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  1. I feel the same way & I am not a new player. I started in prelude & have been playing on these same ncsoft retail servers this whole time. I am not a big spender but I would say over all of these years I have probably put close to $1,500-$2,000 in this game during all this time. But I decided about close to 6 months ago that I was done dumping money into this game. I have continued to play as best I can without paying more money but L2 has gotten to the point where it is just no fun anymore & no real in-game way to progress. The way L2 is now it has finally pushed me to just try out different mmo's, etc. & ween myself away from L2. The waiting cues help lol.....If I log in & get a cue screen I will just shut down L2 & play something else. There should be some real progression in the game but there is not. I don't agree with this whole exalted 1 & 2 free gear handout route & no other drops from mobs approach. There should be a 1/2 way reasonable way to progress from one hunting zone to the next level hunting zone in game. For instance: Blazing Swamp-lvl 99+ zone......should have a 1/2 way decent chance to drop R95 gear from normal mobs Giants cave-lvl 100+ zone.......an even higher chance to drop R95 gear from normal mobs Hellbound-101+ zone......should have a 1/2 way decent chance to drop R99 gear from normal mobs The 103+ zones.......an even higher chance to drop R99 gear from normal mobs 105+ zone......& even higher chance to drop R99 Gear & the closer you get to lvl 110 zones & higher, those areas should start to drop R110 gear from normal mobs This would give people a way in game to gradually get gear in game to support their toon & have a way to actually look forward to being able to hunt in that next higher level zone. Of course raids should play a part too for faster gear but for the most part I am just talking about the different zones. At the moment the hunting zones are just dull afk macro-fests that won't get players very far since there are no drops. It is boring as @#^@$&
  2. Was it an intended change that your mentor must be online now in order for the mentee to have mentor buffs ?
  3. Live Server Game Update: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

    ahh that is why i didnt see anything about the client limit. since you said: bottom of patch notes, I just went straight to the bottom of the webpage....didnt see that the UI & Other Changes I was looking at, at the bottom of the page was for L2 classic. lol
  4. the client will be closed....?????

    It is server maintenance Wednesday.....every Wednesday......you get that message when the servers are still down for maintenance.
  5. Live Server Game Update: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

    they must of edited it out then. I just read that section and there is nothing there about the client limit.
  6. Update with next maintenance

    Yes, I am sad for what L2 has become. I have been here since prelude & I must say in my opinion L2 was best from prelude until c4/c5. L2 started going down hill after that. Very low to no drops from just normal mobs, cut adena drops by 3/4, just keep introducing more pay-to-win / Gambling that costs way to much for the amount of adena that normal players can make in game. Way too much reliance on L2 store just to be able to kill mobs, tons of more $$$ if you want to pvp at all. & now unlike a lot of other mmo's, there are no meaningful quests/rewards system. Nothing to actually do besides just afk macro-bot. & that only gets you to Blazing Swamp. Normal players who don't spend a lot of real $ won't have the gear to "macro-bot" in any harder zones like hellbound or higher. For most it is game over at this point. Only the hardcore spenders left for higher zones. I still log in to l2 but not near as much as I have been. For the most part I am trying to move on to other games. L2 is just no fun anymore with no quest/reward system, no gear drops, only macro-botting for xp, but what for ?? higher lvl gets players nothing. there is no character progression here.
  7. Update with next maintenance

    +1k Only 1 new normal hunting zone. Everything else is ruined with this timed instance junk. & new skills that require a "Greater Rune Stone" ??? lol dont make me laugh. It is hard enough just to get a normal rune stone for a decent price.
  8. PK for Spot

    True. I started playing in prelude & I remember way back in the early days some guy was running all around talking island killing people. He came up & attacked me & I killed him. He popped items on the ground like crazy. lol I picked up his weapon & some armor. He cried like a baby wanting me to give it back to him. & back in the day when people got mad that they got pk'd & petitioned a GM, the GM's would just say: "well, gather up your clan & go kill the guy or go hunt somewhere else."
  9. more timed instance junk in next update Why can't they just make normal revamped hunting zones ? they keep adding more timed zones for adena instead.
  10. Fix your game

    I swear the korean devs are clueless when it comes to making changes to ncwest version of L2. Fix the stupid Blazing Swamp & the stupid 40k exalted quest line. That is like the only area of its kind with easier mobs for the 40k exalted quest and it is just swarming with stupid idiots. ks/pk central. can't get anything done. This disgrace just makes me want to take a long break until they get this fixed.....if ever. My steam games never looked so good compared to how L2 is now.
  11. So they do a hardware server upgrade, & now this stupid login que....:( Forget this. Time to load up some of my Steam games instead.
  12. This was Juji's reply to an older post: The client limit will not be increased any time soon since we are still waiting on several server upgrades. Once I have confirmation on the upgrades, I will post an update on the client limit changing past three.
  13. Does this mean you might increase the 3 client limit soon ? You had said in a previous post that you were waiting for hardware upgrades before increasing the 3 client limit.
  14. The Atlas Earring has been added to the L2 Store. - Level 105+ required to purchase Hime should of put the above in the maintenance notes, but he didn't. It would of solved the whole how do we get the Atlas Earring if we are already 105+ ?? ohh well, maybe next week. lol
  15. How is the average player suppose to make basic adena just to cover shots now ?? The new crafting mats that drop are worth nothing now to the npc shops.