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  1. What a joke... Why u give random GM buffs without any notice on forum at all??? You should tell people some days before u do this at least. What a bad work!
  2. People that sin get punished... That´s exactly what we need in here also. Perma ban to cheaters means they lose full gear so they would stop this stuff. Easy as that. The way u wrote this seems like you are a bit scared about this happening, can i guess why?
  3. And this is the best post in all the forum... simple as that... WHY? @Hime @Juji
  4. Some Fun in Aden :D

    And when somebody sends a ticket nothing happens... I wonder what's your real job in here because i dont see you helping on anything besides closing people posts or making warnings when people put information about others using cheats... Stop this nonsense and start perma baning all the cheaters of all the servers...
  5. Restoration Policy – Ineligible Items List

    And you only got that feeling now LOL? That feeling came like 8-10 years ago... Your to late!
  6. Stuff i wonder to know

    Just another brilliant idea from NCSoft... Soon yuls will have mana shield i bet...
  7. Stuff i wonder to know

    Ty for info! I had no clue about that since i dont own any god jewl.
  8. Stuff i wonder to know

    OK so i wonder to know how is this even possible since iam not a L2 guru. https://imgur.com/a/sNIMe2m https://i.imgur.com/orSSiBu.png My iss has celestial aegis for already some seconds going on and then sudenly i take that hit of 3,072,462 damage from eXEQ7er as u can see. I wana know wich items/skills can do that. You can see that iss is dead and Celestial is still on also. This Celestial is supposed to make you invensible so i want to know this works. My iss is equiped with exalted heavy set + rare acessory jewls free pack atm circlet of grace dragon shirt (all the free stuff) and he is lvl 108 as u can see. Gms are also welcome to explain me this. This printscreen was taken few minutes ago. @Juji @Hime
  9. GM BUFFS should have alerts hours before

    GM buffs are only for top whales u didnt know??? This is a total joke at the least... He should give 1 potion with all buffs to be used whenever we wanted in a period of time because people work etc... but on this server only money matters! Go in bleep @Juji !
  10. PK DROP ?

    Sadly its not. They want Lineage to become like WOW it seems...
  11. Tales Untold Feedback Collection (Live)

    Its time for some hard written text since you wanted a good critic to the game updates! So as this game is going on, it's more likely to World of Warcraft on every single update, for example: You pk and nothing can happen to you - Like in WOW. Gear and potions droping on events are self bound - Like in WOW. Instances - like in WOW. Now some other crap we got atm ingame: World raid bosses are always 1 or 2 sided max so u cant go to them, u can even delete them from the game cause only ppl that RMT takes them. Almost half of the game content doesnt drop ingame (you must use the L2Store if you want to get it or bot 24/h to get adena to trade for NCOINS). Sieges are like 1 hit for top whales or RMTERS or donaters of the server. Cheaters using 3rd party programs for years and not a single perma ban. (this is the worst thing we have) Events that drop only top stuff for top geared people (this incentivate the RMT ingame...) Guess what WE NORMAL PLAYERS dont want to let PC on 24/h! WE NORMAL PLAYERS dont want to have more then 2-3 chars logged in for buffs or heal on the back. To cut the max boxes you can log into 3 was a good choice but, not at all because, you didnt cut the max boxes you can log in per IP. So there is still tons of boxes of people to farm ingame adena. What's the point in this? Make drops better and cut the boxes... Yes iam against cheaters and exploiters and RMTERS and no, iam not against the donaters of the game cause they make the server alive, but think a bit and see if this makes any sense at all... I want Lineage 2 back like old times not this peace of ***!
  12. Augmenting: Where is all the Lifestone

    And the only good answer is COC! Wich is camped by top rmters and cheaters so gl getting it in there ;]
  13. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    I remember the times where we could drop even from dying to mobs. Nowadays everyone crys because of pk drop. Game its becoming a macro bot party. IMO remove the macro system and put pk drop possible again, also remove sin eater and pk removal scrolls. No more cry babys...
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 4, 2020

    If u read again maybe u will get it...