3 weapon make you come here and talk like u really war someone cause you pick up bloods with alt char on script? 4 days war vs lions and u drop war... and you talk like you was on the battlefield but yes It's very interesting
  2. Very Good Thread! And very well said Everyone! Thanks Gods Someone pays attention to the Disbalance in the game and wants a Change! There should be Justice! There should be Fairness! There should be Balance in the Lineage 2!! Where is all of this ? Same guys have been holding swords since their release on Chronos... And people from Europe are hardly discriminated by disregarding their request for a time change which suits both parties NA and EU ppl for the cursed swords defense. Please respect everyone! This game does not belong only to people who play from NA it belongs
  3. The game has become very expensive. We stand today on the edge of a gap which extends more and more with each update. Why so expensive pixels? Is it very easy for players to make a good build and reach the newest items, which makes them also in many sense to play together and farm for better days? No. Many of the beauty sides of the game has been washed away in order p2w to increase. In order for the players to be more excited, catch up with the gear and the game to become more ballencad: Drops has to be increased, adena farm has to be increased and spoiling has to b
  4. Have you tested the mail system ? Enormous amount of mails are being send back and forth for people to transfer gear and i have observed that sometimes the game itself not lag but the mail system lag and takes time to open and forward.
  5. Yes, We need Maintaince pots and erupting vitality pots promotions please, otherwise this xp events makes no difference
  6. Yes we wasn't stacked pt but anyway it was fun. Better then staying in town. I hope we are going to see more players with ballz from nova. MSCarpetMode i do not sing in TS, do not fabricate lies pls. Happy Easter and Happy Holidays for those who has such.
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