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  1. Wow really? 2 days and no response... Please dont make me think illegal servers have more attention than official one... I NEED A FIX
  2. What's wrong with the new launcher? I was playing smoothly until you forced us to download new launcher which now I can't open the game. This is the error message I get everytime I open the new launcher: System.BadImageFormatException Could not load file or assembly 'CefSharp.Core.dll' or one of its dependencies. not a valid Win32 application. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800700C1) at NCLauncherW.App.c9cb3b23a99153091523a9a624a5af6f2.MoveNext() at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.AsyncVoidMethodBuilder.Start[TStateMachine](TStateMachine& stateMachine) at NCLauncherW
  3. Stanx complimenting himself with one of his 20 accounts, You really have ego issues Stanky "He planned brilliantly and succeeded with his plan. Well done Sir." This part really made me LOL Someone needs therapy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  4. So if you are farming be careful couse you will get random game crashes like this one. Never had one since I installed this game until now.... Oh and btw my lvl 70 healer cant use any new spiritshots... what the hell man!!
  5. How many soulshots/spiritshots from NG, D, C ,B, A will we get for the new ones?
  6. Well I think the classic server will be online for a while, I would like to suggest that dont get to comfy with these results, I bet that income increase for Lineage 2 came from the classic server when they said it wouldn't have any P2W thats how they attracted so many people but now look at the servers they are dying. I bet the next year will be not so successful
  7. This is when the classic servers turned into a bizarre live version, kinda dissapointed and it will be extremly hard to keep paying for shots from now on. I hope they give Vips at least the chance to give them a 50% discount on Shots or something worthy to keep playing in this dying game
  8. Well folks I blame the bot farmers and bot clans too, they wanted to get all the good stuff farming 24/7 in the best areas, they exploited and logged so many bot accounts to get +15 weapons and epic jewelry from events, now at the end with their greed they will have to play with themselves, real players are leaving. At least NC milked us pretty good with their P2W stuff but top bot clans, they lost a lot investing in those adrenaline keys now that server are starting to look like a ghost town... HAHAHAHAHAHA! Enjoy ur game BOT CLANS!
  9. There is no point now in searching for SS recipes, next weekly update they will be removed and we will use just one type of SS for all grade weapons.... It will be more expensive even for D grade weapons... LMAO!
  10. Well.... Let's lvl up all our mains to 75+ levels with no SP, no B or A gears, NO SKILLS, Low Adena rate and bots in the good farming areas. Getting SP at those levels killing monsters almost naked will be a pain in the butt.. no thanks!
  11. Says the one who has like 3 auto parties in the good spots farmin 24/7 at Gludio..... Sorry but we can't be no lifers, we have jobs and families to attend, so yeah... we are not kids anymore with tons of time to spend on this old game.
  12. Like the illegal servers you used to be?
  13. Kinda PAY2WIN but yeah that will stop clan and russian botters to at least put a dime into NCWest services but I bet they will not, they have enough money to spend on their adrenalines. HAHAHHAHA! This feature should be for the ones which want to pay luxuries so VIPs will be fine
  14. And add the fact that some stingy players want to make it a PAY2WIN event, so if your buffers are not VIP then you are screwed... LOL
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