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  1. RedLibra

    On EU servers before Christmas, but our servers are always the last ones to get updated and the most buggy servers off them all
  2. They emptied out Devil's Isle like 6 updates ago for future purposes. It's still empty and it was such an amazing 45-62 zone in the past. ToI will stay empty forever, because they rather revamp zones like Lizardmen every single time so people don't really have to look where to go.
  3. New Game?

    Lineage M won't come to the west. Lineage Eternal (aka Lineage 3) been cancelled and put back into alpha pre-development phase. Lineage II at the moment will get a content update with 3 months intervals.
  4. So... middle finger to EU based players again for not mentioning the time that server goes down? 14:00 GMT+1/CET (Western European) It's not that hard to Google this @Hime but as a community manager you really should do a bit more than below minimum effort to assist us, ok?
  5. God Accessory 

    Stop crying man. Nobody told you to buy 20 Dragon Shirts, but you did and cried on forum that you couldn't trade them. Nobody told you to try to make God Jewels which easily burn 50-200b adena. You gambled, you lost. Welcome to the world of Lineage II
  6. Worse is that they removed key content from our version. Our version does not have the daily lv1 La Vie En Brooch Jewel craft mechanic, able to make 1 level 1 Jewel per day by crafting Our version does not have the trophy system which you can use to buy Dragon Shirt, Magic Circlet, Angel/Dragon Jewel and Cloaks from the Dimensional Merchant
  7. Auto-Use Supplies not working

    GM Son (Lineage 2) Oct 26, 21:56 CDT Hello, Upon testing this on our end, we have found that the "Auto-Use" function depends on your current character's situation: • If your player is not in combat, the item will be used immediately when the buff ends. • If your player is in combat, the "Auto" function will prioritize the combat first before using the "Auto Supplies". The possible cause of delay of item usage is because your character was in active combat. I hope this clarifies your inquiry. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us again. Regards, GM Son NCSOFT Support Team This is what support answered back to clan member before update. Pots don't auto use when in combat, casting skill or whatever. Apparently it's working as intended.
  8. Same spot, roughly same duration (10-12h) Friday; good drops, many lv5 materials Saturday: decent drop, not as many lv5's Sunday: terrible, barely any R99 parts and no lv5's Today, Monday: many lv5 materials, many r99 parts
  9. That's for sure man. Especially that even with this update the exp in Sea of Spores has been increased, but it still gives less exp per mob in a full party than duo in any 104-109 zone with about the same kill speed. And making zones like FoW, FT, DV able to be solo'd as well by the over geared people just clears it even more that having a party is a bad thing.
  10. Ok man. That's nice. BTW: It should be 20:00 GMT+1 if you mean West European time zone. 20:00 GMT is UK and thus 20:00 GMT-1, which is 45 minutes ago.
  11. What does this mean? We'll get more adena? Do mobs drop more adena? Or just increasing the maximum adena one can have? Also @Juji and Europe already went DST last week, so 20:00 GMT+2 isn't West Europe (France, Spain, Belgium, Germany) any more. GMT+2 is more like East Europe (Romania, Greece)
  12. Dude. The Soul Stones are part of the Exalted quests; all being changed. And the Freed Soul Crystal is that for the Requiem Recipes? Big deal. You that desperate for adena?
  13. I am pretty sure Juji takes those out of the client. Because it's better to sell items like that for 800-1200 Ncoin in the L2Store
  14. The idea is that everybody is going to make Kaliel Bracelets with the scrolls dropping on Primeval Isle, or have Lucien's Bracelet made during last Golden Compass. And since everybody gets the Paulina Twilight Bracelet anyway, which is better than clean Istina/Octavis/Tauti Bracelet. Also; can't you just buy the bottles etc. for raid point at the Hunters Guild? I think it's funny all you people cry about such little things, while they do a complete overhaul of the Exalted system and yet we have no confirmation if the lv5 Exalted status remains for those who aren't level 107 yet, since that's the new requirement. @Juji @Hime @Cyan We need, we deserve, more than 20 hours to prepare on patch notes! PUBLISH THEM NOW!
  15. Weapon drop is not guaranteed any more for like 4 or more patches. R99 weapon has a 2% drop chance, so you won't miss anything. Just make sure you cash out all your Rune Stones and Chapter One books.