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  1. Feoh Super 8 says 1 % when it should say 10%
  2. YumYum and NomNom Candies

    Of course a post for this.30% boost is nice and if some have it all should have it. Or none should have it. If your mad about the post you probably got lucky and still have yours.
  3. How is it that some got theirs deleted on the march 4th date , but many still have them and reap the benefits of 30% more exp? I ant mine back.
  4. 4th of July

    Will there be any celebrated event in honor of 4th of July, or are there to many snowflakes that would throw themselves? Its a ncwest server and American holidays should be celebrated.
  5. Power of Love

    If it is same event dont bother with that garbage
  6. Power of Love

    @Juji Please talk to them and ask them to add the Cupid bow that shoots hearts!!!!! We NEEEEED this!
  7. Summoners

    The ability of Summoners being able to attack While on a mount needs to be removed in order to balance this class.
  8. Epic Bosses need to be increased to 82 , The server is 80 running on B grade and cant farm lower level bosses for epic jewels in the current format. Also not being able to sell materials to the shop screwed the economy. Looking for a real answer here. With Varka,IT,Ketra and Lair being non huntable to 98% of the people how do you expect people to make adena? Can cram the whole server into garden or forgotten island? Lets be reasonable. The fact we can
  9. Fishing Coin

    Bumped for info plz
  10. Fishing Coin

    @Juji @Hime
  11. Sale of recipes and Materials

    @Juji @Hime
  12. This in no way should be allowed to happen. There are never alot of Buy shops for most base mats. Selling to the shop is really the only way I get my shot money together. If this is happening a few things would need to happen. Extreme boost in adena drops. And adena would have to drop in ALL areas of the map. Please look into this before it is implemented.Think to yourself , how will they actually make adena, its bad enough as is.
  13. GM Buffs

    Gm buffs by weekend would be awesome. Plz and TY.
  14. Feathers

    Requesting that feathers be added to Ncoin shop permanently.