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  1. Still on with all who want play the game in all the stages...
  2. ActionHouse

    U need post this in sugestions.... But its good... i hope lv1 vip can be use that too...
  3. Cant change the loot of cc... Sometimes work and sometimes not... Sometimes i cant disband or dismiss partys...
  4. Swordsinger solo weapon

    This game its not for play solo... But if u want check your pasive weapon mastery. If u hv sword and blunt... Try a 2 handed weapon... Str+ tatto and good buff
  5. All the times that they publish a new patch they do it a few days before the update ... They do not want too much speculation, I think ...
  6. Saviors patch notes

    Come on... there are 5 days left and nothing at all?
  7. Bring Back XP Boost*2

    We need a good plus if they go make fusion or merge... I mean. Gludio need it... Low population=less oportunities of gear on marketplace ingame Less ppl to make good parties for farm in good zones GLUDIO NEED A LIFT...
  8. whats the problem

    So... who are you?
  9. game volume too loud

    Try use the mixer of Windows. Click in the speaker near the clock in the task bar... With the Windows mixer you can administrate each app independent