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  1. ++++ please post % chance of boxes going forward!
  2. it took me 4 hours in coal mines to go from 105 75% to 107 running all the free boosts from the event. solo (aoe yul) with tank pulling out of party
  3. i think a good solution would be adding party hunting zones (equivalent to ketra / varka) for the level 105-107 and 107-109 hunting zones that way people have the option to solo (like they are currently) or can run full parties at places there own level
  4. Looking to get the most out of the upcoming exp event? It just so happens I drunkenly made a video with some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of an exp event last night. https://youtu.be/Jmdw49QOxJc Feel free to post any questions you may have here or pm me ingame on Chronos (character name BoBandy) and I will try to reply!
  5. @Juji can you provide any info on this 30 day vitality maintaining rune? will it be free? cost celebration coins? ncoin? thank you!
  6. not true - we had a party of 109s survive over night last night on one of the smaller groups. only averaged about 3.5t per hour, but still was able to be done. The biggest thing is the damage penalty of being 109, a couple of our DD's in our main CP hit 110 over the past week and there damage almost doubled out there....really a semi geared party of 110 should be more than enough.
  7. +++++ I think if they could make a party area for 105-107 and 107-109 that would be a huge plus to the game. Playing as a group is way more fun and also how the game was originally intended to be played (remember the good ole days??).
  8. since returning, ive wondered why the necropolis and catacombs are no longer utilized? I think it would be great, especially if they could make them hard enough to require a party (even party exp bonus like with ketra / varka) for the level 105-110 range.
  9. First off want to say the addition of Ketra / Varka was great. The main thing I learned from this addition?? That actually playing this game in a group and not solo is enjoyable, and tough!! With that being said, I think it could be beneficial to add in a group exp area like what you did with ketra/varka for the level 107-109 range, that way people have an alternative to just soloing in AI / FOS etc... I think encouraging group play will help bring some life back to the game rather than everyone just setting up afk 24/7. Just a thought, what do others think?
  10. when you are combining, you only use 1 crystal? also what happens if it fails? do you lose the dye and crystal or only crystal?
  11. Up until this point I have been using focus for my skill enchants, so I did a little test case to see how much damage increase I would get from switching from focus to break. https://youtu.be/ppywLRQaiP8
  12. FYI red libra details for tomorrow were posted here: https://www.lineage2.com/news/red-libra-september-event not much change from the one back in January that I covered in the video, so video is still relatively accurate
  13. I agree and that does make sense. I guess what I struggle to understand is that for each level (103,105, 107, 109) there is only two hunting zones for each. This game is huge with hundreds of un-used hunting spots lvl 1-85, why cant they upgrade some of those zones so there could be 4 or 5 options at each of these levels (103,105,107,109 etc) rather than just two? Maybe its ncsoft's intention to have competition for spots, just seems a little odd for a game that is played 90% afk.
  14. Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought the feedback from the community was around mob density in zones level 105-109, not being able to find groups of mobs cause they are all full and what not. The solution is adding 2 level 112+ zones? While I personally will benefit from this, I feel bad for the rest of the community that is having trouble finding a spot anywhere below this level (which I would say is 95% of the server). I do appreciate that they are listening and trying to help - better than nothing at all!
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