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  1. Is 14 players clan an exploit in the game ?

    In Naia there is the biggest side that is playing ALMOST ONLY in box clan to don't be killed and pk everyone else without any risk. Is an exploit, and is obviously used by the biggest bots owner that uses it to use them in war without getting killed first, but obviously ncsoft will never do anything against someone that in his video uses scripts, get POM without paty, get paagrio without domi, can kill people in hide and have 50 disparitions skills in 60 seconds, so dw, noone will ever make possible to get war against these cowards clans. Go everyone in minus 14 ppl clans, so they cannot do anything, joins Hybrid's style of game
  2. Chance

    If not all of them are not high gear everyone can join, so where is the problem ? I think i'm not geared enough to join but anyway it's not a problem
  3. Chance

    If you don't have the equip to join those clans it's right that you cannot join those "end game" dragons You can still do epics from Aden that are not that bad if you look for drops, or try to take raid fields...
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    Can you make the kills in pvp zone good as well to open a war? We are bored of box clan that joins war without accepting them. @Juji I know that the biggest botter in Naia is crying to don't do this, but the 99.999999% of your customers is asking for it
  5. War System

    This topic looks like exeq7er from naia crying because enemies pk his boxes clans that he uses in siege/rbs/everywhere to pvp without war and get advantage . War system has to be changed, but not how you say, but to don't permit to 5-6 "box" clans to partecipate in wars without being killed like a big side of Naia does
  6. About itme removal March 18 post from Hime

    Dear @Hime @Juji There will be a clan shop upgrade too? What willl happen to all the items that can be bought with daily coins? Thanks in Advance
  7. Antharas' crafting pack

    Crafting packs given as a reward for defeating antharas (the one that can be killed on 1st and 15th of the month) give corroded materials when opened instead of new materials
  8. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    i'm happy to be wrong I was reading in Castilla Labyrinth were there was the description of the reward box and is no more there. So it's only some info missing, I hope
  9. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    Do reward box from new kartia, baylor, kama has been deleted in the patch correction overnight?
  10. People have bought boosts with real money and you put a queque limit in a server that dc every 2 hours? So only bots can stay online, greeting real money making solution for ncsoft, what about ppl that are wasting their real money cause of YOUR fault?
  11. Hex enchant for skills

    I noticed that after the last update is changed the description of some enchant skills If i read HEX enchant on a DD or whatever else but tank is "Drecrease pdef" On my tank is has "additional Pdef" What's the difference?
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 9, 2019

    Greetings NCSoft, with new manteinance I got random disconnects of clients, but BOT still running there, don't worry, I'll give them my spot when i got DC and my party dies, but I won't give you anymore my money and my time
  13. aren't macro parties in here? You change mind thread to thread?
  14. Bot don't have limits

    oh of course tell me how YOUR macro parties can talk with GK, make CC command, accept it, enter in balok, retalk with GK, enter instances all alone, all of us will be pleased to know about your macro parties that can bot
  15. Problem is not client limit but that exp zones for parties are nerfed as hell. There is no reason to make parties with lvl 105 feoh in paulina (70% of DD nowadays)