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  1. You use a red font for sections and announcements, which is very difficult for somebody who is color blind to read. Personally I can only read most content if I highlight all the text. https://www.usability.gov/get-involved/blog/2010/02/color-blindness.html
  2. 109 - 110 before was 6,545,912,606,470,437 (6.545 quad) and now is 4,363,941,737,646,000 (4.363 quad) so 33% difference
  3. I seen this posted on the community L2 Discord server: https://d3v.me.uk/l2/exp-calc/index.html
  4. https://d3v.me.uk/l2/exp-calc/ you can see for yourself the current EXP table here
  5. This is wrong. Your source is for the EU version and not NC West. l2wiki is from EU content.
  6. I think it would be fair to either extend the exp event for a few days more, or change party from 50% to 100% if the login queue is removed. Due to the time the maintenance last night was, a lot of my CP has lost out on at least 8 hours exp, swamps, and are currently stuck in a login queue waiting to come back. This exp event is helping people catch up, so please help us.
  7. Let's at least have some of the group sizes increased in swamps if server transfers won't be open for a while. Looking forward to a reply at some point to this thread!
  8. I'm seeing a bug where let's say I have 10 Enchant points, and I'm clicking through to enchant the ability, the system window won't show 10x "Stage x communion was successful", but only maybe 5 times. It seems to happen if you're just trying to click through quickly. I guess for now I'll have to slow down on the clicking. Didn't experience this bug previous patch.
  9. Yes please and some party cakes too! Let's gooo!
  10. Thank you for the EXP event without the Big Vitality pack.... Please consider adding this to the store, it's been ages since we've had it. Also consider to promote some party exp and shove some cake pack promo in the store too.
  11. Lovely, thank you so much for the event where you provide cloaks & scrolls, but don't provide the augment stones!
  12. Let's not forget about all the stronghold 1 farmers who abused the time limit and farmed for 11hours a day, exploited day in day out, made who know's adena, and didn't get any punishment :)))))))))
  13. Remove the new trash PK system so I can PK all day long again. Solution fixed. #SnowFlakes
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