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  1. Requesting more lines added to in game macro system. Using a Prophet , its impossible to buff a wholegroup with the current amount of macro line allotted .
  2. I am considering stocking up on some cards. I notice that some give free item codes as a bonus. Looks like only R Grade scrolls for live. Question 1 : Can ncoin cards be used for Classic Question 2 : Is there or will there be a item bonus for Classic now or ever? @Juji @Hime
  3. Says if item has been restored by another character on another account it is not eligible for restoration. Will you be somehow marking items that have been restored to protect buyers?
  4. As a soulhound I ove the class, but it needs a seriuous boost to be competitive at all in mass PVP. -Debuffs have extremely long cool down. -Debuffs last for 3 seconds and 5 seconds IF they land. -Our best debuff Steal Divinity does not function and has long cooldown. -Every skill we have is 600 range or less. Hard to tear into a mage or archer when at 900 range you get a nuke/arrow to the face. What I like to see is either equal debuff time to other classes or equal cool downs Our meat and potato skill Steal Divinity to actually work.. Range or bette
  5. I am considering a few upgrades. Before I do i need some info. I want to buy a beefed up S Grade Rapier, but there is no way to know if it has been restored prior to buying. So the question at hand is this. If i buy said S Grade rapier and it HAS been restored , I enchant it and it blows up.....will I be able to restore the weapon. God knows everyone will say their item has not be restored. The restoration policy needs clarification. Is it 1 restore per item per account? Is it Item can be restored once. Can i buy that weapon and enchant it ,fail and give to another account? If the answer
  6. One of the things to be considered is allowing all drops to go directly to your inventory again. Nukers/archers distance kills all cant always auto pick up drops like mele.
  7. At this point I think that elemental zones need drops. Cant get crafting components there. Even a little adena to maintain shots would be nice. There is not enough space on the map currently for solo hunting.Some will say its not a solo game, but I prefer the solo content.At very least allow crafting drops in elemental zones.
  8. Steal Divinity is still broken....doesn't and at all now.
  9. With cancel being fixed , I hope this also fixes steal Divinity for SoulHounds. @Juji??????
  10. It is Broken. Has not landed in I dont know how long. @Juji can you please look into this, as it is one of the major skills or the soulhound.
  11. Feoh Super 8 says 1 % when it should say 10%
  12. Of course a post for this.30% boost is nice and if some have it all should have it. Or none should have it. If your mad about the post you probably got lucky and still have yours.
  13. How is it that some got theirs deleted on the march 4th date , but many still have them and reap the benefits of 30% more exp? I ant mine back.
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