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  1. Why? Everyone has the right to say whatever thinks is right. Do you really believe that ncsoft stuff even cares about what we wright here? They are going to "develop" the game in any way they like and think it's profitable. Just that!
  2. Either my English are poor or these are not English at all.....
  3. Think that a party zone area as you propose could probably be farmed by one person party especially when the client limit will be lifted. So it will be beneficial just for the players who could log a whole party.
  4. My friend take a look at this. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15394--report-harassment/ If someone PKs you all time to take your spot according to this post is a legit issue to report him. L2 is a competitive game and is good to be part o a community (clan) in order to find some support in issues like these. You can always look for a PVE clan that avoid open wars.
  5. I think there is no way. I can't understand how can a main feature of the character build up not to be available in an in game way!
  6. Hello everyone. From time to time I hear rumors mostly about ncsoft launch an new game which will be a sequel of lineage 2 . I mean not just an other expansion of the current game but a brand new one which will continue the Lineage saga and will be more adapted to the modern game play. Is there someone knows anything more than rumors? Maybe the stuff of the forum could give some information? Thank you!
  7. So if I understand correctly the creation of new forgotten spell books after the remaining damaged parts in serves finish it will be totally an issue of events (mostly paid)!
  8. Totally agree! Max 2 more clients should be ok for everyone. More than this will be a mess.
  9. AmazeISS

    Ap Setup EM

    Just a noobie question. In order to multiply my Attribute Attack can I choose skills though AP from different class tree ? I mean I have chosen all attribute attack skill from warrior AP tree. Can I also use those from wizard's?
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