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  1. Good job on bringing down login server on the prime time login for West Europeans that get home from work. Really player friendly...
  2. Damn man, you're right. While we getting all these items removed for QoL reasons, many recent QoL measures done in Korea aren't flowing to our servers yet. Yes, I can understand that Korea is under stress as well due corona and NCSoft HQ might have only a hand full of developers working to keep own servers running and Juji's playhouse is less of a concern for them. I've been saying it for months, Ranking System has to be disabled. Despawn mobs from unused zones (and there are many), remove unused items from the database (why remove Life Stones, but keep Ancient Adena and many C3-C5 items
  3. Box limit reduced to under 3 will kill majority of clans, (constant) parties and general gameplay. Good luck finding a live Iss, Healer or Tank to exp on Hellbound, Enchanted, Tanor or do any daily instance with. Like always you're full of hot air escaping from your bum. When I enter Coal Mines with any chars lv100-104 and keep the Ranking window open and hit refresh every few minutes I see my rank going up every time I hit the refresh button. It does live tracking, all the time, every time.
  4. My members are high enough and smart enough to realize that Blazing Swamp is not the spot where you exp till 105. Only bots and mentee macro farmers for Atlas Earrings are in Blazing Swamp.
  5. In the past 7 days I've seen 20 clan members that left L2 since August 2019 come back to game. They all seen the auto hunt feature and like it, because it allows them to keep leveling while taking care of work, home and family life. Also the CoViD-19 brings back a lot of people. Yes, we have a population of 1200, 1200 * 3 is 3600. Which means just with normal population we hit the server number to go into Heavy Status. On top of that you have all the guys from MAX, Hybrid, DH, HoD and all their satalite clans running bot trains to farm adena, mentee marks and what not. Like they ever did.
  6. Exactly. Naia last night was on 3800 people shown in Party Matching. So let's say that is 10x more people online than on EU/Core. On L2 Essence servers on launch weekend the EU servers were having 2000 people online (equals to Naia/Chronos on 'Light') with ranking system enabled it didn't had a lag at all. But also no Live Tracking. Only an update once a day at 06:30 server time. Chronos, Naia and whatever our classic servers are called now are updating 24/7 the position and rank of every player on the server. @TheThrax You say it's a problem caused by people logging 3 chars. No
  7. @Juji Any word? Maybe turn this junk system off for two weeks and see if it helps. It seems your querry server is seriously overloaded with doing all the ranking calculations 24/7.
  8. Even if the chest is bugged. Swords are leveled in clan halls and castles on respawning alts anyway. bleep, on Naia Akamanah is always in Coal Mines and you know Nevit is is coming up when Zariche appears in FoG
  9. That been said on the community discord months ago. They had job listings up for a Database Engineer or something and the requested knowledge was for two architectures that were not compatible with each other. Also, running 6 servers (after mainteance 4) from the same (virtual) server isn't good. Especially not if the Ranking System checks every damn second if someone ranked up
  10. Yes. Because Naia, Chronos, Gludio, Aden, Talking Island and Giran are all run of the same login server, game server, item server, character server and npc server. So if one server has to be merged/changed all have to stay down for the whole duration. That's why Naia/Chronos lags so terrible, because to many servers dipping into same hardware. EU servers all have their own hardware/virtual instance for each server. L2Classic doesn't run on same server as Awakening (Core) and Essence also doesn't affect any of the others. But NCWest logic for running all on 2 different servers on same hard
  11. When Juji was on Naia last Thursday he said "server is hitting 3000 online" and server was on heavy at that moment.
  12. @Juji @Hime You are going to remove all the adena and other items gained by the exploit and ban the users? On NAIA they kill their alts in unreachable places (castle throne room, clan hall) and exp with the sword in Timed Zones with PvP disabled. They earning trillions of adena and exp using an exploit.
  13. That's how ReVenGe/GreenFire won their wars back in 2008. Just mass petition opposing clan leaders, clan leaders get banned and you recruit their members. It was common practice.
  14. It has nothing to do with kills. An MMORPG server should be able to be lag free if they server load is at 75% and 25% of the logged in characters are standing in town doing nothings. In the old days, Franz, Teon, Luna never lagged this hard when load were heavy. And back then the server didn't go to heavy until 6000 people were logged in, now server goes on heavy status at 2500.
  15. @Juji Why is the ranking system tracking live again? I have been checking it for a few days now. And today I had final proof. I logged in today, got my event buff and set up to do some exp. My Iss was on rank 580. Two hours later after breakfast, shower and doing stuff around the house I checked it again. My rank changed from 580 to 579. My race rank went from 58 to 57. All in the time span of two hours. This means the server is doing LIVE rank checking again, and not only checking once a day at 06:30 AM server time to see if your rank increased or decreased. Live rank che
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