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  1. Dmg per lvl bonus on AA/feoh patch!!!!!!
  2. You can do it much better, at least 100% exp 50% pt and 100% vp
  3. Thought you gonna fix Black Friday coins cost, big fail there.
  4. @Himeno news about this? What kind of rewards can I expect for participating in the Beta, and how do I obtain them? All users who played beta can claim rewards for one of the L2/AION/BNS on the Cross Promotion page at the L2M official website. The page opens on Nov 10 ET. Compensation details for each IP can be found on the page below. > L2> AION> BNS
  5. Flame Crow, have a nice and terrifying aspect.
  6. if an item says it gives 10% patk / P Atk Crit DMG / P Skill Crit DMG / P Skill Power then that means you will do 10% more dmg on target respective to the stat when it is applied. you have items that say: patk/pskill crit dmg <- that means normal and pskill critical %, then you can't apply both damages on the equation. (there is also things say: normal/pskill crit dmg, is the same as above they just didn't standardize all the items) i'm not following you and i would want to understand why mutiplicative and not additive.
  7. how do you know crit dmg is additive but pskill is multiplicative?
  8. dont think so, doombringer for pvp, single target. if want tyrr aoe do a dreadnought (crit dmg type).
  9. My favorite class is tyrr dreadnought, good dmg and kinda tank while agro mobs. versatile class! Emuriel Naia
  10. Was this issue already fixed? 11/29
  11. Bro, could u be that kind to explain what u mean with this 2 points?: Emperor special Cocktail-no longer relevant for next update Prestige pack-lost his meaning in new update Plus can u share a link to next update? (even korean)
  12. Any way to solve this? NC help guys?
  13. I have a tyrr duelist 99 and im in very low dmg with blessed apoca dualsword +5 augmentation p.atk +113, dont remember the crystals it has imbued but nothing of HP, atk spd and dont remember if it was p. atk + 6% i think it was a cool weapon until i get 99 but i cant going on with this weapon anymore. what options do i have guys? should i go for a 2H-sword? im more the dualsword type but id prefer to get more damage or player dynamics, whatever it is the best. really appreciate your suggestions.
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