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    Well, let's go ... 1. Hunting Zones and Raid Bosses

    Some changes were ok, but you just left several farm airs empty and touching on the subject that ALL commented the adms team owe some areas for leveling cps from 107 to 111 because an MMORPG is not a solo game as the name says, we at West are not Koreans and there is still a long way to go to their level and equipment level and that of most other servers, in relation to plunderous and adena, since you nerfed plunderous because you understood that you should not drop "too much" adena in a weak area you should put the same amount of adena in areas 111+ to level the growth of the players leaving the adena received according to their respective level, in relation to stronghold we at West pay for a product called prestige pack that gives us 300 % more than adena and this is what makes the prestige something viable because his box has not been updated in years and the bootlle box does not even need to comment is shameful, but even paying for this supposed 300% increase you left the adena the same as the other servers that do NOT pay for it which is at least strange, About raid boss? I don't even know what that is since only one player makes these raids in seconds and amazes SOLO, so there were no changes in that part.


    2. Augment System I thought the idea of you seeing what could come and the question of not having to go to an npc to put or remove your augment was very cool, the price went up, but ok, you can move on.

    3. Item Changes Putting an archer with secrecy was fine UM online, but the status it gave was something good for everyone, regarding existing items the community in general will have a lot of difficulty to equip themselves, because the game itself does not give you that opportunity without you spend a few hundred dollars every month

    4. Skill Changes Removing the daggers store bug was a good thing, the new dual passives are good.

    5. Other Changes There are errors in the game that you simply ignore, perhaps because you don't see or play the game, as you may not even be able to change classes because your bag is full even after removing all items from it, this is tiring and I don’t believe I’m hard to fix, I know they’re capable, another stupid mistake but I’m uncomfortable with the eviscerator’s hero message that is something exclusive to West, the prices of NC West for some other unknown reason are at least 4 times higher if compared to innova and korea or any other official server, try to level these things out, you exchanged the forgoten fragments for ether which is useless because everything is very expensive and only drops 120 days anyway, there is a lot that you can change, well to work .

  2. On 18/04/2018 at 9:55 AM, yunho said:

    Eu acho que o GM não precisa fazer um item grátis como o sorteio que irá agravar a opinião do jogador. Eu acho que você tem que colocar os jogadores interessados em se inscrever em pacotes de prestígio, dando-lhes itens raros em cubo de prestígio e que você realmente dá no cubo por meio do jogo, você tem que aumentar a chance de os jogadores conseguirem

    I agree with him, pay a prestige pack to get gemstone, normal enchant and fragment bootle becomes unfeasible, in 4 months paid I did not even get 1 bloody stone ...

    if it is to leave the price the same thing was better nor to move, you of the staff should have the minimum of respect with the players, what you are doing border the ridiculous, please, when they want to really improve the server just do it do not stay speaking in the wind ...

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