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  1. I got a mass disconect and now the Launcher is not working. Anybody have the same problem?
  2. Are you guys even read what you announce? you said the card event will be fro 1 more week but the event items will be deleted tommorow!!!! Hows that make any sence. I bet you guys doing the same when we sent a ticket for something. You dont even read it and answer with a premade email propably on auto
  3. The other thing i cant understand is that when you buy something from NCstore have limitation 1 per account so if you have 2 characters in the same account only the 1 can buy it BUT you cant share the items in your account because the items or scrolls or whatever are bound to the player not to the account. There should be an account wharehouse and you can transfer everything between my characters IN THE SAME ACCOUNT. Is rediculus to pay real money and cant use your items the way you want and need
  4. I think is not fair to have items bounded to the player only. All items should be tradable especialy in the same account. When you buy items from the NCstore you should be able to share them into your account withought even make a ticket there should be a dimentional wharehouse and to be able to store everything there . Is unfair for people that payed really money not to be able to use these items as they want to
  5. Hi all, I started playing here because it supposed to be an Official Classic server. It started good but now is jus the live with lower rates, just pay to win custom items. Developers dont do nothing to make the game playable from all people. They ruin the economy with simple changes. Things that must be changed in my opinion are theese: 1. Make the mobs drop money so people can afford the soulshots and spirit ores they need to play 2. Make the farm areas correct to the levels and open the whole map, whats the reason to make toi hight lvl area and did not open mos?
  6. @Juji & @Hime any update? because we still getting that from the event. Will be there an npc to trade the item?
  7. Insted of wasting time to boost the pk chars why dot you spent some time to fix actual problems of the game? Fish and fish stew are not tradable (thats a bummer cause is a part of the economy) Matterials cant be sold to the store (another bump in economy) damage window 5th skill bar add areas that people can actually farm adenas and xp open more castles you cant ask on npc for 5.000.000n adenas and to buy something and no drop adenas plus the ways to make adenas are eliminated unless the bots and the sites that sells adenas are ncwest part and you dont care
  8. @Juji you guys put the loop macro for the botters.... how about to make some actual fixes like sell materials to the grocery dmg window 5th bar for skills fish to be tradable Auto reuse buffs on buffers trade materials like ss, spirit ores etc block adena sellers when u restart the game the skills to be reseted and not be on forever Thats the things i can see for now Thabk you
  9. @Juji add to the list the fish stew and fishes to be tradable plus the materials prices at the shop.... everything is 0 adenas now
  10. Some things that dont make sense: 1. You cant sell to the shop materials B grade are all 0 adenas 2.Soulshot, spirit ore, sayas buff scroll, xp scrolls etc are not tradable (why is that?) 3.Fishing xp is decreased like 3000% fish stew are very expensive (you could buy a stew with 5 fish and now you need 50) 4. Adena drop are the same while everything is more expensive(+topic 1) 5.Macro is not working at all not even to follow a player 6. When you log out and then log in all the skills or scrolls that u had activated are still activated 7. Why we lost the dmg
  11. i mean rigfht click on buff and when is done to do it again by itshelf not waste a macro for that
  12. Sine the classic servers are like live but with less xp i think the buffs on wc and ol should be in recycle
  13. Chaotic charachters shoiuld use any npc like teleport , wharehouse , grocery etc Their stats should go down depents how much karma they have Should not be able to use a mount They should not be able to be near towns or in the town and the guards not to chase them My point is that PK is something to be punished and not to cheer them and let them ruin the other player game just because
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