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  1. The thing with iHyperlite is that he pays hard so why should he waste VP ?
  2. Another crap event:). New players cant even participate because they will need clan lvl 10. And yes higher clans wont invite newbies to their clan. So in the end its another event for top players. Gj guys.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm0x0JcIC4s&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=dhclan IMO the best player that this server ever had.
  4. I dont need to provide you with anything. Just ask around why he changed char after so many bans. Btw did you join this game this year or last year? Because it seems you dont know anything about this guy and his "family" from the past lol. Anyway i will let you in here some old printscreen just for fun :]. https://ibb.co/xhkvW32 [moderated for language violation] Now you can go ask around why he changed char ;]. I know some people that left the game for good because they cant stand cheaters like them. It takes out all the fun of the game. In the end only ch
  5. If you believe in fairy tales... This guy was already baned more then once but never perma baned. Did u read that before u post nonsense? He is immune to everything because GMs are on his side, its pretty obvious.
  6. And again you got caught cheating in this game. I just wonder for how long donaters will stay on this game with players like you around cheating all the time. If i was a top donater by this time i would make a single petiton to perma ban you and if that wouldnt happen i would leave the game for good. Since iam a free to play player i just laught in your face cause all you can do is cheating and find stupid people to follow you and buy items/adena from you for real money. You were already baned more then twice and this is probably going to be just another 3 days ban or somethin
  7. @Hime @Juji I got a question for you guys. In patch notes it is said: " .Changed the item drop rewards that can be obtained in the Primeval Island. Noble Upgrade stone, Radiant Upgrade Stone drops were deleted. " Since when this dropped before the patch notes? You guys removed the option to change scrolls for this stones at dimensional after this update. Congrats for all this greedy removing system that u guys make all the time... For real, atm most of people cant even exp in old zones they used to exp and worse than that its the exp
  8. The only bad thing about him is that sooner or later he will betray you even if u are on the same CP for months. Yolo!
  9. Ok so at this event most of the people will stay with the very same cloak they had before because prices are all crazy and enchanting its broken. Atm on server most of the people that arent whales are still playing with R99 weapons or armors because, Elcyums are totally stupid to farm. Unless u pay 50bils for 3 fancy rods wich most of the people dont have adena to buy. Most of the items that drop ingame are obsolete. You cant craft because of the ether drop. You cant upgrade your gear because enchant rate its bad as hell. And alot of stuff you cant even try to upgrade because scrolls
  10. Imo this GM buffs are going along for the same people that always take the greedy boxes and that´s the big problem on this server... another corrupted GM... If he comes just for this i better be without him ingame.
  11. So i have been looking all over the forum for the buffs given today (10/12/2020) at around 10:30 pm gmt+0. I saw 0 posts from @Hime or @Juji announcing about that buffs. Why do we keep having random time GM buffs without any kind of announcement??? For me this is pure garbage professional work from @Juji. You guys know that people work and have their lifes right? When is this going to stop? Or is GM friendly to only some people ingame? There was a time when i saw @Juji banning all the cheaters ingame and i was really in favour of him but, this last years i smell someth
  12. This could be a really good change on the server if 2 things happen. But i bet not even one will happen... At first we need PERMA BAN and i will repeat to make it clear PERMA BAN on cheaters that auto teleport to the spot with 3rd party software. If @Juji said that he will monitor this (wich i bet he wont) this could improve the gap between players on the server. Second thing is that for the most players on the server this chests are totally impossible to kill alone. So we need to reduce the p.def and hp of the chest or, at least remove the healing of the chest. Another thing
  13. What a joke... Why u give random GM buffs without any notice on forum at all??? You should tell people some days before u do this at least. What a bad work!
  14. People that sin get punished... That´s exactly what we need in here also. Perma ban to cheaters means they lose full gear so they would stop this stuff. Easy as that. The way u wrote this seems like you are a bit scared about this happening, can i guess why?
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