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  1. Launcher Error 'CefSharp.Core.dll'

    I have the same problem, I can't play!

    I read that with Morgan Freeman voice.
  3. Is there anyway to remove this annoying effect? I mean cmon, you want to get us headaches or seizures? I checked all graphics options and there is not any to turn off this annoying effect....
  4. @Juji Thank you for the response. I think the simple solution will be to remove the insane +15 Weapons/Armors and put back XP/SP and spawn boss cakes in each city to reduce lag from players. That will make it. Those Vip/lvl ideas are the worst solutions I've ever read, because again will turn into a PAY2WIN event, where is the ultimate 15th anniversary event if not all the player base could enjoy if they don't pay atleast 400 NC Coins for each account they own.
  5. 5 accounts only? Isn't it unlimited?
  6. 50% Exp Boost...... Bleh.... When are you banning bot parties from the good exp spots so I can lvl up my main 60+??
  7. How to fix Cake Event

    15kk or 400 Ncoin... HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! I bet you are the one who got hired to make the last "event" a gambling machine
  8. Bleh.. I hate to agree but yes, random ppl getting +16 yeah its a mess..... where is the effort to make a good weapon anyways... Is this game near the end? #CampaignBackNpcFioti
  9. You don't care about +16 Top C 'couse you got one from last event, the thing is that you are mad because you didn't win a +15 Top B or A. You are very stingy Scrooge Mc Stanx
  10. #CampaignBackNpcFioti Whats up with the 150% EXP boost thats looks more like 50%? Bring back the original EVENT.... You NC guys are a JOKE We have enough with BOTS in good EXP Spots and then you do this.... cancel a good EXP Event
  11. Why after I uploaded my launcher now I cant log my fourth accounts..... You had to say that it got FIXED or something.....
  12. Do you have Bots in your store 24/7? Do you have costumers shouting all day inside your store trying to sell their own goods to other costumers? Do you have some issues with your store entrance? If you don't then... NO SIR. YOU DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA.
  13. Xincode failed

    Yep, I'm getting the same error. Pls can you fix this? I can't play the game