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  1. With so many items becoming permanent in the L2Store.... When are we getting single La Vie Brooch Jewel Chests in the L2Store for a decent enough price so our version finally gets the balance it deserves and gets closer to the true overseas version? Having those random lv3/4 boxes as a 2% event reward is nice and all, but not cost efficient and just helps the imbalance of power on the server.
  2. Ever since Classic opened you all stopped caring about Naia and Chronos. Twitter is only reporting on the Classic servers, even while all servers go down due to non-maintenance. My tickets with severe server bugs get auto replied that "we are working on it" for over 4 months now without an eta.
  3. It are your fellow players, consuming 1 Scroll of Growth every 3 seconds lagging out the item server. All those level 99's that are going to hit lv102 in Paulina Twilight and shit gear that will mess up all random parties you enter. Those are the ones causing the server to lag so hard that SS goes off. It's not NCSofts fault, or yes it is, that their 15yr old game runs on obsolete database systems not able to handle such item consumption.
  4. Main class change

    Exactly. I don't want to lose my character which I've played with for the last 12 years, just because my main class became obsolete. I want my char to stay what it is, but the Dual to be it's Main, so I am able to do Libra/Chaos Essence on the Dual and make it something useful again.
  5. PK system is outdated and useless anyway. But a removal, nah. It's fun to see LordDragon drop 100-200b worth of gear after pk'ing chars near raid boss spawns.
  6. Return Golden Compass Event

    Yes, I've been there. It wasn't that hard and it should be easier when they bring it back. But, the only way to make a Stage 10 Bracelet was to run it twice a day, every day, with max reward, for the period they ran the event. Which for many was impossible for many. I know various Tank, Tyrr, Othell that do not have anything higher then a stage 5. Only Feoh's and Yul's had a real shot at being able to get a Stage 10 Bracelet. Since this instance required 0 Ncoin to enter and add some free boost for all players. NCWest has to keep a good balance of free content and pay-to-win content. The Golden Compass and Merkios' Instance were awesome free content with an actual good reward. FYI: I have a Stage 7 Bracelet because I missed out a few days (unable to log, because real life) and a few times I only gained 40 Marks which really made it impossible for me to even get Stage 8.
  7. Main class change

    It won't break the game a single bit. Classes are stored in a database. All quests, noble and exalted status etc. are shared among the character. So it won't be much different then e.g. an Elf Sword Muse doing a race change to Orc and then becoming Doomcryer or even Dominator. If Korea sees that they have a potential 500 customers on NA servers willing to drop $80 - $100 for the service, they'll check into it.
  8. Main class change

    Does it man? In 2008 till Godess of Destruction they had this service. It worked before, so why not now?
  9. Not hard to guess man; somewhere in end April or May. They'll do Fafurion as an event for their 15th Anniversary. But since the past few years they've screwed up the actual date of the Anniversary so many times with special events and launching updates, nobody actually knows when the 15th Anniversary will take place. But; soon™ And Yidao... When was last time an update actually was good? Every update since Valiance/Episodeon was lackluster. Barely any content, barely any class balancing, barely anything you really have to work for. Fafurion is just another increase in exp curve, opens up a few more L2Store exclusive and makes it only slightly harder for those parties carrying Dragon Weapons to take down Antharas. While not fixing serious issues like the open field raid bosses, Olympiad imbalance etc. etc. Maybe Prelude to War will be a real update again, but will NCWest survive till end of 2019? We'll see... (if they still have players by then)
  10. Main class change

    This is an ever going battle for me. As I said in the other thread I already did various attempts. Even after offering 24k NCoin, making my Dual my main and even asking for a removal of it all so I had to relevel the dual class back to 105 the answer was always the same; "we do not offer this service". A service they do offer is restoration of your Dragon Weapon upgrade that you did "by accident", as long as you're tagged into a major clan and credit card maxes out every month. So in the end I lost all my faith in them bringing a service like this (which was a default service prior to Goddess of Destruction, to switch sub to main). Like many, I have a Wynn main class which I haven't played for over a year, and didn't even liked playing that much any more after the introduction of the new level 101 servitors. The whole Wynn class has nothing in common at all with the original archetype it was based upon. The upcoming class boost for Wynn is nothing more then the removal of Servitor Ultimate Defense and an upgrade of the passive skill (105% P.Atk to 120% P.Atk when Staff/Blunt equipped) which after the Servitor Share etc. is only like 5% actually increase of P.Atk to a pet that has zero defense and zero AoE.
  11. March events

    I am fighting the same battle. But they don't do the Dual<>Main service, while they can make tons of money if they would. I even offered them to stack my account with $250 worth of NCoin they could consume for the service but nope.
  12. Return Golden Compass Event

    It is not mate. Nothing mentioned about the Merkios' Altar instance in any of the overseas patchnotes.
  13. It would be something really great to bring back the Golden Compass Event (Merkios' Instance / Lucien Bracelet) with the upcoming Anniversary Celebrations to give all people the chance to get their Bracelets +10. Having this event every few months would at least add some balance on free to obtain items to the servers.
  14. @KissMyKnife @NemesiC People... Don't you guys know that the needed exp per level for NA servers is 30% higher then other territories, and drop chances are 30% lower then the other territories. And while the other territories have Premium Accounts boosting them 100% exp, 100% adena and 100% drops for less than $10 a month, while we have a Prestige Pack which costs $15 a month which doesn't give the exp bonus. It costs you $7 per hour just to buy enough boost items from NA L2Store to have the same exp and drop rates as the other territories. The books will drop, probably with a 25% or less chance per mob. IF you're within 3 levels of the mob. You're probably hunting with 6 other people. So you have a 3-3,5% to actually get a book, which has a lower conversion rate (or upgrade rate) then the Fortune Pockets they replace.
  15. @Hime What is PST? Can't you guys just announce GMT+1 times too?