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  1. Can you guys check out the adena drop in Forgotten Island since i'm farming there for 2 weeks now and after the maintanance the adena drop actually looks lower than before? Thanks.
  2. Giran Server Down - 5/20

    Server crash again. Angel cat is not enough, roll back Aden Tour event reward chances to 1st week!
  3. Server Fix !

    Don't bother playing Spoiler, they're useless. And there is no soulshot recipe's anymore, all weapons use the same soul/spirit shots which are buyable from the grocery store.
  4. Server Fix !

    I agree to almost everything besides the low level farming zones, the problem there comes from the people that use 3rd party software. At this current moment it's almost impossible for a new player to gain any adena for items or whatnot if not running a full party for himself or a bunch of lowbie characters farming the good drop zones. Fix the spoil, adena and drop rate for high level zones and nerf the impossible to farm areas.


    Why? Downtime should be 2 hours and a half, which have already passed?