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  1. about adena rate

    As i said, average farmer and clueless. Server is empty, if i have to explain what i mean by that, we are going to the next lvl. As far as your scrub comment, pick a duo in our lvls and if he outfarms us let me know. With numbers always. High lvl scrub with 3.3 mil xp each in 20 mins for a x6 pt, i suppose you are rolling it harder? I play since the end of February with zero boosts, bring me a duo who can outscale me even now with this update. A manual duo. And all of this, to end up in TOI. As if we were expecting you genius.
  2. about adena rate

    I visited lair 4 days before event ends, cause wiki was showing the lvl of mobs at 68, Continue with the sharing of knowledge.
  3. about adena rate

    Either you are a high lvl player and an average farmer, or a low-mid lvl and an average farmer and you probably don't understand so i will extend a bit here with numbers. Find me a spot with 3.3 mil xp for each player in 20 mins for a pt of 6, 5 supports x62lvl and 1 dd x 65. 300k in adena as well. And don't tell me TOI, mobs there land 1k dmg. We are 2 players here who both stopped playing since update. Do as that favor and spread the knowledge so as to continue enjoying the game we love and enjoy playing. And don't start the things about classic and lvl up etc, i scaled 6 chars pt with zero boosts with 1 dd warlord. Sorry 150k, 300 was with the boost of last month.
  4. about adena rate

    The true impact of this update comes later on. People who got caught in the zone of 50-70 are doomed. Anyway, game is dead. 1k in the pt's section which is translated in about 200 people. Almost 70% of the clan i am already stopped. Only diablo III in discord now
  5. about adena rate

    It's more than that actually. Try to see it in the long run. For example, i farm cruma2 with destro 47lvl with cm +10 - othel lvl5 bw hv set and d/s(61) pp (62) buffs and vr scroll lvl 1. In 1 hour i gained 60k, i used 3.5k ssd - 300 pots. If something can balance it, it's the pob's, so as to break even or make a small profit. I wonder what happens in bigger spots You will need a tank and a full support follow to sustain or you will be farming average or lower. If bots had a reason to farm before, now is their best season. Auto buffs d/s attack,tanks, spoils, recharge vs your stinky macro that stuck everywhere(and doesn't pick pobs:D). Not to mention your constant attention to see what is going on:) (and d/s every 5 mins so as to be able to farm those spots, invite-leave pt etc). I made a switch from a wl 65 to this destro because they killed or made unable to reach due to dmg's almost every spot for the wl at 65+. I start to believe i was more relaxed buffing manually and giving d/s every 5 mins and macro recharge rather than what i am doing now for 1 power lvl up(which as it seems is not that much of a power lvl up!!!). Anyway, i feel bored already:)
  6. Well said master. Can you extend a bit more? Because i am kinda slow, i would like you to explain to me why someone 70+ should use this auto next target and not the program for botting instead? Why would someone who is selling adena or farming top spots not use the program and give manually buffs,macro heals, that are being needed to farm those spots and use the auto next target? Does the game finishes at lvl 40 or 50 or 60? Or you consider the fact of letting your char in this mode for 8 hours an actual gaming experience? If you are smart, you know that manual farming is 2 times faster, which i suppose you haven't tried, because if you did you wouldn't be posting these things. The post of the guy had a complete different meaning and as it seems you missed it. We entered for a hardcore classic experience, as the marketing of the company promoted, do you consider this a hardcore experience? Or you consider the 3kk you will make to 40 and 10kk to 50 and 20kk to 60 a help when the full bot pt will farm the top spots 24/7 and sell you the recipes for that 10 and 20kk you collected up to 60 lvl? Do you think the non program user has become competitive against the army of bots with this? Try lvl up 3-4 chars from 60+ to 75 and let me know how much time is needed to hit the 75 without doing raids with that "amazing" auto next target added. Some of the servers are empty and after this update they will be completely abandonded, first by the manual players and then by the bots and the adena sellers. If you don't understand that, you don't understand the substance of the topic. Make a warlord and try craft a lance please. Oh i forgot, they moved the recipe to the 10th floor of toi(genius). Anyone knows the level of seal archangel? It doesn't matter, you will wear the c anyway or set an army of es as well to buy it right? Because that's what you play for? Making chars to farm easy money as you leech the raids? Is this the hardcore experience? Dead game.
  7. Group leveling 65 - 76

