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  1. Recklesshoe - Giran Server Grinding them pig houses
  2. I have absolutely no lag at all in the Baium event, that's on your PC. Although I do have problems with disconnects from the game.
  3. Yes, ever since the server was moved my game is alot more responsive and I hace like 50 ms less ping to the server. But I've been getting random full disconnects without any lagg at all and sometimes big lag spikes and few clients getting disconnected here and there.
  4. No such things as pets or pet manager on classic.
  5. Full dc's over night for the 5th day in a row now. What's going on? It's not my connection and I do know it affects certain countries. This is getting ridiculous now.
  6. Don't forget that adena rate is reduced as well
  7. The server was brought down for an emergency maintenance for 1 more hour.
  8. So how is the investigation of the reduced adena and broken l2coins? One more update and we wont be able to afford shots for our main toon while running a 2nd party to support the main. This is getting beyond ridiculous at this point. @Juji @Hime
  9. Is this thing gonna come to the L2 coin shop anytime soon? Give archers some love for god sakes. I can imagine the pain if you're not a hawkeye and wanna farm with Draconic, don't wanna even mention the crafting required to get decent amount of arrows.
  10. If I get a DC in a dangerous spot, I would log all my accounts to character select and then log them all in almost at the same time for example.
  11. Big talk, no action. I've fought these guys and their alt's a couple of times. They make trouble for sure, but when you're persistent enough, they give up. Been playing in giran for 11 months now, and every time I ran into them, I got the room I was fighting for in like 4 to 6 hours. Go big and hard, you're gonna make a place for yourself.
  12. Keep fighting them, eventually they will give up.
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