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  1. BD is a must no matter what. SWS needed for PvP, not really needed for PvE in most cases. SE for recharges and emp. EE for recharges and clarity. PP/WC. WC would probably be the best option all-round although PP is technically better with the blesses, and resists, and bers. ES/Necro/WL/PS. Generally a mage that has transfer pain. ES is the best option IMHO as you gonna farm by nuking and you can self buff with pony. Water pendant lvl3 +8++. Last and most important part is to have 6 "little brothers" *wink wink* to pilot all of them basically 24/7 AFK f
  2. Yeah... I don't think NCwest is ever gonna give out odds/chances on loot boxes and other gambling-like elements like enchanting Heck, they don't even bother to fix "item may break in case of failure" prompts in time on some items that cost real money (i.e pendants), and other misleading descriptions in that regard, for example: Hell no it's not 100% Broke like 5 damaged Baium's rings on over +4. I'm still amazed on how the laws allow this kind of gambling where you have no clue what-so-ever on the odds... In casinos you at least can count the od
  3. One real thing I can not stand here is how P2W items here are available for only certain period of time to be purchased which means that new players and players who maybe could not play for longer periods of time just miss out the opportunity to obtain crucial P2W items (Dragon pendants, fate tali, hats, etc...) that after the "P2W event" ends are being sold for either astronomical prices for adenas/RMT, or become complete unobtainium since nobody is selling them (Water pendand I.E.). I think that once the "P2W event" introduces new P2W items they should remain in the shop FOREVER so that new
  4. I don't play on live so can't recommend anything, sry.
  5. Simple answer - Elemental Summoner. It's the most versatile, least expencive and self-sufficient class there is (Warlock would be the second best and Phantom summoner the third IMHO). At least for now. And I hope this is going to change at some point because I really don't like to play it. In general - don't play any melle unless it's a destro to be relevant in almost any "fun" activities there are (which is basically just siege at this point). "Regular" mages are way underpowered right now compared to their summoner counterparts and you have to have at least EE & SE to lvl efficiently. If
  6. If you're using Death Spike to farm you should reroll to something else. Well, unless you're not 50+ lvl and rolling a necro for the 1st time then all I can say is you have to power through until you get CDL.
  7. Amm, just so you know, all servers were opened at the same time, so they're not "new" - they're dead.
  8. Yeah, sure. And then everyone would be doing RoA quest with alt chars every 2-3 days (can't remember how long it takes to delete a char) for infinite Aden talismans and scrolls up until one finally gets Aden +10. This won't happen, at least not until there's a way to obtain the item for free.
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