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  1. ImperialRose recruiting any ACTIVE players. Require to speak english. If you are interested please pm me on here or ingame DarkRose86 or HealerIyr.
  2. Today we went from 1000 chars to 200 full bot chars. GJ!
  3. PM or mail Darkrose86 in game, I have a lvl 3 clan that I'm looking for English speaking players
  4. Still looking for more active members. Interested in being able to do clan hunts and RAIDS.
  5. Without grade penalty anything below what you can afford is dead. You can be in TOP A at lvl 1.
  6. ImperialxRose is a lvl 2 (working on lvl 3) clan recruiting active ENGLISH speaking members. Most clan members are 20-45 right now. If interested please mail or pm Ashial or Iyr in game for more info.
  7. I registered and everything to get this pack, then find that they are giving to lvl 20+ chars. Is this to the highest lvl 20 classic server char? If so that is retarded because i changed servers and got to lvl 20 yesterday before they decided to change requirements for this pack. I want the pack on the chars i currently play not on the server i DO NOT play.
  8. I have played lineage 2 since the very beginning of C1. I am playing as SK and have SE box. I play on Talking Island server, need some people to play with.
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