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  1. I am just saying dude, if people are being pk'd all day long and all usual afk/macro/autohunt areas are being targeted by those insane pk chars, then there should be proof/signs of it. But really, I have not seen any big graveyards of dead players in any of the usual zones. Not even in e.g. Tanor. The only zone that gets wiped when possible is Refinery and that's a good thing. Refinery is unbalanced as hell drops/adena/exp/spellbook wise and should be nerfed. That said, Refinery is a great spot for Zariche/Akamanah to get the death count up. TL;DR: As long as none of the common exp spots are massive graveyards of afk/macro/autohunt players and common teleport spots aren't guarded by PK chars doing spot kills, the PK system does not have to be adjusted.
  2. Error on open game

    Servers are down for maintenance.
  3. Anyone get toon(s) teleported to town?

    Last week my party was exping right next to a Zariche holding party (friendly, but not in same clan/ally) and we got the 'Zariche is closeby' message various times but after 1h we still were on the same spot and nobody was teleported. Maybe it's your clan member in Hide spamming Clan PR and ducking you up.
  4. Sel Mahum (new Area) Bug?

    Like all revamped areas (Sel Mahum, Plains of Liz, Alligator Island, Tanor Canyon) they are primarily exp zones with low drops. But the exp rate in Sel Mahum does look off. 45m per mob, even if you could pull full camps (and with NA exclusive mob reset range, you cannot pull 2-3 camps like back in High 5) that's 20x 45m, which equals 900m exp. Which is lower than killing mobs solo in Alligator or Tanor while probably needing the same time per kill.
  5. Monster Collection

    Maybe you're hunting wrong mobs? Both Elven Village/Shadow of Mother Three and Enchanted Valley have two regions, on which different mobs spawn.
  6. Altar instance fail

    Damage output has been reduced due to removal of the Party Solidarity bonus and an adjustment in the attribute system.
  7. @Juji Please stop with modifying our client. It will only cause more and more problems. How many problems with patches in the past can be traced back to NA version being heavily modified compared to EU/JP/TW/CN servers? Teleporting in combat is fine, I don't see the deal with it. Because you can now BSOE without using a BSOE? If you're that afraid of your war tags than the players crying about this teleport in combat/instant teleport maybe should stick with doing Altar, Helios and Ashen instance and not go outside of town. It does not need any restriction or any modification.
  8. Really? I have not seen any massive PK spree characters on Naia outside of the 1-85 leveling zone. During the day, I can go to Hellbound, Giant's Cave and all the other macro places and find not a single dead party there. The system is fine.
  9. Anyone get toon(s) teleported to town?

    If Zariche/Akamanah kills you, you'll be sent back to town after a few minutes of not being rezed.
  10. I am noticing a big difference in it effectiveness since update. Hate Aura doesn't trigger the mob unless you're basically standing in it, running passed in a decent enough range (200 or so) doesn't trigger the aggression. The Aggression skill is nerfed? Before update it was damn easy to keep aggro on e.g. Etina, now Etina more then once loses it's aggro and goes after a random DD, not even the hardest hitting.
  11. But what has changed? The exp per mob has changed so much that it's barely worth it even to go Elven/SoS in full party.
  12. Various Typos

    I spotted last night playing mentee Titan that the skill Novice Eruption was named Novice Rain of Fire. Eruption is indeed a Tyrr skill. Rain of Fire is not even a Feoh skill, but name of old Archmage skill.
  13. What's the reasoning to remove Noblesse Teleports? Or can I just not see the option?
  14. Open skill window to learn the new skills Go back to Gludio to take new newbie quest chain