    I play in Aden. If the server was empty before, you should see how it is now. Not all people's schedule fit in the raidings of clans. I'd rather quit than become a junkie watching a monitor. Not to mention the fact that the majority of the server reached 73-74 in Lair because it was the best option for xp except from raids.
  8. Group leveling 65 - 76

    Hello, I had the exact thoughts yesterday with you. This update is pretty much a disaster for players 60-75. Not only the farm spots are extremely difficult, but they don't even pay back as well. For example, i made 3 rebuffs at 65 lvl in abg and i got in return the adena i paid to port there. 6k, 9 i.ore, 5 s.nugget, 1 o.ore, 2 varnish, 1 stem. 6 clients, 6k per client. 10k xp per mob while in lair i was getting 20-22k. With a warlord btw. I believe Antharas Lair was an essential spot to at least have a chance to catch up with the server, but as it seems if you were 1 or 2 months behind, now you are 4-5. A different approach to include players 60-75 would have been the mobs in lair to scale depending on spot. Like, entrance as it is and as you go deeper the levels to raise. It's like forcing you to group with others to go in TOI or CATA's. You just need to find the idiot who is willing to play the bd/sws/wc/pp so as you just add the auto attack. I would be fine with this update if Antharas Lair would remain as an option for level up, but the other options are just a joke compared to the benefits of Antharas Lair. I have tried the last month with the non xp loss most of the spots, fields of massacre, toi, cata's with top b gear and the dmg received and couldn't handle was on toi and cata's. Lair has deaths as well, but it's balanced in xp/drop/mats etc so you overcome eventually 1-2 deaths. I don't want to jump the gun, but i think this will end up badly for NCSoft. At least i personally, it's the first two days the last 3 months i play that i didn't do anything in game except farm 1 hour and do the daily's. Of course there was the problem with adena which got fixed, or was it not? The fact that you didn't get an answer didn't surprise me, it just confirmed the feeling it was created yesterday. If i knew 3 months ago this was coming i wouldn't have invested all this time. Regards,
  9. You must admit though, they are playing it well. First they feed the addiction with "events" and then they add it to the store. Excellent strategy for the 80's. We should make a poll to find out the true % of single digit iq's in game. I am so excited for the next event!!!! P.s In jokerstars you have more odds;)
  10. You just have to accept the type of gaming they offer and don't expect an answer, that's all. They don't care about you, or me or everyone around here that finds those things extremely weird. They are selling a package including bots and high donating players which either you will accept or you will be constantly frustrated. They have offered even gambling with that dragon pendants, what else you ungrateful people want? More gambling incoming, someone will hit the jackpot. But, get your xp/sp/free tp/double adena!!! and keep the high rollers in game so as they keep the cash flowing. Sad thing is that with this type of gambling there is no roi illegal servers have by far more respectful setups. Here you have to dig in your pocket.

    Seriously, you need to take a moment to breath, think and then answer. Who asked for a 3 lvl upgrade with zero sp given? Why only to players above 56? Why should i pk to play the game as i play it normally? Do you know how much time i need for that? Do you know how much time is added in the rest i take so as the elder to catch up again? From all those things written here, is me putting my pants on to do all those things to lvl down and not the fact that there isn't one npc that can dlvl me in the entire game? And why isn't there an option to click yes or no to that lvl up? Do you even think before answering? I know you still have something to upload here but please keep it for yourself. I am expecting an answer that can actually help.

    Next lvl of your answer is to cook f or the dev team for 3 days, which might be eaiser than all the rest.

    No XP Loss Upon Death (only applies to non-chaotic characters)