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  1. Increase buff duration

    Like the illegal servers you used to be?
  2. Make Auto Loot Available like Adena

    Kinda PAY2WIN but yeah that will stop clan and russian botters to at least put a dime into NCWest services but I bet they will not, they have enough money to spend on their adrenalines. HAHAHHAHA! This feature should be for the ones which want to pay luxuries so VIPs will be fine
  3. And add the fact that some stingy players want to make it a PAY2WIN event, so if your buffers are not VIP then you are screwed... LOL
  4. Increase buff duration

    Yeah at least 30 mins on Buffs/Dances... 20 mins is very annoying
  5. Did you read what I wrote in my last post? I guess not.... lol You're welcome
  6. No, What are YOU talking about? This "event" wasn't a Pay2Win event at start, ok? You want to turn all events only available for VIPs only? What are you thinking? Yes it's good to have some Pendants/Tickets P2W events, I bought a lot of them. But to make all events like that just because your solution lacks of creativity will not help the game.
  7. Actually is a terrible and miserable idea from both of you, It will turn this 15th Anniversary event into a PAY2Win event again, you don't pay you don't get any exp. I have VIP 4 in my main account since October so your dumb idea is I have to pay more NC coins to get my 2 buffers to catch me up? Don't think only in yourself, yes, maybe u got the money and you don't have to put food on your table but I do. So don't come up with these stingy pay2win ideas and BOTS will always find a way to expoit the game and events that's a cheap excuse to restrict the ULTIMATE 15th Aniiversary just for vip accounts, gimme a break.... They just need to remove the pointless +15 Gear and put EXP/SP back and summon cakes in each town to reduce lag.... PROBLEM SOLVED.
  8. 150% only? Nahhhhhh! We want the exp cake only, not the non sense +15 WEAPONS..... THE MILLIONS of EXP WE WANT!
  9. We have added a 150% XP/SP server boost setting for the rest of the event period Well now in game system message says 50%
  10. Ok, so you gave us a nice EXP EVENT for a month to catch up new content then suddenly cancel and remove the good stuff and give us some crappy 20 min XP trash and 150% exp event thats is not even 60%???? FAIIIILUUUUUREEEEEEE! Bring back the CAKE!
  11. That's what you get when you pk lowbies with your main so your autobots steal a good spot from them. Keep Pking and harassing lowbies. Enjoy the sour cup of Xp loss.
  12. Rollback

    I love all of the update except the macros and autobot function which encourage to afk for long periods of time, I don't see the point.
  13. We need Drop / Spoil Database !

    They will never fix spoil rates because the VIP 3 and 4 system already gives materials when you redeem vip coins, so NC Soft is telling you that if you wanna spoil how it should be you need to buy their VIP 3 level atleast. Spoiler in this game is lost so if you wanna enroll one keep in mind that is very hard to gain materials with this 0.5% drop rate / 0.2% Spoil rate. BOTS Paradise take advantage of this broken system very well. I hope now that they put PAY TO WIN items in the store they increase the drop/spoil rate as 1x, there is no point going hardcore with P2W items....
  14. Make Beast soulshots affordable

    Thank you for the explanation, I'm aware of that. I go to Giran for Soul Stones but still summon beast soul shots are expensive for a new player. You use 4x soulstones for 30 Beast SS and summons use 2 BSS per hit so its like 70 adena per hit. I just want that Vip users take a little advantage of the Vip coins system so some of us summoners could save adena in shots, they don't even sell them in shop.
  15. Make Beast soulshots affordable

    If I don't need to teleport to Giran how do I magicly appear soulshots when I run out? So what about my buffers, how do I get them free teleports? Yeah summoners are so OP that don't need any gear or buffs just being naked is enough to rule everything and btw CPs don't look for them couse they think they do bad DD, yeah that makes them very OP indeed.... ofc... makes sense now.... I gave alternatives.... like VIP coins redeem for Beast Soulshots, or all the bots are VIP 3? I Don't think so, they have to pay 10 dollars monthly for their adrenalines so I dont think those bots are even VIP 1.