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  1. proly yes its explained https://www.lineage2.com/news/red-libra-summer-event-2019
  2. yes confirmed 3 ppl can beat the emperor squash on haste 1 and dual (fist) weapons
  3. yes is worth if you r not a class who cant touch the crit rate cap lets say you are AW lvl 40 and have friend (or alt) PP lvl 52 and he have enought SP to learn hes skills for this lvl (i mean focus lvl3) your base stat on crit may be like 45 or so putting dagger ON (lets say crystal dagger othell 6) your crit will change to 386 or something like that sorry dont have toon to give exact numbers so with your PP buffing you with focus crit rate willl be 444 well lets now put othel lvl 8 on the same dagger and focus your crit rate will be 466 conclusion wit
  4. can 3 toons beat Emperor Squash on normal buffs (haste 1) or i need help?
  5. also looks like no xBow anymore
  6. well +1 for this and shame on you NC, 15years experience not on this game only. shame on you
  7. Dragon Fire Pendant cannot "contain energie of Earth Dragon" and still call it Fire.
  8. there we go ... is UP . errrr..... was
  9. Giran were Up for like few minutes now we r waiting TI
  10. Mes

    no reward

    so . . . case closed
  11. Mes

    no reward

    Mes Mar 26, 22:23 PDT well if i "indeed deleted the quest Quest:Path of the Human Wizard " where the "Beads of season" came from? and one more thing. so, you tell me that when accepting quest no one know will i get what it say or not! GM SnowBlaze (Lineage 2) Mar 27, 04:12 PDT Hello there, We apologize for the confusion on our responses. We've reviewed the situation and found that you have completed the Path of Cleric instead of Path of the Human Wizard. Since you have changed your path the rewards for Path of the Human Wizard will goin
  12. Mes

    no reward

    Mes Mar 26, 02:04 PDT but right now i am human wizzard and have no any active quests to finish . . . well 3-th GM came to help . . . i feel myself so special GM SnowBlaze (Lineage 2) Mar 26, 21:52 PDT Hello there, After thorough investigation, we've found that you indeed deleted the quest "Quest:Path of the Human Wizard". However, you've obtained the change class via Bead of Season. With that said, we are unable to add the SP and EXP to your character. I hope this clarifies your inquiry. Best regards, GM SnowBlaze NCSOFT Support Te
  13. warlock is some kind of buffer. atleast after 58lvl. till then you are some low DPSer. each archer party will love you when you get your feline queen
  14. yea dorukasama is right i made another toon to lvl up myself aswell
  15. Mes

    no reward

    ok there is something i started 5 days ago Mes Mar 21, 16:21 PDT just finished mine 1-st class change quest and i havnt received any XP and SP just the quest item. Please for assistance Attachment(s) GM Son (Lineage 2) Mar 22, 13:43 PDT Hello, Upon checking, one of the requirements to finish the quest is to be lvl 20. Try to level up first then talk to the High Priestess to get the rewards. I hope this clarifies your inquiry. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us again. Regards. GM Son NCSOFT Support Team . . . RE
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