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  1. Underground chests

    Waiting for an official reply from a GM. I asked you why you removed something without notice in patch notes. I'm really waiting for a reply here.
  2. Mats Prices

    If the whole server stop buy nccoins and adena for just one week, you will see GMs here asking us what we want them to change to the game. Now they are just laughing.
  3. MMORPG???

    You are totally right and I think that NCSOFT is also agree with you and that's why they only care of take as much money as they can before they shut it down. Because every update they do is driving to this way. Zero community, zero gaming, zero everything. We just spend electricity. The whole server is a huge AFK macro party.
  4. Aden Treasure chest drops

    Never dropped one until now. NCsoft is laughing with I'm sure
  5. How to make adena since new update ??

    After the update you simply CAN'T make adena. Chinese sellers are very happy with the new update.
  6. In the patch note we can clearly read that the following chests will be removed (I copy paste your patch notes) Removed the following 3 chests that yielded weapon appearance modifying items. Removed Chest/Box items Hero's Treasure Chest – Aden Reconstruction Hero's Treasure Chest - Western Winds L2B2's Gift Box First of all Hero's treasure chest didn't had appearance as rewards. Secondly, you are not only deleted the Hero's treasure chests but you also deleted the simple trasure chests. And you are not just deleted the Western Winds chests (even the simple ones) as you wrote in the patch notes but you are also deleted the undergound chests too. NOWHERE you said that. I've read all the patch notes and there is no warning of delete the underground chests. I'm not sure that you know your own game, but western winds chest are different than the underground. You maybe missed that, but let me tell you that YES the npc had both of them in the same html but there were totally different. And now dear GM, can you please explain me how the average player will get boss jewels, lucky stones, even scrolls and soul crystal scrolls and talismans and also earn a little bit of profit in adenas? I'm not talking about the VIP payers with 3 golden visa each one of them who can spend thousands every month. I'm talking about the average player, the one who can not spend more than 10-20 euros per month for NC coins. And also the free player too. Free players are also players that payers need too. Cause without them, server will remain with the half population than it has. If this isn't a proof that you want to drive players to the lovely hug of chinese adena sellers, then what?
  7. lol wtf? underground chests and hero's never had weapon modifier inside
  8. Delete the underground chest was a stong hit for all the players like me and you. And I guess you know what I mean
  9. So you removed underground chest... you just did it. And how we suppose to earn soul bottles, boss jewls, lucky stones, scrolls etc? oh let me guess...pay with euros! one more step closer to quit this game, few steps left
  10. So mats like leather braid etc will be removed? what about fragments? (armor and weapon fragments)
  11. question about Tauti's Ring

    thanks all for the replies. So even with dualswords it will work I guess
  12. question about Tauti's Ring

    wow so a ring dedicated to blunt users?!
  13. Tauti's ring has this as a description: "Tauti's Ring. Fire/ Dark Resistance +25, MP +38, P. Critical Damage +15%, P. Skill Power +5%, PvP damage +5%, Confusion/ Obstruction Resistance +10, Damage Reflection Resistance +5, Blood Siphon Resistance +5, received PvP damage -5%, and P. Critical Rate +54 when equipped with blunt. " So when it says "when equipped with blunt" means all the stats of the ring or just the P. Critical Rate +54? in other words, is this ring good for only blunt weapon users?
  14. Since when a promo is an event?
  15. how can you call "event" a product for sale?