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  1. Putting client limit back to 3 will kill the game. But, yes. There should be a limit. People logging in 21 or more clients on one PC and populate whole Hellbound with them really is a no-go. But seriously, the 3 client limit has made more player leave L2 than you can imagine @SongMaster
  2. MAX VS DH ( Siege Protect rune )

    With good WASD movement settings in the client you can play 4 bars with the right side of the keyboard. An in-game macro with targetnext while on Combat Mode and target setting to PC will loop through every single possible target multiply times per second. I find it funny that RealMayer gets **** at for 3rd party while with modern client you don't need anything like that anymore, it's even more hilarious when you complain about stuff like that while he's fighting ScriptLord#1; Exe
  3. MAX VS DH ( Siege Protect rune )

    Learn the game before crying.
  4. How to make a dual class?

    Finish the quest chain from Tatri in Gludio and at lv99 Joachim in Aden will give you Dual Class.
  5. Haven't I been saying this for like 2 weeks now...?!
  6. JUST TURN OFF THE RANKING SYSTEM Decreasing mob density (which is lower than Korea already anyway) and removing Timed Hunting Zones (so you cannot avoid the Zariche-exploiters) is really the right way to support your players!
  7. I've pointed that out before, to some peasant saying the Auto-Hunt/Macro system is the reason lagged. Back in 2007 server never lagged, while it had way way more people playing. If server is still lagging without any people online on auto-hunt, I just gonna say it again. IT IS THE RANKING SYSTEM
  8. Noblesse quest

    The new leveling quest chain gives a Dual Class at lv95 and Noblesse Status at lv100. Leveling main from 1-100 and dual from 85-100 shouldn't take more than 2-3 days.
  9. Comparing my two Tyrr GK in equal gear (lv40 Paulina R-grade) on both Core and Naia my conclusion: Overall Atk. Spd on Naia is a low slower, it feels like I am missing like 200 Atk.Spd. It feels sluggish on Naia while having the exact same buffs and gear. But we need the Auto-Hunt. The whole frigging game is designed so you can log in the morning, port your character to Alligator Island, Ivory Cavern, Tanor Canyon or whatever other Solo Hunting Zone and turn on the auto hunt and get exp while at work. Without the auto hunt it's just another imbalance that is put onto NCWest players compared to the other regions. We already have a steeper exp curve, less adena drop and now disabling the auto hunt (maybe forever) is also making the game just unplayable without decent exp rates party zones. Exping in Elven Village/Sea of Spores is just not worth it when you get 30-40% less exp per mob in a party zone compared to a solo zone. We do need the auto hunt, we do need the auto pots. This are all vital parts of the Fafurion update. All of these features are working without problems on EU, RU, KR and JP servers. But why can't NCWest make it working on the NA servers? Has there been cut to much content from our version to make it work? Does it conflict with a NA server specific setting?
  10. Known Issue: Server Latency

    I hope you schedule to maintenance to not screw over European players in their prime play hours.
  11. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Quoting this because it should be mentioned on every page. After 4-5 hours of gameplay on Core, which has the Supplemental Fafurion patch as well I am starting to suspect that it's the NCWest servers that are just not capable of running the update. Everything on Core goes smooth, the melee Atk.Spd isn't crippled. The Manner Mode does a great job on NOT targeting the same mob as someone else instead of just standing there doing nothing. There is absolutely no sign of any lag while both servers run the same patch. @Juji I have spoken out before that the Ranking System probably is the reason for Naia and Chronos to be unplayable and I keep this suspicion. I totally agree with Draecke that there should be kept a good log and clear information to us on the progress of sorting out these issues. My clan has almost no melee/support class online because it's almost impossible for them to play. Siege last night was near impossible due to lag and it makes people leave Naia/Chronos left and right. We're aware of the limitations NCWest has in their team, we're aware that Korea just rolled out a new patch as well themself last week and maybe resources on their side are limited to give you and your team the support needed to make our servers run smoothly and bug free. Just be aware that nobody on NCWest will accept the default Angel Cat and GM buffs as compensation when this is all over, unless you want a mass exodus to occur. Keep us updated on what is going on! Last suggestion I gonna do: Can't you make the server just restart every day at e.g. 16:00 CEST? In the past days the server been very stable for 4-5 hours after a maintenance and a 30 minute downtime in the afternoon will make the server playable for majority of your players.
  12. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Bruh, back in 2007-8 when Franz and Teon were always on Heavy status there were 4000 players per server, of which easily half were bots. The server never lagged. You maybe had some system lag (pc not powerful enough) or rubber banding (low internet bandwith/packet loss) but never lag that would cripple your gameplay like this is doing now. Now, Naia even with the current player base and everybody having many more than just 3 accounts on, the server barely hits Normal status in the prime hours. And yet the server lags like crazy even during the day when the servers are on Light status. The lag has nothing to do with the account limit. The lag is caused by the ranking system which keeps track of every damn piece of exp and calculates that into your new position on the raking list.
  13. Known Issue: Server Latency

    I think it's THE CAUSE not the potential cause @Juji The live tracking of the rank based on gained exp is just causing to much stress on the server. The game is doing 2 ranking updates every time a player kills a mob, on Naia that is basically 2 database updates every second for 2000+ players. All lag issues in the past were caused by the database not being able to handle it. Years ago with the Piero event the item server lagged to a stand-still because to many items being dropped, same happened during almost every Valentines, Letters, Melon/Pumpkin event in the past 8 years. Just disable the Ranking System permanently. It has no additional value to Naia nor Chronos. The top 25 on Naia is populated by MAX and DH all level 109/110 gained from doing AFK macro exp since the last boost event and spending $15/h on boost items. All these guys don't need the buff the system is giving to (not) fight each other. It's a system that adds no value to a disorganised server structure like the one our servers. The Ranking System only makes sense on Korean, Japanese, Russian and EU servers were people have the Premium Account system or similar monthly subscription services (Prestige Pack isn't one, it's a joke compared to other regions).
  14. Hero Channel

    There used to be. The Korean Dev team removed it because in their little Korean-only world, hero chat is important and not full with trash talk from exploiters and RMT lords.
  15. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Oh hell no! You guys frigged up the servers and you gonna penalize players now? Everybody knows that the insane lag is being caused by the Ranking System that continuously is trying to update the database because everybody is doing auto-exp. Better turn off the Ranking System, because it's an useless feature for NA servers anyway.