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  1. Libra will just reduce the tanks, iss, healers by another 30-50% because their useless Wynn or Tyrr dualclass will be switched to Yul/Feoh so they can exp solo with their box on Tanor/Alligator. But yet, Field of Silence isn't fixed and no reply or anything from @Juji about the terrible exp on Elven Village and Sea of Spores. And while they protect the totally broken and exploited Demon Sword they decide to completely destroy the reward system of the Adventurer Guild, because it's the only way to get lv1-3 Brooch Jewels other than L2Store, after it being broken for so many weeks. Naia and Chronos are coming to an end soon. They only care for L2Classic and the top 1% of the Naia/Chronos that make all the sheep buy NCoin to keep up in non existing PvP.
  2. Naia's Heroes, July 2019

    I have yet to see this guy with gear equipped and not standing next to auction house.
  3. NCLauncher 2

    @Juji @Hime Really NCSoft. I have become a custom to you doing a terrible delivery on update information and keep us in the dark as much as possible. With this weeks 15th Anniversary update not even giving a final reward list and now bombarding us with a new launcher without giving any information is a new all time low. Why is this new launcher needed? Why does it contain some rootkit that is also used by 4Game/Innova/EU servers? Is this some Russian tool that is violating European Union GDPR guidelines? Why do you lift the client limitation three weeks ago and now reports come in from people saying they unable to launch a second client? The information you supply is unclear at best and doesn't give any reason WHY and WHAT is being improved with it. I suggest you guys pull the forced update, get your facts straight and bring out a solid reasoning why we should update to the new launcher, and what the tools are that run in the background. Which probably isn't an anti-bot tool, because not a single anti-bot tool you have used since EVER has been able to detect and ban bots and only hinders players with logging in accounts.
  4. Naia also got announcement in game that the server will go down. Twitter says that only login goes down. @Juji @Hime Are Naia and Chronos also going down?!
  5. paulina r grade box

    You get the Paulina R-Grade package when completing the lv40 Class Change. If you made a character prior to the Fafurion patch and got it past this stage, you're not rewarded the R-Grade gear pack.
  6. Demon Swords needs nerf

    It's exceptionally rewarding and should be nerfed. Like spoil, drop, fishing.
  7. Superion port bugged

    @Juji Talking to Kekropus in Giran misses the teleport option to Superion. For member with lv5 faction with Secret Passage quest done the option doesn't show For member with lv6 faction without quest done, option to teleport doesn't show. When able to teleport, the teleport isn't to the location with Hillie, for the quests. It teleports right next to Ramona spawn location with the Royal Gatekeepers.
  8. Demon Swords needs nerf

    Reward should be lowered, since top players (not even clan vs clan) make deals with each other not to compete for same sword.
  9. Can't do quest. Think it's bug

    Reported 3 times already in the Bug Report part of forum
  10. Quest: Way of Wandering Knight bugged

    @Juji Two other threads already been created. Due to the bug, it's impossible to progress into the quest chain of Herphah for the Adventurer Guild and get its rewards.
  11. Etina solo - impossible?

    It has drops?!
  12. Best Event 2k19

    2h20m left on Naia, all prices gone. All top rewards gone within first 10min. So balanced, much awesome.
  13. thrones of heroes drop

    All Throne of Heroes drops, except Soul Crystals, been removed from Throne of Heroes. Check L2Wiki.
  14. Herphah gives quest Way of Wandering Knight and tells you to speak to the Adventurer Guild to get buffs. The NPC gives the message 'The quest buff can only be obtained for characters that are level 85-99' my character (mentee) is 85. Unable to progress quest.
  15. Soul crystal extraction

    Soon ™