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  1. It of course does not cost 10k dollars. Do you math again. Of course spending 10k dollar for top pvp isnt that strange things for korean/japanese servers. I know people from there - they are very few and server is empty though. There I know a few people who spent actually more than 100,000 dollars - not 10k dollars. Trust me. People who pay will still pay till the end skeletal bone end.
  2. NCwest please make game non-free. But with monthly account fee of 30 dollars a month (without any other way of alternative payment method such as Ncoin) And then you can be easy on inventing new itmes right? Lol i am highly up for this. People who dont want to play wont play anyway so the impact wouldnt be that big
  3. If you insist on playing healer, go back to classic. I am very serious about this to tell you. You can’t even grind as a healer in live server. Of course if you are top-geared, you can, lol. Or please look up for high populated prive servers for l2, there usually u gain much more xp so it must be okay for even non-geared healer to grind. Although you will be fed up with what is waiting anyway after some times. Althernatively, you can buy adena to buy xp shinning growth xp scrolls to get xp. Really, don’t waste your time on this game fruitless hard grinding.
  4. Your approach to NCsoft was wrong. Lol you shouldve asked whether you can pay to buy SP. not just ask for free SP because you dont have them. Try that again
  5. It is 100 percent your fault. Make a new account
  6. It seems that you did bot or scam. You can tell them you will spend a few hundreds bucks for this. Who knows they may cut you some slack lol
  7. If you want to have l2 adena, simply use your credit card to earn it, not farming in-game. It is that simple.
  8. Lol they are not putting event to send away ppl. They are putting events for more $. It is like fishing. If you still do not know whats going on you are a total fool. and who cares about ppl coming back and ppl like yourself who do not contribute to the nc store - no one.
  9. Black friday is coming around and no news is still announced ! Release the contents!
  10. Thousands hero coin owner complaining about p2w? Lol look whos talking. These guys are stoned or what lol
  11. Before people come back lol i laughed out loud man. Its like you hope to get better on terminal cancer lol
  12. People think hard whether any of nc soft’s log-in/fishing event is worthy electricity bill. perhaps it is only profitable/do-able in underdeveloped countries. where everything is so cheap
  13. Nc west has options to make L2 great again, lol 1. Nc west should close their eyes on all cash to adena trade like other L2 servers in other countries. 2. Sell all the event items for real $. For example cloak +15, lvl 5 jewels, +5 circlets, all other epic accessories too - or block all bots and auto macroing. 3. Allow people to change their main/dual toons for real $, not only during shltty red libra - or merge the live servers right away. 4. Fix shltty macro induced PK bugs - or should you keep your eyes closed on all account trade for real $. The most realistic opti
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