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  1. It like lighting your money on fire
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8hlw0VjgSo
  3. I see this " Cristalize jewels " in order to get bottle of luminous god soul . But do we do this at an npc or just cristalize normally ... cause i do not see how many i get if i try to crystalize . Please clarify
  4. Well you tried the Vitality tehnic and it backfired now you nerfing the adena buff from 30 to 15 sec ? I will be canceling my Prestige subscriptions and i urge everyone else to do the same . Do not play this event guys ... it might look tasty .... but we did not sign up to play slot machines in order to enjoy this game , put that into consideration before you play this event . I have the fund and the money to do it ... but out off protest i will not ... because what they are doing are pushing more and more .... well my patience snapped . Congrats NC for loosing one off you
  5. I love it .... no more then 3 accounts per pc ... ohhh those guys who bought all those fancy's are in for a surprise
  6. Not much info i can give you about Nova Max moved to Naia and is fighting DH / HawksOfDoom / JustWait and other minority's .
  7. So like many that play this game i leave my char to farm while i am at work . But after this maintenance ... random disconnects all the time ... Is it worth leaving my pc on in hoping that i can catch up lvl wise ?
  8. Kiss you a keyboard warrior or something ?
  9. It is so nice when you can exchange an R99 Blessed weapon +7 for R110 +5 BUT .... You can't trade R99 Bloody Weapon +7 for R110 +5 ... you gotta gamble till you bring it to +9 in order to exchange it I do love this pay to win mechanic . Clap Clap ... well done NC you fooled me this time .
  10. So basically i lost my bonus that i got with prestige for 30% the xp i could of gotten if this was fixed before we recieved that bonus . NC Win ... We lose .
  11. would off be awesome if with that pack .. we got rare accesory pack also ... make it complete 1 month awesomeness ty to NC
  12. The client limit restriction has been changed to 3 clients per PC After taking a 8 9 month break because off the fishing nerf and comming back just because the 7 clients per pc ... After spending a good chunk off money on the dragon event and now this happens ... I guess it time i go away for another 8 9 months just cause NC always ruins it . Cya in the future NC .
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